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The end

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this is the end people

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"How you feeling?" Asked Gerard, rubbing my shoulders as we stood infront of the mirror and I fumbled with my tie.
"Like I'm about to puke." I admitted. Gerard laughed and did my tie for me. "Gee..." I stopped. I was so nervous and I didnt know quite how to explain it without sounding stupid. Gerard looked at me. "Whats up?" He asked.
"I'm just...scared..." I mumbled, even as I said it my stomach swirled uncomfortably.
"Of what?" Asked Gerard.
"Well...what if she doesnt show up? What if she backs out and decides she doesnt love me anymore? What if she backs out at the last minute? What if someone has a reason for us not to get married? What if -" Gerard placed a hand over my mouth, shutting me up, he was chuckling and shaking his head although I didnt see anything funny. "Bob, heres some for ya'. What if the sky turns to fire? And what if a werewolf came and ate me?" He asked, removing his hand from my mouth as I raised an eyebrow. What was he on about?
"But. Stuff like that wont happen." I pointed out. Gerard grinned and walked across the room to get my polished black shoes for me as he said "Exactly Bob, and Joyce is not going to back out of this wedding. She loves you, infact, she's probably afraid that you'll back out. All people think the same thing before they get married." I knew this and I nodded my head as I pulled the shoes on.
"Yeah. But I'm still nervous."

We arrived at the church slighlty late, Joyce was due to arrive in five minutes and all the guests were here, Mikey and Ray having shown them to their seats. Mikey and Ray werent there which meant they were sat down too, I hoped and prayed Joyce hadnt arrived early. Luckily, when I opened the doors she wasnt there and I saw Mikey, Ray and Frank at the front all take a sigh of relief when they saw me. I strolled down the aisle as people on both sides called out greetings and words of luck and even a 'Robert Bryar I cant believe your so late, I raised you better than that" Off my mother. I gave an apologetic grin and Gerard shoved me in the back to make me hurry up. We got to the alter and the priest greeted me. I turned to Frankie who was throwing the rings into the air and catching them. "Frank, stop that!" I whispered quickly. Frank caught them and grinned at me. "Sorry." He whispered back. I just had time to ask Gee if my hair was still okay when the doors opened and the organ at the back of the church started playing. I turned round to see the flower girls walking down the aisle in crimson red dresses, scattering rose petals as they went. They were young, Joyces cousins, and were smiling widely until they reached the bottom of the aisle and sat down with Joyces family. After them was Joyce, wearing a long white dress with a red embroidary at the bottom of the skirt. She was holding a bouquet of red roses and her hair was down except for the very front which was pulled back into a loose pony tail, a silver tiara sat on her head and silver necklace that had been her mothers hung round her neck and rested just above her cleavage. She was smiling and I swear she's never looked more beautiful, and all nerves just left. Once she reached the alter I took her hands and noticed she was wearing white silk fingerless gloves, she smiled at me and her eyes sparkled. The vows moved quickly and when the rings were needed Frank bounded up in his suit and red tie, he grinned at us both and placed the rings on the bible in the priests hands and we all smiled at him, I know a lot of people had been expecting Frank to lose the rings but me and Joyce had trusted him.
We slipped the rings onto eachothers finger and then I was told to 'kiss the bride' which I was more than willing to do. I wrapped my arms round her and pulled her into a soft kiss. We pulled apart quickly so as not to recieve wolf whistles I knew Frank and Ray were planning. The priest called out 'I now pronounce you huband and wife' and the church was filled with the sound of applause. Gerard, who had stood by me through the whole ceremony as my best man now gripped my shoulder and beamed at me. "Congratulations." He laughed.
"Thanks Gee." I smiled as a man with a camera asked us to pose for the wedding photos.

After all the photos and the party afterwards a limo pulled up to take us to the airport for our honeymoon. I embraced all the guys after they had hugged Joyce and thanked them all. "See you when you get back." Smiled Ray.
"Yeah, dont tire yourself out too much now. We need our drummer in good condition for the next album." Said Frank with a wink, causing me to flip him off and Gerard to splutter with laughter.
I got into the limo with Joyce and pulled her into a deep kiss as the sound of the guys cheering faded into the distance.

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