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Chapter 36: And Did You Hear The News?

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Chapter 36: And Did You Hear The News?


Patrick had two more weeks left of the tour. Bobbie didn't tell him that she was pregnant. She wanted to wait for when he came home. Bobbie was at the sink washing dishes when the phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey baby. How are you doing?" "Good. Wanting you home." "Pretty soon." "Where are you now?" "Los Angeles. We have two shows here. How are you doing?" "Alright. Busy with Eric and soccer. Oh, we did get the final adoption papers. We need to sign them and then there will be a court date." "Really? Awesome. I need to get back and do sound check. I just wanted to call and talk to you." "Thank you for calling. I miss seeing you and hearing your voice." "Same here babe. I love you." "I love you too." She hung up the phone and went to the living room. Bobbie laid down on the couch. She wasn't feeling good. The pregnancy was taking a toll on her. She was either throwing up, sleeping, or eating crackers.

The front door opened and Megan and Eric came in. "Hey mom. How are you feeling?" "Not good. Your brother or sister is making me sick." She laughed. "Hi Bobbie." "Thank you again, Megan. I can't repay you for taking Eric to his game." "No problem. But I think you need to see a doctor. You barely can eat anything. Hell, you eat a cracker and you are in the bathroom throwing up." "It's just morning sickness." "If you don't go, I'll tell Patrick now." "You wouldn't." "Wanna try me." "Okay. I'll make one today." "Have you heard from Ryan lately?" "No, I want to call him, but don't want him to get the wrong idea." "Yeah, I understand. Well, I'm going to go. If you need anything just give me a call." "Thanks again." After Megan left Bobbie made an doctor's appointment. She got in for the next day. She decided to call Ryan.

"Hello?" "Ryan, it's Bobbie. I was just wondering how you are doing. I haven't heard from you in awhile." "Yeah, I'm sorry. We have been very busy. How are you doing?" "Good. Can you keep a secret?" "Sure." He laughed. "I'm pregnant." He was quiet. "Really? That's great. I take it you haven't told Patrick yet?" "No. I'm waiting until he comes home. Which will be in two weeks." "How are you feeling?" "Terrible. I am sick all the time. I actually have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I was you want to go with me." "Sure, but why me and not one of your girlfriends?" "I don't have too many friends here and I need someone to watch Eric and I don't think he would go for you to watch him." "That's true. What time do you want me to pick you up?" "11:00. Would that be okay?" "Perfect. I'll be at your house then." "Thank you, Ryan." She called Megan to see if she could watch Eric while Bobbie went to the doctor.

The next morning Bobbie got up to her usual feeling. She ran to the bathroom and threw up. "Come on baby. Just one day. Mommy can't do this anymore." "Mom, are you okay?" "Somewhat." "Well, you are talking to the baby." "Yeah, I am. Maybe then I won't get sick." "I think you should tell dad. He would want to know." "No, I want the baby to be a surprise." "But you are really sick." "I'm going to the doctor today. And your dad will be home soon." "Okay." Eric went to his room. Bobbie got cleaned up and dressed. She made Eric some breakfast and again ran to the bathroom. There was a knock on the door, but she let Eric get it. A few minutes later, she heard someone standing in the doorway. She couldn't even look up. "Bobbie?" Ryan bent down to her. "Ryan. I'm so sick. I don't want to lose the baby. I already lost one." Ryan rocked her. "Shhh. Let's go to the ER. Megan is already here." Ryan helped Bobbie up. "My god." "What is it, Ryan?" "You've lost weight. And I don't mean just a few pounds." "I guess, I haven't really weighed myself or anything." "Well, let's go."

Ryan took Bobbie to the ER. He went to the nurses station. "My friend here needs to see a doctor." "Okay, she needs to fill out the forms and then a doctor will see her." "She is really sick and pregnant." "Just fill out the forms please." Ryan was getting mad. "You need to fill these out. Do you want me to read the questions and you give me the answers?" "Yeah." Fifteen minutes later they were done and Bobbie was lead to a room. "Do you want me to come in?" "Yes. Ryan, could you call Patrick and tell him what is going on. I can't keep this from him." "Sure." Ryan went and called Patrick.

"Patrick, it's Ryan. I have some news to tell you. I know Bobbie would have rather told you." "Oh god. What?" "She's pregnant." "What? Why isn't she telling me herself?" "She at the ER. She been really sick." "What are they doing?" "She hasn't seen the doctor yet." "Okay. Tell her I'm coming home after this concert." "Alright. See you later." Ryan went back to the room where Bobbie was. "He's coming home after the concert tonight." "Damn him, he didn't have to. I'm sure everything is fine." "He just cares for you." "I know."

The doctor walked in. "Hello Mrs. Stump, I'm Dr. Terrance. So what is going on." "I'm 8 weeks pregnant and have been really sick. I've been vomiting, sleeping all the time, I can't eat anything, and when they weighed me, I've lost 5 pounds." "When did this start?" "Well, I was sick around week 4. I just thought I had the flu, but then found out that I was pregnant. I kept getting sicker and sicker." "Okay, are you able to eat anything?" "No, not even crackers." "I think you have Hypermesis Gravidarum." "What's that?" "It's when the morning sickness is really severe. What you are describing to me that is what you have. We need to restore your fluids. And I want to get some blood work to make sure it's nothing else. I'm positive it's HG." "Will the baby be alright." "Yes, you came in at a good time. Sometimes people aren't so lucky. If they wait it can cause the baby harm. Once you get your fluids in and you leave we will give you a medication that is safe for the baby. Okay?" "Sounds good. I'll get the order for the blood work." The doctor left. "How are you doing?" Ryan asked. "Alright. Tired." "Why don't you rest. I'll call Megan and tell her what is going on." "Thanks Ryan for coming. If you want to leave you want." "No, I'm not leaving you alone." "Thank you." "Sure."

Ryan left the room and called Megan. She was going to stay with Eric until Bobbie got out of the hospital. Ryan went back to Bobbie's room. She had fallen asleep. He sat in the chair by her bed. The lab people came in and took some blood. She had fallen asleep again. It was 2 hours and still no word. Ryan took her hand in his. "I wish I could tell you how I feel. I know I haven't known you that long, but I'm in love with you. But you have Patrick. I'm glad you are happy and having a family with him." The door opened and Patrick came through. Ryan dropped Bobbie's hand. "Hey Patrick." "Hi, how is she." "Good. The doctor believes that she has Hypermesis Gravidarum." "What?" "It's severe morning sickness. They took some blood work awhile ago. The doctor hasn't come back yet. Oh, and they hooked up a IV to get some fluids into her." "Okay. Thank you, Ryan. It's nice to know she has a friend here." "Hey, no problem. I'm going to go. See you later. Tell Bobbie bye for me." "Sure. See ya." Ryan went to the door and looked back. Patrick was where he was a few minutes ago holding her hand. Walking to the car, Ryan felt awful. He was in love with a woman he could never have and her husband thanked him.

"Baby, I'm here. We canceled the show and the rest of the tour." He kissed her hand. Bobbie woke up. "Hun, what are you doing here?" "We canceled the show and the tour. I couldn't sing with you in here." "I'm sorry." "Hey, it's not your fault." The doctor came in. "Bobbie, everything looks normal. We are going to give you some medicine and up the IV. You are going to spend one night here and see how things are tomorrow morning." "Alright. If you need anything call for the nurses." "Thanks." The doctor left leaving Patrick and Bobbie alone. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" "I wanted it to be a surprise. Eric and I were going to have a banner and cake. We had it all planned." "Baby, it's alright. How is the little peanut?" "Good. Just making mommy sick all the time." Patrick put his hand on her belly. "Remember when you were pregnant with our first child and I called your belly a stump bump?" "Yeah." "Well, you are going to have another one." "Patrick, you are too silly. I love you." "Thank you. I love you too. Now get some sleep. I'll be right here." "Okay." Bobbie went asleep.

A few hours later Bobbie woke up. Patrick was sleeping in the chair. He looked so peaceful. She wanted to be in his arms. He opened his eyes. They just stared at each other for a few minutes. "Hey Trick. How did you sleep." "Just great. I love these chairs." "I'm sorry." "It's not your fault. Have you seen the doctor yet about the baby. To make sure everything is alright." "No, I'm suppose to go next week." "Okay. I was just wondering if the baby is doing well." "Patrick, I"m sure the baby is fine." "I know. I'm just worried. About both you and the baby. I love you both so much." He kissed her and her stomach. "I love you little peanut." He placed his hand on her stomach. "Do you know when you are due?" "Around December 10. A Christmas baby." "Really?" Patrick got a big smile on his face. "You are going to be such an amazing dad. You already are."

The next day Bobbie had an ultrasound. Everything looked good. The baby's heart was beating like it should and growing like it should. Patrick had the pictures and couldn't stop looking at them. Bobbie was getting dressed so she could go home. She walked out of the bathroom. "Patrick, are you going to stop looking at those? He or she is going to be graduating high school and you will still be looking at the ultra sound picture." "Very funny. I can't help it if my daughter is beautiful." "Daughter? It's a little early to tell." "I know it's going to be a girl." He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her. "We are finally going to be a family. Everything is working out for us. Nothing can go wrong." Or can it?

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