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You're My One And Only Love I Need

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The sunlight filtered though the curtains blinding a young man's eyes.
It was only six thirty in the morning but the sun had risen and the birds where chirping away.
A groan could be heard from the right side of the bed where two young, handsome men were sleeping peacefully.

"Nghhhh......lemme alone....pleaseee"

Patrick heard the noise coming from his life partner, Peter Wentz.

"Mornin baby" Patrick whispers softly in Peters ear.

Peter turns over and smiles at him. "Mmmm morning my love"

Patrick blushes softly while kissing Peter. "You're so glad you dont have morning breath, because otherwise I would never kiss you right now"

"Patrick Wentz, you are made of sugar, spice and everything nice" Peter says, smiling back.

Patrick blushes even more. "God I love that name,"

Peter whispered three words into his husbands ear.
Patrick whispered back two.
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