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  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) TangerineSky 2008-02-17 02:06:10 PM

    hehehehe. all i could think when i read the title was Britney Spears' 'over protected'.

  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) glindapsawyer 2008-02-17 04:36:53 PM

    I picture Gabe wearing this itty bitty purple hoodie and Charlie pulling on the arms to restretch it. That made me laugh. Plus, Panic being all 'i don't care' except Brendon.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) SugarPlumFaerie 2008-02-17 04:59:54 PM

    Okay, first of all...why, in Gabe's purple hoodie's name does anyone willingly want Pete to be in their movie???

    Anyway, I love how cute everyone is about Soap, but I feel a teensy bit bad for Pete. The winning quotes of this round are:
    "It’d be way easier to find a new bassist/lyricist than a female who puts up with our shit on tour,” Dirty said.
    “And takes care of us when we’re sick,” Joe added.
    “And cooks,” Patrick said.
    How nice, the boys think of themselves over Pete. Just typical, huh? lol
    "But if you make her cry, we’ll shoot out your kneecaps,” Brendon added, patting my shoulder.
    Totally perfect after Jon, in all his gloriousness was all "huh?"

    Something tells me Pete's gonna be eating the asphalt, if you know what I mean. Can't wait to see.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) lil_chica007 2008-02-17 07:10:58 PM

    there's nothing like a little sister/new girlfriend intervention! I love the 'semi-circle of doom' or whatever it was.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) snowqueendruscilla 2008-02-17 09:16:02 PM

    I love this.. :D I mean they might be vicious to Pete if he hurts Soap, but he'd totally deserve it and I can't help but think of their punishments as being hilarious... :D

    Can't wait for the next update! :D
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) pyrotechnicist 2008-02-17 11:25:53 PM

    hahah this rocked
    personally i loved;
    'Well if anyone hurts you, I’ll gouge out their eyes and shoot out their kneecaps,” I said, cuddling closer to him.'
    just coz of the wonderful contrasts between the gory words and the cuddling.

    soo cute

  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) x_slowdown 2008-02-18 01:24:54 AM

    My favourite bit was this quote: “But if you make her cry, we’ll shoot out your kneecaps,” Brendon added, patting my shoulder.

    ttchyeah. reassuring.
    + I can sadly see Gabe as some mob boss with the purple hoodie. /:
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) xStabxMyxBackx 2008-02-18 11:41:33 AM

    i agree with everyone else lol...thanks for the explanation about goodnight moon...i think i saw it somewhere lol...just the sex scene friend was like> 8O the threatening chappy lol...
    P.S. Patrick + Law & Order = Love
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) kittkattbar 2008-02-20 03:22:30 PM

    "your FUluckin' kneecaps buddy"

    awww that's so cute.:P

    haha i love how they'll kill the emo boy if he hurts Soap, but if Soap hurts emo boy they'll shrug it off.

    "ahh he's been through it before"
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) astrozombie28 2008-02-26 04:28:23 PM

    squee, all that acting chat i missed out on...acting is my main passion. and writing but im actually good at acting. and wentz is a sucky actor...patrick is good though. and joel deserves that part...he can act. GETTING SIDETRACKED.
    excuses for lateness: mocks, mocks, mocks...which are practices for your Junior Cert that are taken as you'd take the real thing, and just as important. plus little troubles that i'd rather not get into...
    lol this reminds me of the 007 movies for some reason...i can totally picture gabe there stroking one of those cats. NO WAIT a cobra. thats it...
    lol shoot out his kneecaps...or explode his stomach with poprocks and coke! dont just hyper cos...there's only one day of mocks left wootwootwoot! and its french which im awesome at, so not much studying needed there. and then im gonna party so hard tomorrow night...and ditch and sleep in all thursday. cos i am WRECKED (and should be in bed but im too hyper :D)

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