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Back Home

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The final chapter. Well I hope that people enjoy reading it and please tell me if you spot any glaring errors, which of course there will be many.

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Tseng and Reno were taken straight up out of the Midgar Slums and airlifted back to the Edge City Hospital. Rufus was taken home by the other two Turks to clean up and Vincent slipped his number to Elena with a smile. She looked at him a little surprised before pocketing it and running to catch up with her President and Rude.

“Will they be okay?” Elena asked feeling disgusted with the mess they were all in.

“Yes.” Rufus said not daring to think of another answer.

Rufus ShinRa stepped in to the hot shower in the penthouse and slide against the tiled wall. The adrenaline gone he knew he was shaking. His two best Turks were laid out and they had barely come through it and what the hell was that place? When he stepped out and felt like a human being again he put on a fresh suit and dismissed the two waiting Turks. Rude headed home to change and get to the hospital and Elena did the same but wrote Vincent’s number in to her phone book with a smile.

When Tseng woke up the President was sat in the chair watching him and had a book which he seemed quite engrossed in. Tseng wondered if he was destined to spend most of his life in hospitals or Healing Lodge due to Sephiroth or his relatives.

“I can see you are awake.” Rufus said peering over his book. “So stop being polite. How are you?”

“Shit.” He answered honestly but sat up anyway. “Sorry to scare you Sir.”

“Tseng…” Rufus sighed. “I was scared I would loose my Turk and best friend.” He said softly. “I hope you feel better soon.”

“Thank you Rufus.” Tseng nodded. “So are you reading more shitty romance borrowed from Reno?”

“Oh no this is,” he turned and checked the title, “something about organised crime.”

“Sounds pleasant.” Tseng chuckled and winced in pain. “How is my second in command?”

“I think he’s in surgery right now.” Rufus nodded. “They wanted to try and sew up the cuts and a few things.”

“I see.” Tseng nodded. “Rude better look after him then.”

“I’m sure he will.” Rufus stood up. “I’m going to check on any news. Would you like me to bring you anything?”

“A good stiff whisky?”

“Nice try.” Rufus laughed and headed out to see Elena. She followed him silently behind and Rufus could see she was concerned and holding it in. he turned to her and pulled her in to a hug. “Thank you Elena.”

“Just doing our job Sir.” She smiled but hugged him back. “They said Tseng can go home tomorrow and no work for a couple of weeks okay?”

“He’s staying in bed if I have to strap him down myself.” Rufus nodded as they headed towards the ward reception.

“He’d probably like that.” She joked and watched as Rude stood outside Reno’s door. He nodded to Rufus as they approached. “How is Reno?”

“Talking so fine.” Rude said a hint of a smirk.

“Why don’t they take his voice box?” Rufus quipped and opened the door. “Hey Reno. We’re out and home. Feels good right?”

“Yo boss.” He sat up and nodded. “Did you find out any more about it?”

“Actually yes.” He nodded and pulled out his palm top. “Have a read when you are ready. The eggheads as you put it said that the portal to the other world was opened up by some disruption in our atmosphere. It was probably a fall out from all the fighting over the last ten years. All the death and destruction brought about by it has just prompted unease and that town appears to be the epitome of despair.”

“Pleasant.” Reno nodded listening to his boss. “So it’s done with now right? I mean no more scrambling about in blood or… reliving old nightmares?”

“I would hope so.” The President nodded and stood back up. He heard a noise outside and looked back to see Reno’s little boy pulling Rude’s jacket and harassing him. “I think there is someone here that wants to see you.”

“Oh great…” Reno imagined a sexy nurse this time, not one of those faceless monsters.

“Daddy Leno!” Izhi ran through the door.

“Damn it.” Reno muttered but smiled anyway.

”Guess things are back to normal.” Rufus nodded as the toddler clambered up over him. “Hello young man.”

“Hi. Did you kill stuff? Did I get any presents?” The toddler grinned.

Things were back to normal as they could.
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