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Give Me A Week

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Chapter 83-

I watched Mikey walk away, quite safe to say – shocked, when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Morning.” Gerard said, walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge.

I took Gerard in, his hair was all scruffy and messy, and he was shirtless with a pair of pajama pants on with the waistline of his boxes just peeking over the edge of his pants.

Oh god, please don’t let it be awkward.

“Morning.” I mumbled back.

Maybe he didn’t remember it?

Oh course he fucking did you idiot. He was the sober one, unlike you.

Maybe he thinks that I don’t remember it and will pretend that nothing happened?

Please let that happen. Please?

Gerard turned and looked at me.

Oh shit, it’s going to be awkward.

Shit. He remembers.

Shit, he knows I remember…


“Ah…” Gerard laughed nervously.

“Yeah. Kinda awkward.” I said nervously.

“You could say that.” Gerard nodded, sitting at the table opposite me.

We were just trying to make small talk so it didn’t seem as awkward then it actually is. I think.

“But you know what’s even more awkward. Mikey heard us.” I said, trying to steer away from the actual situation.

“Oh fuck. He didn’t?” Gerard gasped.

“Yeah, unfortunately he did.” I sighed, resting my chin on my open hand.

“Shit. Won’t be able to look at him the same way again.” Gerard shook his head.

“You? I don’t think Mikey’s ever going to see us the same ever again. I think we’ve scarred the poor child.” I laughed.

“Oh you fucking scarred me alright. Never again do I want to hear Gerard’s name like that. Ever.” Mikey said, walking back into the room.

“Mikey, please.” I said through gritted teeth.

We were actually getting somewhere before Mikey entered the room.

“And Gerard, if I ever hear those noises coming from your mouth again, I will shoot myself.” Mikey said seriously.

I giggled.

“Mikey!” Gerard hissed.

Mikey smirked; he knew he was getting to us. He knew it was awkward between us, but he just kept on going.

Stupid little bitch.

“And that wall! I’m surprised you didn’t put a hole in it Gerard.” Mikey added.

“Mikey! Shut the fuck up!” Gerard and I both screamed together.

Mikey laughed evilly before walking out of the room again, imitating our sex sounds from the night before.

I buried my head in my hands as Gerard shook his head.

“He can be such a bitch at times.” Gerard mumbled.

“Oh Gerard!” I heard Mikey scream loudly while sounding like a cheap whore.

“Oh god, please tell me I don’t sound like that.” I moaned.

“You don’t sound like that.” Gerard said lifelessly.

I glared at him.

“What? You told me to say it!” Gerard defended.

“Besides, you really don’t sound like that, Mikey just likes to put it on.” Gerard assured.

“Do not Gerard!” Mikey called out.

I remained with my head buried in my arms.

“So… What time you leaving?” Gerard asked strangely.

“Dunno. Soon I presume.” I shrugged.

Oh god. Come back Mikey. Please

“Okay, I know I’m like way out of my league for asking this, but ah… What happens now?” Gerard questioned, looking anywhere but me.

Great. The question I was hoping that wouldn’t be brought up.

“Ah… I don’t know Gerard. I mean; I was drunk…” I trailed off, trying to think of something better.

“So that’s a no I’m guessing.” Gerard said sadly.

I closed my eyes.

“Gerard, last night was amazing, but I’m, I’m just not sure.” I said quietly, looking down.

“Not sure as in?…” Gerard prompted.

“Not sure if I can trust you enough just yet.” I whispered.

“Oh.” Gerard mouthed.

“I’m sorry Gerard. I shouldn’t of come up last night, I should’ve just stayed down where I was, and then none of this would’ve have happened.” I shook my head.

“No, it was my fault. I was the one who started it; I should’ve kept my hands to myself. But honestly, when I saw you in that dress, all I thought about all night was what I wanted to do to you. I couldn’t help myself.” Gerard apologized.

“I don’t regret it though.” I kept my smile hidden.

“What?” Gerard’s head shot up, even though my head was still down.

“I might not be ready, ready to start a relationship with you again, but I don’t regret last night.” I said truthfully.

“I don’t have any regrets either. I’m actually glad I took the plunge and kissed you.” Gerard agreed.

I brought my head up and looked at him.

“Give me a week.” I whispered.

“What?” Gerard asked.

“Give me a week. We’ll pretend as we don’t know each other, we won’t see, talk or go near each other. See how we feel after that.” I whispered.

“I already know how I feel Rachel. A week without you would kill me.” Gerard said hurriedly.

“I just want to see how I feel.” I said quietly. “Once I leave this house today, the week will start. Let’s see how far we can go.”

“You’re Mum’s here Rachel.” Mikey called out.

Gerard and I stared at each other.

“Okay.” Gerard nodded.

“But just let me do this first.” Gerard whispered.

Gerard gently got up from his chair and walked over to me, he bent his back down slightly enough so he could lightly press his lips to mine.

My eyes fluttered closed and I felt Gerard’s lips leave mine and I heard his footsteps leave the kitchen.

When I opened my eyes again, he was gone.
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