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Five Senses of Love

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Three couples share how sexual their five senses can be. Rating and genre for future chapter.

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I always felt a little left out. I mean we are equals and everything but they had something I didn’t. GIRLFRIENDS! Good ones serious ones. I had no one I was alone and jealous and they were happy.

As I walk down the hall I can see the door at the end of the hall is open just a pinch. Now I can walk in and made my presence known but I think I want be an onlooker. So I’ll peek inside and what do I see? The guys saying their goodbyes to their girlfriends. Oh how I wish I was doing that. Oh how I hate them all right now.

I gain control of my thoughts and saw the three completely different ways these couples are saying goodbye.

Looking to my right I see Zoey a.k.a (always known as) Zoe. Is a curvy milk chocolate colored 21yr old. She has long jet black hair. (Which Jon loves to continuously run his fingers though) She as big brown eyes just like yours truly. But hers are more almond shaped. And Jon but you know what Jon looks like. Zoey and Jon are having a make out session. Zoe attempts to stand but Jon pulls her back down by her waist. She starts to giggle. She’s now sitting mare’s position (reverse cowgirl) on him and they go at it again. Seeing this turns me a pastel shade of green.

I look straight ahead and see Jamie only known as Jams to her closes friends. She’s a 21yr old warm cream colored girl with blue eyes. She kinda tall lanky not much of a figure. She’s got long bouncy brown curls that go half way down her back. She’s sitting with Ryan and everyone knows what Ryan looks like. They’re a little more civilized. They’re locked in a kiss. An extremely passionate one. You can tell they have been a couple for years just by the way they kiss. There is no fighting for dominance in their kiss their equals. This kiss looks absolutely perfect. The kiss broke but they didn’t part their foreheads joined and they became one looking each other dead in they eyes. Ryan speaks first ”prosime to call as soon as you get their” Jams replied “promise” Ryan gives Jams a peck on the forehead. That pastel shade of green has disappeared and I am now fresh cut grass green.

I turn to the left and there is Ashley sometimes known as Ash a petite 18yr old. With short dark brown hair and green eyes and rather pale skin. And Spencer you know who Spencer is. They are sitting there holding hands talking very quietly. Then Spencer gives Ash a tender kiss on the back of her hand and the biggest most beautiful smile comes across her face. She gives Spencer a big rather long hug in which he buries his head in her hair. Then they part from the hug her smile is still present but now Spencer is sporting one too. I just can’t believe it they didn’t even say anything. It was all in their actions. I guess actions truly do speak louder than words. Now there is good news and bad news. Good news that fresh cut grass green color is gone the bad news I’m now a deep dark green.

I’m green with envy and can’t stand to be anywhere near these happy couples right now. I need to go for a walk or maybe a run anything to blow some steam off.

To be continued…..
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