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Chapter 31: Reality Check

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Thirty One: Reality Check

“Man completely wicked, like totally awesome!” exclaimed Mikey, as he sat on the couch in the lair, Leo doing a training exercise nearby, Raph off in his room, Don on his computer, and Harry tinkering with a pair of two way mirrors off in a far corner in the distance. Mikey flipped through his comic book, as his cat Klunk leapt onto the edge of the couch. “Man this is the best, like totally awesome dude!”

Mikey looked over as Leo leapt in the air, swishing his katana in the air, putting out the flame on a candle with a well placed swing under the very watchful eye of Master Splinter.

“I love comics,” replied Mikey happily as he turned to Leo, as he continued his training. “Do you know why I like comics Leo, because I know, you want to know?”

“Probably because of the super heroes,” grunted Leo as he put out the final candle with his katana.

“Ding, ding, ding, give the blue bandana wielding katana wielding ninja turtle a prize, it’s all about the heroes,” said Mikey. “Super powers, super costumes, super…”

“Michelangelo, enough!” admonished Master Splinter sternly, as he narrowed his eyes towards his second youngest son. “Leonardo is training, perhaps you may like to join him as you seem to have so much free time on your hands lately.”

“Uh, I think Don needs my help with something,” stated Mikey quickly as he rose from the couch but before he could walk off, a loud crackling sound echoed through the lair, before the ground below them began to shake. “Oh, no not an earthquake, earthquakes always mean bad things, especially for us.”

The ground continued to shake, before a swirling vortex of blue magical energy began to materialize as Harry moved over from his work and Mikey saw him look up.

“No, it can’t be,” muttered Harry darkly as Don also walked over.

“We’ve seen that kind of energy before,” added Don as an ominous figure appeared from the vortex.

“Drako!” exclaimed Master Splinter.

“And the Daimyo’s son,” added Leo grimly. “This is what we told you about Master Splinter…”

“Yes, somehow merged together,” continued Harry.

“All into one horrible package,” concluded Raph as he walked into the lair as Ultimate Drako fully materialized right before their eyes.

“We told you we would return, we told you we would have our revenge!” declared Ultimate Drako in unison, as they brandished Lord Simultaneous’s time sceptre, glaring down at the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry with utter contempt.

“Revenge, this you whacko!” yelled Raph as he leapt up but a blast of magical energy from the time sceptre sent Raph spiraling backwards and cracking against the wall, before he landed towards the ground with a thud.

“If you could simply fight us, we can control time and space with Lord Simultaneous’s time sceptre, we are unbeatable!” taunted Ultimate Drako.

“GET THE SCEPTRE, NOW!” shouted Harry as he leapt in the air along with Raph, Don, Mikey, Leo, and Master Splinter at the same time but Ultimate Drako stopped them with a jet of magical energy from the time sceptre. They were suspended in mid air, frozen in stasis, unaware that time passed around them.

“Now for our revenge!” exclaimed Ultimate Drako in unison, as they looked at their helpless enemies.

“Leonardo, destroy him first!” demanded the Ultimate Ninja, remembering very well his defeat his first time on earth.

“No!” shouted Drako angrily. “We agreed, the rat will perish first, then your father, the Daimyo.”

“And then Leonardo,” added the Ultimate Ninja in a persistent voice.

Ultimate Drako waved the time sceptre, as it glowed a bright blue color.

“Yes, all of them will pay, all of them will learn the meaning of suffering behind time and space!” chanted Ultimate Drako as the light engulfed all six of their enemies, before they disappeared from the lair.

Mikey dropped down from the lair, landing with a thud and looked around.

“Uh, guys, scary Ultimate Drako dude, anyone?” inquired Mikey as he looked around, as he seemed to be in the lair only it was not the lair he remembered, it had a lot more high powered technology even more advanced than the Federation, Triceraton, or even Utrom technology. It looked like something out of a comic book and Mikey was awe struck as he looked around. “Wicked, cool, awesome, totally radical!”

Mikey then became serious, as much as he wanted to have a closer look around, all of his family had disappeared and he needed to find them.

“Leo, Raph, Don, Harry, Master Splinter, you there?” called Mikey as he looked around. “Anybody!”

In his haste to find his brothers, Mikey stepped right into an opened elevator that lit up, catching the mutant unaware.

“Please state your destination,” commented a calm voice that caused Mikey to look around wildly before realizing it was a computer built into the wall.

“Yes, I’d like you to take me to my family, please,” replied Mikey firmly and the elevator rose up.

A few seconds later, the door sprung open and Mikey cautiously walked out, to see an open field, where a group of five individuals faced off against a group of five large robots.

“Fools, you cannot stop the reign of the Terrorkinentics!” declared one of the robots in a forceful voice as his other robots prepared for battle.

“I don’t think so, Super Turtles count it off,” said the first figure, a large turtle wearing a bluish-purple cape, his face obscured by a facemask of the similar color. “Gravi-Turtle!”

“Shellectro!” chanted the second turtle, who was dressed in orange and wielding a whip, as he levitated slightly off the ground with electricity.

“Griddex!” grunted the third, large turtle, who had green skin about as hard as a rock and a blue costume that only exposed his arms and legs.

“Blobboid,” stated the fourth turtle, as skin like a green slime that could contort and morph in every which direction.

There was a long pause as the fifth member of the team, dressed all in black, in fact, all you saw around his body was black, except for a pair of small slits which exposed a glowing pair of green eyes but it was easy to tell that he was most certainly not a turtle.

“You know how tacky I think this intro thing is,” replied the figure moodily. “I might have caved in on the name of the team, despite there being at least two things wrong when it applies to me, but a tacky, over done introduction sequence when I show up is where I draw the line.”

“Come on, Shadow Mage, it is supposed to inspire a sense of team unity!” prodded Gravi-Turtle and Shadow Mage just glared a hole through him, no humor evident in his eyes. “Just humor me okay.”

“Fine, Shadow Mage!” dead panned Shadow Mage as he turned to join his fellow teammates as the Terrorkinetics began to attack, but each one of the Super Turtles took a robot.

Blobboid swerved around under a jet of laser fire from one of the Terrorkinetics before Shellectro wrapped his whip around it, causing a large burst of electricity to shock the Terrorkinetic into shutting completely down.

Griddex grew to a large size, as he faced off with a small disk shape Terrorkinetic with glowing eyes that shut lasers off of the larger Super Turtle, but to no avail. A large wing shaped terrorkinetic swooped down and picked its disk shaped companion and swooped up, dodging a wild swing before he placed the disk shaped Terrorkinetic on Griddex’s back. Griddex reached around, but large spider leg shaped bindings wrapped around Griddex, sending shock waves towards the large Super Turtle and sent him straight to his knees, as a timer popped up, with full intents to blow Griddex to bits.

“Little help here,” grunted Griddex as he attempted to reach behind to physically pull his foe off of his back but his arms were too bulky and he could not shrink because of the Terrorkinetic stunting his powers.

The other Super Turtles rushed around, as the winged Terrorkinetic shot bolts of lighting at them, causing them to back off. Shadow Mage looked up and vanished into mid air, before he reappeared seconds later behind the Terrorkinetic, with a lighting bolt shaped shuriken that he tossed right in the back of the Terrorkinetic. A loud explosion echoed from above as the winged terrorkinetic blew up.

Shadow Mage’s actions allowed Gravi-Turtle to swoop in from the sky and rip the Terrorkinetic off of Griddex’s back and allowed Griddex to smash it to bits before it could detonate.

“Your time is now up!” yelled Gravi-Turtle to the lead terrorkinetic.

“I don’t think so Super Turtles, my pooch still wants to demonstrate a few tricks!” taunted the lead terrorkinetic as a large robotic dog with glowing red eyes. “Sick em!”

The dog gave loud booming barks before it shut large silver bones out of the top of his head. They all connected with the ground, blowing pieces of rock into the air, as the Super Turtles scattered to the side slightly, to avoid the deadly attacks from the robo-pooch Terrorkinetic.

Mikey stepped out from his post, having watched awe struck at the events that unfolded around him. The fun loving turtle could not help himself, he just had to step out and get a better look.

Unfortunately for Mikey, his footsteps had attracted the attention of the Terrorkinetic dog and it turned, growling at Mikey before it made its way to him and leapt up, before pinning Mikey with its paws and bared its metallic teeth at Mikey, causing the turtle to flinch in horror as the teeth came close to his head.

“Bad boy, heal, down robo-pooch,” demanded Mikey in a forceful voice, his pleas attracting the attention of the Super Turtles.

“What the…” demanded Gravi-Turtle as he looked around, absolutely befuddled at the unexpected introduction before he turned to Shellectro. “Shellectro end the simulation right now, something’s up.”

“Right, end simulation!” confirmed Shellectro and the surroundings around them faded back into the lair, as Mikey pulled himself up.

“Wicked cool, but seriously what’s with the costumes?” questioned Mikey

“Shellectro, is this part of your new hazard shell training program?” questioned Gravi-Turtle.

“No, this isn’t like anything I’ve designed,” responded Shellectro.

“Maybe it’s a computer virus?” suggested Blobboid.

“Ugliest looking computer virus I’ve ever seen,” chimed in Griddex as he looked over Mikey who took a step backwards but Shadow Mage stepped in front of him, blocking his path.

“Not so fast, he could be a spy sent by one of our many enemies,” answered Shadow Mage in an untrusting voice.

“C’mon Harry, I can’t be a spy,” remarked Mikey.

“You’re right, he looks too stupid,” grunted Griddex.

“Looks can be deceiving, especially since he knows my secret identity,” said Shadow Mage darkly. “Submit him for a mental scan, so we can determine the truth of how or why he got here.”

“Right, that does seem to be the best option,” agreed Gravi-Turtle as Griddex and Shadow Mage forcefully grabbed Mikey from behind.

“The scan will not hurt at all, it will just look deeply into your mind to gather your true intentions,” informed Shellectro calmly as Mikey reluctantly laid back on the table and Shadow Mage pressed a button, causing large strap restraints to pop up, binding Mikey to the table, just allowing him enough movement for breath.

“Was that really necessary?” asked Gravi-Turtle.

“I risk nothing,” replied Shadow Mage curtly as the scanner began to look deeply into Mikey’s mind and Shellectro looked at the deeper readings of Mikey’s mind. “Comic books, pizza, video games are on the forefront of this one’s mind, nothing about malignant intentions towards us or anyone else for that matter. Just seems like a fairly average mutant turtle with no super powers whatsoever.”

A loud beeping sound echoed throughout the Shell of Justice and Shellectro’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What now?” demanded Griddex.

“Strange, I’m getting some mild readings of temporal energy that are fairly recent,” remarked Shellectro. “It appears that are non-super powered visitor may not be from this dimension.”

“Yes, that would have been from the Time Sceptre, Drako and the Daimyo’s son blasted me here, he may have blasted my brothers and father as well, but I don’t know,” supplied Mikey in a frantic voice before his body began to glow white and he began to phase in and out of reality. Mikey screamed like a little girl as he became dizzy. “What’s this, what’s happening to me?”

“It appears that someone is trying to bring you back to your own dimension,” replied Shellectro as he looked at Mikey who phased nearly out before popping back in a bit more clearer, but still blurry.

“Or, our dimension recognizes that you aren’t from here and thus it wants to erase you,” supplied Shadow Mage coolly and Mikey gave another scream in terror but seconds later, the phasing slowed to stop and Mikey seemed to be solid again.

“Well, the scan is complete and other than the temporal anomaly, our visitor has nothing out of the ordinary, in fact he’s completely harmless,” said Shellectro as he released Mikey from his bonds and allowed the terrapin to rise to his feet.

“Harmless, hey I’ll have you know that I’m the greatest warrior in all of the multiverse, I’m the Battle Nexus Champion!” shouted Mikey cockily and the others looked at him strangely as if he grew two heads. “Right, I think I’ll just shut up now.”

“So, we need to know exactly how to arrived at this dimension so we can find a way to return you home,” prompted Gravi-Turtle.

“I told you, Ultimate Drako zapped us all with the time sceptre and the next thing I remember, I woke up here!” exclaimed Mikey.

“Ultimate Drako, can’t say I’ve ever heard of him,” said Gravi-Turtle.

“Well, I’m really not too much in a hurry, as you guys are all so cool, your lair, your powers, your costumes,” replied Mikey, who rocked back and forth in excitement, looking like a three year old on a sugar high. “So awesome, so cool, it’s like I’m in comic book heaven!”

“Does this thing have an off switch,” muttered Shadow Mage, as he looked at the non-super powered turtle in irritation, as he continued to sing the praises of the Super Turtles.

“Anyway, which one of you guys is my counterpart, anyway?” asked Mikey, who continued to look absolutely pleased and the other four turned their heads slightly, their eyes looked on Blobboid.

“Well, I’m pretty sure isn’t me,” stated Blobboid, doing a bad job of disguising his voice and Shellectro cleared his throat.

“Another thing, where is your version of Master Splinter?” questioned Mikey. “You know old rat, with a walking stick, gives wisdom, taught you everything you know.”

“We had one,” replied Griddex gruffly.

“But he’s gone, we lost him, a long time ago,” added Shadow Mage, his voice breaking and showing a slight bit of emotion, that caused him to turn away.

“Sorry,” muttered Mikey apologetically as he turned away.

“Right, back to this Ultimate Drako guy, perhaps he has a counterpart in this universe,” stated Shellectro in a calm, logical tone of voice. “Perhaps if you could describe a little bit about him?”

“Uh, he’s a big mean guy, who is evil and extremely powerful,” responded Mikey unhelpfully and the Super Turtles sighed in absolute irritation.

“Fine, we’ll show you a series of pictures on the Shell-i-tron five thousand and you tell us if any of them look familiar,” responded Gravi-Turtle as Shellectro fired up, with a large blue skinned super villain that looked about the size of a small house. “Could it be the Transmogrifier?”

“No, that’s not him, but still a wicked looking super villain, dude,” replied Mikey. “That guy’s a bit too big to be Ultimate Drako though, he’s a bit smaller, but not too much smaller.”

“What about Doctor Octamort,” suggested Gravi-Turtle as a sinister looking tall, thin man with a snake face and many snake like limbs extended outwards materialized on the view

“No not him, he’s…” started Mikey but a loud beeping sound echoed throughout the Shell of Justice.

“We have to get back to this later, duty calls,” said Gravi-Turtle as he flew over to a large red beeping shell shaped phone and picked it up. “Yes, Commissioner, what no, he can’t be back in town, we thought…yes I understand, no way for the authorities to get in, it looks like we’re going to have to get in his fortress and rest assure, the Super Turtles will stop him.”

Gravi-Turtle put down phone before he turned gravely to his other teammates.

“What we have always feared has come to pass, the Sliver has returned and he has required a doomsday device that will put the entire city and perhaps the world in peril,” informed Gravi-Turtle. “The authorities could not break in.”

“So, it’s up to us,” summarized Shellectro.

“We hoped we’d never have to face him ever again,” concluded Shadow Mage darkly. “After what happened…”

“I know,” replied Shellectro. “Our most deadly enemy...”

“Wow, most deadly enemy that sounds wicked, can I come?” asked Mikey but in an instant, he began to phase in and out of reality. “Wait, I guess I’m in flux, this is it, I guess I’m going home, bye everyone, see you later, it’s been a pleasure, I’m going, any second not, I’ll be gone.”

The phasing stopped and Mikey stood there, sheepishly as the Super Turtles looked at him, in irritation.

“Guess I’m staying,” amended Mikey sheepishly. “So, anyway, can I come?”

“Yes, we better take him along,” said Shadow Mage, before adding to the others in undertone. “He might touch something that is important.”

The Super Turtles nodded, before they, along with Mikey, left to combat the evil and dangerous threat that was the Sliver.

The Super Turtles, along with Mikey arrived outside the Sliver’s Fortress of Doom. It resembled the Foot Headquarters slightly.

“So, no problem right, we need to get inside, right,” suggested Mikey but a large laser grid came up, before firing a multitude of laser fire at the intruders, which allowed them to scatter.

“Disable the laser fire!” ordered Gravi-Turtle.

“On it,” grunted Griddex who walked over and raised his arms up before he crudely smashed the grid causing it to crumble to dust and a large canon appeared out the wall.

“Scatter!” ordered Gravi-Turtle as they moved around and a large jet of acid shot from the cannon. The ground melted, steam coming up from where the street was.

Blobboid attempted to dodge the attacks, but the canon turned slightly towards him and the acid blasted right towards at him. The Super Turtle dodged the attack.

“We’re getting no closer, someone needs to work themselves inside the machinery and shut that thing down from the inside,” suggested Blobboid.

“On it,” said Shadow Mage as he vanished into mid air. A few seconds later, Shadow Mage’s voice could be heard as a small part of the wall leading to the canon popped up. “Shellectro aim your whip into the hole…now!”

Shellectro did as he was instructed, the whip connecting the hole and a large burst of electricity frying through the cannon, causing it to shut down as Shadow Mage reappeared

“The defenses should be neutralized, let’s get inside,” confirmed Shadow Mage and the Super Turtles made their way inside, with Mikey gaining a little help from Gravi-Turtle.

Seconds later, they burst through the windows of the Sliver’s throne room, ready for the fight of their lives, looking up at a figure on the top of a tall winding set of stairs, obscured in the shadows.

“Welcome my sons,” declared the Sliver in a sinister voice as he stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to be that universe’s version of Master Splinter, with glowing red eyes, sharp claws, and fangs, while he was dressed completely in black, with a high tech walking stick.

“Master Splinter…what…who…why…how come..what the…” stammered Mikey before he regained his bearings to turn to the Super Turtles. “I THOUGHT YOU SAID HE WAS DEAD!”

“No, we said we lost him, to evil,” responded Shellectro gravely.

“Sliver, no matter what you have to dish out, we will stop you!” stated Gravi-Turtle in a stern voice.

The Sliver pressed a switch on his walking stick and a large platform rose from the ceiling, revealing a large orb shaped object with a glowing radioactive orb in the center and a countdown clock with three minutes and counting.

“Not even you, with your powers could stop the Penultimate Nullificator!” taunted the Sliver, as he leaned on his walking stick.

“Man, that is a cool name!” supplied Mikey as the Super Turtles looked at him like he was in same. “Sorry, comic book geek.”

“Sliver, even you cannot be insane enough to unleash the power in the Penultimate Nullificator, it would wipe us all out!” shouted Blobboid as the Super Turtles made a move to go after the Nullificator, but the Sliver pressed another switch on his walking stick.

In a second, a large, glowing green cage dropped from the ceiling onto the Super Turtles and Mikey.

“No, the cage is made of Utromidium!” shouted Shellectro in a horrified voice.

“Made of what?” questioned Mikey.

“The one substance stronger than our powers,” clarified Shellectro.

“It’s a barrier that even we can’t pass,” concluded Griddex.

“Sliver, you’re insane, the Penultimate Nullificator will be the end of everything it goes off,” said Shadow Mage.

“Not the end of everything, Shadow Mage, it has been modified so it will only effect life outside this tower, you will all be safe,” corrected the Sliver as he sat himself back on his throne. “Humanity has judged us as nothing but servants to solve their problems and the only way to solve all of their problems is to wipe out all life on earth and start over.”

“You have no right to judge…” stated Gravi-Turtle but the Sliver cut him off.

“The world will be cleansed and in time you will come to accept my vision of what is just,” said the Sliver coldly. “You will join me, I am your father.”

In the Utromidium jail cell, the Super Turtles and Mikey sat, fully aware that each passing second the Penultimate Nullificator was closer to going off and carrying out the Sliver’s plans.

“Can’t any of you find a way out?” asked Mikey desperately.

“With each passing second, the Utromidium drains our powers, making us weaker,” informed Blobboid.

“It even messes up the cloaking and phasing mechanisms in my Shadow Mage suit,” added Shadow Mage in a moody voice. “Of course the Sliver would know about that, as he helped me design it, just as he knows about all of their powers.”

“Utromidium, stupid comic book weakness,” grumbled Mikey, as he looked up but an idea popped into his head. “Maybe we can’t break out, but perhaps we can convince the Sliver to break us out of this Utromidium jail cell.”

The Sliver sat calmly on his throne, as he watched the Penultimate Nullificator tick down with two minutes left to doomsday for the Earth.

“Uh, Master Splinter er I mean Sliver, can I have a word with you, in private?” questioned Mikey as he looked up from the Utromidium jail cell. “I’m not with these other guys you see.”

The Sliver pressed a switch on his cane and Mikey rose up out of the jail cell, trapped in a miniature Utromidium bubble.

“Look, I’m not from around here, I was sent here to help you, I’m from an alternate dimension,” said Mikey. “Where I come from, my bros and I, well we rule the world.”

“Another dimension?” inquired the Sliver, his curiosity piqued. “Tell me more.”

“Humanity bad, destruction good, wipe them all out I say, cleanse that world,” continued Mikey. “That’s what you, my bros, and I did.”

“And you were sent here to assist me?” prompted the Sliver.

“Yes, I live to serve Master Splinter er Sliver, my father,” continued Mikey and the Sliver pressed a button on his walking stick, releasing the turtle from the Utromidium bubble.

“How I have longed for my sons at my side, for them to see the error in their judgment, for us to be a family again,” said The Sliver before he turned to Mikey. “So you would join me in my new world.”

“Sliver, no turtle would ever join you,” said Mikey and he revealed that he was in fact Blobboid before he stretched his arms out, wrapping it around the walking stick and pulled it from the Sliver’s grasp. A push of the button caused the Utromidium jail cell to rise up to the ceiling, off the Super Turtles and the real Mikey, allowing them to regain their bearings.

“I don’t believe it, your plan actually worked ninja boy,” said Griddex in an astonished voice.

“I know, can you believe it?” inquired Mikey, with a small smirk.

“Quick, get the Nullificator!” ordered Gravi-Turtle as they made a beeline for the doomsday device with ninety seconds left to go.

“I think not!” shouted the Sliver angrily as he morphed into a large hulking beast, separate sections of his body representing the different powers of the Super Turtles and large shockwave went through the floor, causing everyone to fly backwards.

“You could have told me the Sliver has super powers too!” yelled Mikey angrily but the Super Turtles moved forward, Blobboid morphing into a large pointed missile but the Sliver stretched and a large hole materialized in his stomach, causing Blobboid to pass through and splatter onto the ground.

“This ends now Sliver!” yelled Griddex angrily as he swung at the Sliver but the Sliver grabbed his arm and wrenched it back.

“You’ve always had a problem with your temper, allow me to help you with that,” taunted the Sliver as he smashed Griddex across the back. “You’ve always been slow learners.”

Shellectro’s whip wrapped around the Sliver’s left arm and he gave a mighty pull.

“Maybe your teaching methods left something to be desired!” shouted Shellectro as Gravi-Turtle flew around but the Sliver sent a burst of electricity towards Shellectro, causing the Super Turtle to drop to the ground, in a severely weakened state.

“Remember children, I taught you everything about you know about your powers but you do not know everything I know!” taunted the Sliver as he shot up into the air and engaged into a short battle in the air with Gravi-Turtle, flying circles around him and causing Gravi-Turtle to crash hard to the ground.

The Sliver dropped to the ground before flicking his wrist and Shadow Mage’s suit turned white, and causing him to be completely visible. With forty five seconds to go until the Penultimate Nullificator detonated, the Sliver knocked Shadow Mage out with one blow before he turned to Mikey, who stood, his eyes widened in horror.

“And what are you going to do ninja?” taunted the Sliver. “No powers, no specially designed suit, no hope for the world if you are the last one standing.”

“Maybe I’m not all powerful like you but I’m more than enough ninja to take you down!” cried Mikey as he pulled out his nunchucks before he stared down the Sliver who shot several bolts of electricity towards Mikey but the ninja ducked and dodged out of the bolts before he slid towards the Sliver. The Sliver aimed his rock hard and blob arms at Mikey but he dodged them before he perfectly managed to aim a kick towards the Sliver.

“You dare touch me!” shouted the Sliver angrily.

“Get used to it, Master,” replied Mikey, putting an extra sarcastic emphasis on the last word and the Sliver reached for his walking stick but he came to the realization that it was in the possession of Mikey.

“No!” shouted the Sliver in an agonized voice as Mikey pressed a button and dropped the Utromidium jail cell right on the Sliver, trapping him inside.

The Super Turtles rose to their feet, with twenty five seconds left to go.

“No matter what you still lose, the Penultimate Nullificator shall still cleanse the world!” declared the Sliver and at that second, Mikey began to phase out.

“Oh no, not now,” said Mikey before he turned to the Sliver. “Quick, how do you stop the Nullificator.”

“Why would I design a way to stop it?” demanded the Sliver. “It is justice, it is rule.”

“I’ll stop it, I can fly up quickly where it won’t hurt anyone,” replied Gravi-Turtle as the Nullificator ticked down with eighteen seconds left to go.

“No, it will take you with you, there has to be another way,” said Griddex.

“If the Sliver said that he modified it to work outside the tower, maybe it can be fixed to work inside the tower,” suggested Mikey and Shellectro quickly made his way over and placed his hands on it, with ten seconds left to go.

“There it’s reprogrammed electronically to work in that matter, but we need to get out of here,” said Shellectro as the time ticked to eight seconds, seven seconds but Mikey had almost faded completely out.

“I’m already almost there, if they right a comic about this, make sure they call me the Turtle Titan!” yelled Mikey as his voice faded out as he disappeared with the Super Turtles evacuating the building with two seconds to spare.

“NO!” shouted the Sliver in a horrified voice as he watched the Penultimate Nullificator reach zero and explodes, completely destroying the tower along with the Sliver.

Later that day, the Super Turtles stood around a large jade statue, depicting Michelangelo.

“He may have not been exactly like us, but Michelangelo, aka the Turtle Titan was one of us in a way, for his heroism, his bravely, he was truly our brother in arms,” announced Gravi-Turtle and the other Super Turtles nodded as they looked at the statue.

“Yeah, he turned out to be halfway decent,” added Shadow Mage grudgingly as the Super Turtles walked away, returning to the Shell of Justice.
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