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Chapter Five Now You're Gone and I Was Wrong

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Chapter Five Now You're Gone and I Was Wrong

I sat in my room trying to pry myself from my former life with Brendon. I look around my room. Pictures on the walls and nightstand. A scrap book with notes,letter and instant messanger conversations. What happened to that Brendon? I recall how sweetly and cheese-idly he asked me out. I was doing a talent show and I saw him in the front row. My hazel eyes widened with shock. I always had a crush on him. What was he doing watching me perform? I found a note on my locker after that. I really like you. You sing like an angel could you meet me after the performance by the flag pole?That is if you like me too. I was shocked. Who had sent me this?

I walk out to the flagpole. No one there except Brendon Urie that is. No words were exchanged. Just nervous glances and a few swift movements from him. His soft lips were against mine.I closed my eyes as I felt his arms circle my waist. I was snapped out my dream land by my mother telling me I had a vistor. I sigh walking down the stairs. I open the front door and there stands Brendon shuffling his feet. My eyes narrow. "What do you want?" "To explain what happened..." "You've got sixty seconds" "Well you see I wanted to make sure that you were the only girl I felt passion with and when I kissed her I felt nothing at all so that means I lo-" "Time's up goodbye I don't want to see you" Before he could reply the phone rang.

"Hello? Ryan? What is it? What do you mean Babs is in the hospitial? I'll be right there." Forgetting that I was peeved at Brendon for the moment I walked over to him. "I need a ride to the hospitial please?" He looked back at me and smiled. "You got it."

Written by Kendra (falloutpanicgirl)
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