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The Four Kitsunes and the Shikon no Tama

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rated PG-13 for Inu yasha's language and such...basically the story takes place like any other Inu adventure would....during thier search for Naraku after.. (spoiler)... spoilers , depending...

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Kirara, Koga, Miroku, Rin, Sango, Sesshoumaru, Shippo - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-02-01 - Updated: 2006-02-01 - 1044 words - Complete

It was another quiet day at the Higurashi household. Birds were chirping, kids were playing outside, and Grandpa was telling Kagome's friend's lies of how she caught some rare disease. But quite some time away, a couple of hundred years to be exact, things weren't quite so peaceful...
"Inu yasha! Watch out!" Kagome shrieked as the three headed hydra snaked around the dog hanyou's guard and lunged at him.
"Don't worry Kagome!" He said as he sliced two heads clean off the body.
"Inu yasha!" the girl shrieked yet again.
"Huh?" he landed on a tree, his shirt had been torn off, baring the two rather large gashes on his chest the demon had made. He turned towards his friends that were on the shore of the great, white rapid river they had come to rest by. While he was staring, to make sure they were all safe he noticed that Kagome was staring beyond him, and pointing. The third and final head of the hydra came at him with such blinding speed he didn't have time to defend himself from the jaws that closed over his entire side.
"Damnit!" he gasped as he was rushed into the side of the cliff wall. The demon's head was starting to chew, working the poison saliva into his flesh. The dog hanyou gritted his teeth as he swung his great sword at the hydra's head. He let out a small sigh of relief as the head and body released its hold on him, falling into the rushing waters below.
"Inu yasha!!" Kagome kept calling his name praying that it would give him the will to keep holding on as she ran towards the cliff. He looked so helpless just dangling there, barely gripping the edge of the cliff, his whole side full of blood while still never releasing his grasp on his precious sword.
"How did this happen to him?!...maybe if I had used my arrows more carefully I could've..." She continued scolding herself all the while trying to reach him in time.
"Kagome..." Inu yasha groaned. He could feel his strength fading fast, the stupid hydra's saliva, claws, and teeth were poison AND razor-sharp. The saliva was what caught him off guard.
He chuckled slightly to himself remembering how he so carelessly thought that he could kill it with a single blow, only to have it backfire on him by the hydra almost biting his arm had barely nicked him but the poison spread rapidly rendering his right arm temporarily numb. He was getting too cocky these days. He managed to turn his head just enough to look at the rest of his friends on the shore. Shippou was running around frantic and crying, Sango had Miroku's head in her lap, and running her fingers through his hair, trying to sooth the monk, Miroku had been stabbed by one of the hydra's claws in his right shoulder trying to help Inu yasha when he fell to the ground holding his numb arm. He had also been scratched badly on his chest and was bleeding profusely. He was obviously in too much pain from blood loss and poison to be lecherous to Sango. Then he saw Kagome...she was crying again, while running up the cliff towards him.
"Don't worry Kagome...I'll be alright..."He breathed the words in such a low tone the she couldn't hear him, as his blood loss and his poisoned state was already getting to him. Moment later the Tetsuiga diminished in size until it was it's normal useless self. The earth to which he was holding onto crumbled. As he fell into the white rapids below his mind fell into welcomed numbness as he blacked out...
It had been hard to get away from her two older brothers. They were always asking her where she was going and when she'd be back. Finally she got away by saying she was going for a bath (even thought she knew she didn't need one yet). She twirled a piece of her long raven black hair between her fingertips.
"It feels good to get away from those two for awhile..." she sighed silently giggling to herself. She stopped walking, sat down on a rock and admired her surroundings....suddenly she had the urge to fuss over her appearance. First she pulled up her mesh t-shirt she had on under her white tank top, the mesh shirt was a gift from her brother which went up to the middle of her neck...kind of like a turtle neck...She carefully tightened her red sash that she always wore...While she was tightening it she remembered who gave it to turn...Before she reduced herself to tears she quickly moved on to something else. She pulled at her black leather gloves making sure they were comfortable; she pulled up and dusted her baggy blue-ish grey pants. She tied her boots over again before turning to taking out plants and twigs that had caught in her hair and Black, silver-tipped fox tail.
After she was done she noticed a pungent smell in the air...Her slightly bigger than normal, black, fox ears perked up on the side of her head where human ears would've been. She thought she faintly heard someone groan in the river. Her tail twitched in uncertainty...There! She knew she smelt blood, and there was lots of it. She paused for a moment unsure what to do...
"What if it's a demon stronger than me?!....and what if it's hungry?" She thought to herself. After a few minutes contemplating what to do, she made a dash towards the river.
"I swear my curiosity will kill me one day..." she thought as she ran towards the smell.

Well that's the end of chapter one! hope you like it.....oh yeah any comments on his story, then please comment 8D. oh yes i was getting requests from some of my actual friends for it to turn yaoi....welll its up to the demand on here...oh yes and the pairings too are up to you guys... okay well I'll get the other chapter up and going SOON!
And if it's too short please ask for longer chapters...
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