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Full Moon

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Sakura realizes that without Sasuke, her life has no meaning.

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Haruno Sakura watched in vain as the prisoners before her lapsed into a fit of kicking and screaming. "I really wish they would quit" she muttered bitterly, covering her ears. The blonde woman beside her sighed. "Oh, you'll get used to it Sakura, just be patient." The pink-haired medicnin looked up at her sensei. "Alright, now what do I have to do?" Tsunade's eyes became distant. "Alright, what I want you to do, is take his thumb, and break it." Sakura's eyes widened a fraction, "break it?" she asked, "but-"

"Just do it." Tsunade replied tonelessly. Sakura swallowed, and grabbed the captive's right thumb. She began to bend the joints, gradually adding more and more pressure, until there was a loud sickening crack, and an agonizing scream of pain from the prisoner. Sakura was sick. She could still feel the bones come apart in her hands. She had never done something like this to someone, without it involving a fight. She pressed a hand to her stomach, this was just too much. "Tsunade-sensei…" she said, her voice quiet, the blonde woman looked over at her. "I don't think I'm going to be able to keep this up. It's just too much for me to handle right now, with Naruto, and Sasuke-kun…" she trailed off. She hoped desperately that her mentor would understand. Tsunade's eyes were steely, but wit a faint undercurrent of sympathy.

"Sakura." She said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "As I seem to remember a certain copy ninja telling me, you used to tell Uchiha constantly that he needed to look away from what Itachi did to him and move on. Am I correct?" she asked. Sakura blinked, "yes." She replied, looking down, not seeing what that had to do with anything. "Sakura." Tsunade said, she looked up. "Then you must do the same. I know times are Sakura-chan, but you're a kunoichi, and you've got one of the strongest spirits I've seen in a long while, right next to Naruto's of course, considering the little dobe refuses to die until he becomes Hokage, and Sakura he's taking this just as hard as you, though, he's very good at not showing it. I know losing Uchiha is one of the events that's more or less put the village into shock. I don't mean to pick Sakura, but please, stop tearing at yourself, and move on." Tsunade finished, a sort of finality in her voice.

Sakura blinked, and nodded her head. Her mentor was absolutely right, but Sakura had tried time and time again, but just couldn't let go of the love she had still felt for him.

He had plagued her dreams every night, the murmurs of haunted regret forever taunting her. It had been two years since his departure, and Sakura watched in remorse as her friends found relationships, and love, and she knew, that without him, that joy would never exist for her. No one had noticed the changes in her personality, no one but Naruto, and the two became very close. "Ne, Sakura-chan, how do you think I'll do in the chuunin exams this year?" the blonde asked, giving Sakura a curious look. She turned to him, and smiled, "I'm sure you'll do great Naruto."

He gave her his trademark grin, and said, "I guess I'll see you later Sakura-chan, I've got training to do." With that, and put his hands behind his head, in his attempt to look cool, a gesture of that Sakura had know all too well. "You'll do great Naruto." she whispered.

She sighed, and gazed at her replection in the water. The surreal image of his face drifted into her mind, and into her reflection. Her eyes began to burn with the tears she would not let fall. He was all she thought about, day or night, and saw his face whereever she went. "Sasuke-kun...." she whispered saddly.
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