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Mikey's POV

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Mikey thinks back to his time with her.

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He looked at his brother who hadn't said a word since they found out she was missing. He could tell Gerard was completely breaking down insid. HIm and her had always been the closest of the group and now she had just gone. LIke that. He looked at the floor and remembered all the fun her used to have with her.

------------------------------------- flashback --------------------------

He felt someone put their hands over his eyes then everything went dark. He could feel breathe on the back of his neck. The breathe then seemed to move to his ear where he heard her whisper to him.

"Guess who." He smiled. He knew exactly who it was.

"Hi to you aswell Lex." He said. She smiled and let go of him.

"I wonder how you knew it was me MIkey." She said with a huge smile on her face. He smiled back at her and ruffled her hair up. "Hey!" She moaned at him. She tried to smooth her hair back into place and he laughed at her because it just wouldn't sit correctly. She glared at him then ran over to his guitar and picked it up.

"Hey give that back." He shouted after her as he stated to chase her around the room. It was just like any other day. She turned around and smiled at him. He couldn't explain how much he loved her smile. She went to run off again but he caught her from behind. They laughed together for a while before she finally gave it back to him.

------------------------------------- end of flashback -------------------

He looked back at his brother and felt really sorry for him. He put his hand on his bro's shoulder.

"I'm going too bro. Try and get atleast some sleep ok." He started to walk away. Looking over his shoulder he thought he could see a tear role down his brothers cheek but when he blinked it had gone. He walked into his room and before going in looked back at his brother. He closed the door and flomped onto the bed. He closed his eyes and tried to get to sleep but heknew it would take ages.
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