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Chapter 3: There's A World Outside My Front Door

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Getting to know one another

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Chapter 3: There’s A World Outside Of My Front Door

Kevin slowly woke up. “You better get cleaned up.” Pete said. “What the hell did you do to me?” “What should have been done a long time ago.” Kevin sat up. “Who are you two?” “I’m Bobbie and this is my sister, Kate. We just moved in.” “Nice to meet you.” Kevin held out his hand. Bobbie shook it, but Kevin turned it over and kissed the top of her hand. Pete looked at Kevin and wanted to punch him some more. Bobbie blushed at the kiss. “I have to go. Maybe we can talk later, Bobbie.” “Yeah.” Kevin left and went inside the house.

“Are you sure he is as mean as you said, Pete?” Bobbie asked. “He is. Stay away from him.” “Okay. Where do you live?” “A few houses from you.” “So what do you guys want to do?” Joe asked. “Want to go to the mall?” “Andy, that’s been done to death. But what else is there to do.” “Kate, go ask mom if it’s alright.” Bobbie told her younger sister. “Why can’t you?” “Just do it.” “Want to come, Patrick?” “Yeah.” Kate and Patrick went across the street. “Sometimes it’s good to be the oldest.” Bobbie told Pete. “Yeah, I’m the oldest too. I have a younger brother and sister.” “Hey, you two are you coming?” Pete and Bobbie looked up. Joe, Andy, Patrick, and Kate were already walking. “Come on.” Pete grabbed Bobbie’s hand.

Once they got to the mall they split up. Joe and Andy went to the music store, Patrick and Kate went to the record store, and Pete and Bobbie went to Hot Topic. Patrick was looking at the records and Kate was watching him. “So what kind of music do you listen to?” She asked. “A lot of different stuff. Probably nothing you would of heard of. I don’t mean that in a bad way. My dad gave me a lot of his jazz records and I listen to them quite a bit.” “I’d like to hear them sometime.” Patrick looked up at her. He never felt this way before. Most girls hated him and he really wasn’t fond of them either. “Maybe tomorrow you could come over.”

In Hot Topic Pete was looking at the girl jeans. “Pete, those are girl’s.” “But I know they will look hot on me.” Bobbie laughed. “Let’s find you something.” “No, I’m good.” “Take the hoodie off. I found this one for you.” “What! No. I don’t want a hoodie.” Pete started grabbing at her hoodie. “What are you doing?” “Come on, Bobbie. I want to see this on you.” “No, ow. My arm.” Pete looked down. “What did I do?” “Nothing. I’ll be waiting for you by the benches.” Bobbie ran out of the store. “Damn.” Pete went to the register and bought the jeans and grabbed the hoddie he thought would fit Bobbie. He walked to the bench. “Hey, I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what I did.” He sat down.

“It’s not you, Pete. There’s something about me that only a few people know.” “Do you want to tell me? I promise I won’t tell anyone. I can be a good listener.” “I don’t know. I just met you. I don‘t want you to not be my friend.” She pulled at the end of her hoodie at the wrists. Pete took her hands into his. “You won’t lose me as a friend. I’m not like that. I stand by my friends. I already consider you a great friend.” Bobbie smiled. “Thank you. I just seem to lose friends. I can’t do things right.” “I promise you won’t lose me.”

“Alright. Okay, it started a few years ago.” Bobbie took a deep breath. “I’m a cutter.” Pete looked into her eyes. She continued. “It was just once or so every other month. Now it’s almost everyday. With my dad dying and even though my reputation was ruined it was hard to move.” “Does anyone know?” “Yeah. Kate, a lot of the people at school, and I’m sure my mom suspects something. She doesn’t want to see it though.” “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. You don’t cut too deep do you?” “No, just enough to see the blood and get release. But my arms have scars.” “Can I see?” Bobbie took off the hoodie. She held out her arms. Pete placed his fingers on each scar and kissed both wrists looking up at her. Bobbie felt butterflies in her stomach.

“Hey, you two. What are you doing?” Pete let go of Bobbie’s hand and she quickly put on her hoodie. “Nothing, Patrick. Just talking. Oh, Bobbie, I got you something.” “Pete, you didn’t have to.” He handed her a bag. She took out the hoodie that he bought. “I hope it fits. You can try it on later.” Bobbie smiled at Pete. Bobbie put the hoodie back in the bag. “Thank you.” She kissed Pete on the check. “Come on. We need to find Andy and Joe. I have to get home. My mom is going to get mad if I get home late.” Patrick said. Patrick and Pete walked ahead of Kate and Bobbie. “Did you tell him?” Kate asked Bobbie. “Yeah. He’s alright with it.” “Do you like him?” “I think I do. I’m actually glad we moved here.” “Yeah, me too.”

I wrote this chapter.
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