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Double Trouble

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based on the video for The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars. Rated PG13 for mild swearing. When the band decided to stay for three nights at an old hotel, they didn't expect anything like this.

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Alex sat by the window and watched as the car pulled up.

"They're here at last, it has begun." she told the four shadowed figures. She walked downstairs and left her ready written note on the front desk. She walked down the corridor and heard the four men enter.

"They left us a note." Jared said while picking up the letter that Alex had put on the front desk "Enjoy your stay and please stay out of room 6277." he looked at the others and put the note down.

"That is creepy." said Tomo. The four grabbed their keys to their rooms.

"Anyway, have a good night, we'll see you guys in a little bit." Jared said as he walked of in the same direction as Matt. Tomo walked off in the opposite direction. Shannon looked more closely at the letter, picked it up and followed Tomo. Just then, tuxedoed versions of the four started performing in the ball room. Alex was leaning on the walls smiling as someone who looked just like her, walked past the doors outside.

Matt walked past the bar and noticed the look alike, sitting on the floor by it, holding her head in what seemed like pain.

Tomo was skateboarding down the hall and rode past Alex but seemed to be oblivious to her.

Jared sat down at the typewriter and started typing. He didn't notice Alex's look alike watching from the corner.

------------------------------------- 1 week later -----------------------

Alex's look alike was standing by the wall in a room with Tomo, Matt and Shannon.

"What the fuck man. We were supposed to be here for three days. We've been here for a fucking week. How many more shows are we gonna cancel?" Tomo asked the other two.

"He's acting like a fucking freak." Matt said.

"He's usually never this wierd. Has anybody been feeling strange lately?" Shannon asked the others. Alex's look alike looked at the three men.

It's this place. Freaky things have happened here for along time and I think it has something to do with room 6277."

"Who are you by the way?" Tomo asked her.

"My name is Hana. And I've been stuck here for ages." Tomo walked out of the room towards room 6277. Hana walked along the corridor and saw all four men in tuxedos. "Are you guys alright? Where did you get them tuxes?" she asked them but they walked off to different places. Behind them she saw Alex. Alex smiled, even when Hana grabbed hold of her collar and smacked her against the wall. "Who are you and what have you done to my friends?"

"I didn't do anything to them. Infact, that isn't really them. My name is Alex and I am to you what they are to your 'friends'." Hana dropped Alex and put her hand to her head in pain. Meanwhile, Matt was walking to the bar and noticed all the party rubbish on the floor. He sat at the bar and crossed his fingers. Shannon walked into room 6277 and into the bathroom. He saw a woman come out of the shower and they kissed, but she then seemed to turn into his tuxedoed self. Matt was also being served by his tuxedoed self. Tomo skateboarded past a door but stopped as he saw a man in a bear suit. He then saw his tuxedoed self and rode off quickly. Jared was walking along the corridor, when he noticed some one. He followed them only to find out it was his tuxedoed self he was following. The two walked closer and Jared pinned his tuxedoed self to the wall.

"Who are you?" he asked but before his tuxedoed self could answer Hana ran round the corner, followed slowly by Alex.

"He's you but not you." she told him between her pants. Jared dropped his tuxedoed self. All four tuxedoed men then headed back to the ball room to perform and Alex followed them.

Who are you by the way? Jared asked Hana.

"Oh yeah. Only the other three know who I am. My name is Hana and I've been stuck here for ages." She held her head in pain again but it was worse this time and she was in agony.

"Are you ok Hana?" Jared asked her but she fainted before she could answer and he caught her.


Back in the room that Hana, Shannon, Matt and Tomo had been in before, the four men were standing around the room while an unconscious Hana lay on the couch. Matt, Tomo and Shannon left when their car showed up outside and sat in it waiting for Jared. Hana woke up not lon after and noticed Jared.

"Shouldn't you get going too?" she asked while pointing out the window to the car.

"What about you? You can't stay here."

"I want to leave but I don't think I can." Jared looked at her confused but then waved and went to leave. "Jared..." she said to him making him stop and look at her. "Just so you know... I... I love you so... so don't forget me ok..." He nodded at her and walked to the car. When he left the room, Alex seemed to appear in it.

"You know go with them right."

"I know, but... they have their own lives... I would just complicate things." Alex sighed and pushed Hana towards the door.

"Just go with them and stop moaning, but you might want to hurry." Alex said while gesturing to where Jared was walking down the short path towards the car. Hana ran down the stairs and to the door.

"Jared!!!" she screamed as she ran outside and fell on her arm. Shannon looked out the car window and noticed her just as Jared closed the door.

"Jared, look." Jared looked out the window and saw Hana kneeling on the gravel path, holding her arm in pain, crying. He just looked down at his feet and ignored her. The car then started to move and Hana got up and ran after the car while holding her arm.

"JARED!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Everyone in the car heard her and told the driver to stop and started to moan at Jared. Jared then walked out of the car on demand. Just then Hana tripped up and landed in front of him but he just let her fall.

"You shoudn't have followed us."

"I'm going with you..."

"Did you give yourself permission or something."

"Kinda. Actually that girl Alex from the hotel made me.

"So you don't want to come with us then."

"Of course I want to go with you." She stood up slowly while still holding her arm. "Why else would I go to all this trouble just to catch up with you." Jared looked at her then looked back at the ground. "I guess you don't want me here so I'll just head back to the hotel." Jared grabbed Hana's arm before she could get far. She turned her head to look at him while wincing pain. Jared saw her wince and let go.

"Sorry... if you still want to come with us you can." Hana smiled at him and hugged him but had to stop because of her arm. Jared laughed at her and lifted her chin up. He kissed her softly on the lips and the two headed back to the car. The car then drove off with everyone in it. Back at the hotel, Alex was looking out the window with the tuxedoed men standing behind her.

"I guess this is the end for now." She said as the car drove out of sight...
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