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Chapter 9

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Ecstacy Ch 9

The next morning I woke up to the smell of food and coffee. I climbed out of my bunk and pulled my hair into a messy bun before walking to the front of the bus. Frank was pouring coffee into cups. There was breakfast sitting on the table.

“Morning, Happy Birthday” frank said sitting the coffee on the tabled before sitting down.
“Thanks. Did you do all this?” I asked
“No. the girls and guys brought food. I just made coffee. Sit and eat” he said
“Where did they go?” I asked as I sat down
“Luna and Molly went with the Way trio to visit their parents. Stefanie and Lindsey said they were going to visit Stef’s family and then going to Ray’s. And bob and Georgia said they were spending they day alone” Frank said
“Joy. So what time is everyone meeting up?”
“Molly said reservations are at 7 and we can’t be late so that means you and me have like 8 hours to spend in the city. Have you every been to New York?” he asked
“Yeah, once when I was younger. We didn’t really get to do much though” I said
“Well then I’ll show you New York” he said
“I wanna get another tattoo today” I said randomly
“You have tattoos?” he asked
“Yeah. They are all mainly where they can be hidden. You’ve seen the ones on my shoulders” I said. I had an arrangement of music notes and stars on my right shoulder and then a set of praying hands with my grandfather’s initials on my left shoulder.
“I know. What other ones do you have?”
“I have one on my lower back and then this on my hip” I said pulling my pants down just enough to see the tattoo. It was a symbol that Ian’s band mate Ben drew up
“Wow that’s fucking awesome…. What is it?” he asked
“It’s a symbol for my brother’s band” I said
“How old is he”
“My twin” I said
“I would have never guessed that you were a twin” he said. We ate our breakfast before getting dressed. Frank took me all around the city. I had so much fun. He even shopped with me. I bought an outfit to wear tonight. It was a black skirt that had a light blue mesh material sticking out of the bottom. The top was a black and light blue corset top. I also bought a light blue flower to wear in my hair. Frank stole it from me and was wearing it. By the time we were done my camera was out of memory to take pictures. We decided to head to the hotel we were all staying at. It was about 5 pm.

“I’ll see you in a little bit” I said to frank
“Okie dokie pokie” he said while hugging me. The girls were all in one hotel room when I walked in
“How was your day” Lindsey asked
“It was good. Thanks for ditching me” I said playing around
“Girls we need to get ready for dinner. Oh Katie we all decided to go to some club afterwards if that’s ok with you” Molly said
“Sounds fun. Georgia can you curl my hair?” I asked. Georgia was the only person who could get my hair to stay curled.
“Yeah come on” she said. About 30 min later my hair was curled and my flower was in place. I started working on my own makeup, I kept it somewhat simple. I just had on eyeliner, mascara, and a touch of light blue eye shadow. I slipped on my outfit along with a pair of black heels.
“Holy damn we are lookin good tonight” Luna said. She was right. Us girls would definitely be making heads turn tonight.
“Time to go girls. We are meeting the boys downstairs” Molly said. I grabbed my purse as we headed out the door. It took us like 10 minutes to get downstairs thanks to some idiot who pressed all of the buttons before they got off. I have a feeling it was mikey or frank. Once the guys saw us their jaws hit the floor.
“ wow you girls look amazing!!” Gerard said.
“thanks” we all said in tune
“ Katie someone is staring” Maxie whispered in my ear. I looked up to see frank staring at me
“Shut up” I said pushing her playfully
“Frank stop staring” I heard mikey said. Frank started blushing
“Ladies shall we go” ray said they guys linked arms with a girl or two. Frank had both maxie and me on his arms. My heels made me exactly his height. Of course Maxie was till taller than the both of us. We walked out of the hotel to see a limo waiting for us. Frank helped both maxie and I into the limo before he climbed in. I then noticed that all the guys were somewhat dressed up. Frank was wearing a nice pair of black jeans, a black dress shirt, and a blue and black striped tie. He looked absolutely amazing, though I would never admit that out loud.
“You are staring now” Maxie whispered to me
“I am not” I said back to her. She gave me an odd look. Luckily Luna had reached over and turned the radio on. Us girls started dancing and being crazy. They guys just looked at us like we were nuts. When we got to the restaurant I literally almost fell out of the limo.
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