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Wanna come play ping pong?

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Lauren turns to Daisy for advice

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(Scene 2)

Lauren is outside room trying to block out Bryony who is still singing and hasn’t realised Lauren has left. Daisy walks by

Daisy: hey Lauren, wanna come play ping pong with me, Bob, Gerard and Ray?
Lauren: No thanks, I should really be getting ready…
Daisy: Why aren’t you?
Lauren: (opens door a crack and they see Bryony dancing on Lauren’s dresser with a top hat and cane, still singing to an absent Lauren)
Daisy: I see… I am seriously worried about that one….
Lauren: Hey this is my story lets focus back to me.
Daisy: Okay, okay, so what’s up?
Lauren: (Big dramatic sigh again) Nothing
Daisy: Oh come on, you did the big dramatic sigh, that means there is something wrong that you are about to tell me.
Lauren: I don’t want to marry Chad, because he has Mikey locked in a dungeon and - HEY GET BACK HERE AND LISTEN TO MY COMPLAINING!
Daisy: (stopping halfway through corridor) I’m sorry I have a very short attention span, what were you saying… dungeon ey? Well that kinda blows.
Lauren: This is the part where you give me a long speech of advice about what I should do…
Daisy: (Long dramatic pause) …. Ping Pong?
Lauren: OH FOR HEAVENS! Right I’m going to find Joy! (Storms off)
Daisy: (Watching that girl) Well I think that went quite well. Oh I’m almost late, Bob is buying me a milkshake. (Walks off)
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