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In Too Deep

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Cone is a new kid at school well so is Deryck. This is all in Cone's POV!

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New school, new me, new life. How bad can this be? Well for a kid name Cone, it's not easy! Only have one friend doesn't help the fact either.
"See ya' ma'. I'm going to school." I grabbed my car keys, hoodie, and backpack and left. "Hey cone!" Steve was waiting at the end of the street for me. "Get in." "You seem nervous." "No shit." "Relax, no one knows anyone you'll be fine." I pulled into a random parking spot. Me and Steve ran into the gym going to get are schudle and head to our first class. "Get I got Math first." "Have fun steve! I've got Science." I never really had a thing for science but as long as math wasn't first was fine. I went to my class. The teacher had place name cards on each of the desks. I found my name. Next to me sat a guy, he's name was Deryck. "Cone? What the fuck kinda name is that?" I rolled my eyes. Well first douche bag of the day. "Well I'm guessing that its pernounced Deryck right?" "Yeah fuck-tard! God how hard was that for you to figure out?" by then he had me hooked. I couldn't stop thinking about him. All I could think was 'cone don't say anything that you would regret.' When I got out of science Steve stood by the door. "'s science?" "Fine I sit next to this guy Deryck. I think I might like him." "CONE! You can't be falling for that douche can you??" "Steve I'm sorry but I'm not sure." Steve nuged my sholder "I mean I don't care its just that I've never seen you fall for someone that fast. " I blushed a bit. It got closer to the end of the day and I was sitting in study hall. Everyone had their laptops up and on. I sat next to Steve. We both sat there IM eachother. I had gotten a new friend request. 'AllKillerNoFiller'? I IMed steve. 'Steve how's AllKillerNoFiller?' 'Idk check him out' I accepted.
AllKillerNoFiller: Hey
UnderClassHero: umm..hi do I know you
AllKillerNoFiller: Well your profile said you went to this school
UnderClassHero: Oh yeah so how has school been so far meet anyone?
AllKillerNoFiller:Yeah this kid named Cone I was such a jerk to him
I knew right then it was Deryck
UnderClassHero:Did you say anything to him?
AllKillerNoFiller:Yeah really jerk-ish stuff
UnderClassHero:Why do you feel so bad?
AllKillerNoFiller:Well he seems cool and he's pretty cute for a guy
UnderClassHero:You should talk to him get to know him. Maybe ask him out. I don't think he would mind.
AllKillerNoFiller: Well do you?
UnderClassHero: What about that cone kid?
AllKillerNoFiller: I know its you cone? Do you want to? I'm fine if you don't
UnderClassHero: Ummm.....I'll go out with you
I tapped Steve on the sholder "read this"
AllKillerNoFiller:how's 7:00
UnderClassHero: Sure!
AllKillerNoFiller : Hey I'm sorry about every thing I said.
UnderClassHero: Don't be!
AllKillerNoFiller: smiles thanks well I've got to go see you tonight Cone
UnderClassHero: See you tonight Deryck

"Well maybe he isn't a douche after all." "Maybe not." I just sat there smiling. He likes me! I'm not just falling for random guys! He likes me!
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