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Part 3:

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Date: 111007, 310108
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 never belonged to me and never will. sighs


Part 3:

"Ranma, why are you walking on the fence?" the middle Tendo sister asked as they started out the journey to Furinkan High School..

Behind him, a couple of his 'mechanical followers' appeared to be doing the same, doing the 'slow walk' that reminded Nabiki very much of Michael Jackson's Moon Walk except that it was done on the fence rather than on the ground.

"Balance practice," the Jusenkyo-cursed martial artist replied, nonchalantly, her feet moving at an even pace without breaking stride.

"I hate boys! I HATE BOYS!! I HATE BOYS!!!" the ponytailed girl raised an eyebrow at the sudden outburst from the youngest Tendo sister before looking at the middle Tendo sister for an explanation.

"It's like this. During the beginning of the school year, Kuno made an announcement that whosoever wished to date my sister had to defeat her in mortal combat. To do otherwise would be to dishonour her beauty and prowess in battle," the middle Tendo sister explained.

"I see. Thought that only happened in China," the ponytailed girl answered, her eyes focused on what was ahead.

"China?" Nabiki repeated.

Nabiki was about to say more when she discovered that the ponytailed girl had already left her behind in the dust. So were his two 'mechanical guards'.

"Wait for me!" she shouted before breaking into a sprint after her 'treasure trove'.


Ranma studied the scene around him with disdain before going off to class. Despite having never been to this school before, it took her only a second to figure out the location of her classroom, thanks to her vast information network of 'selves' that continued to build more of themselves from day to day. As they increased in number, so did the information she received. Which became more accurate and detailed as time passed.

"HALT! WHAT IS THIS HEAVENLY BEAUTY THAT GRACE MY-?" a voice called from the side.

Taking a quick glance through his present 'little selves', Ranma saw the person straight away even without having to turn around.

A boy in a samurai kendo garb and a bokken in his hands had stepped out from behind the crowd. All manner of scans from scientific to spiritual washed over the boy unnoticed.

Finally, the results came back ...


The ponytailed girl ignored him and headed to class.

"HALT! HAVE I NOT TOLD YOU MY NAME YET???" the bokken wielding boy shouted as he turned to run after Ranma.

Just before, he could reach Ranma, however, two mechanical contraptions on four legs blocked his path.

"WHO DARES BLOCK MY DIVINE PATH TO TRUE LOVE?" he shouted as he tried to step over the four-legged mechanical contraption, only to land on the ground in a heap.

A crowd began to grow as they watched the coming confrontation between Kuno and the small mini-sized drones.

"Hey ... aren't those things, the robots that were reported on the 24 hours news network for the past few days?" a voice belonging to one of Nabiki's informants asked.

"WHAT MANNER OF SORCERY IS THIS?" the bokken-wielding boy shouted in anger at the four-legged 'obstacles' to his love.

"This is new." Nabiki mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Akane asked.

"Kuno's trying to pick a fight with a one-foot-tall robot ..." Nabiki commented.


"Is it just me or is Kuno trying to talk to a machine? I knew he had a screw loose somewhere but ... this is something else ..." a voice from the student body asked.

"Not only that, he's trying to impress it with his usual speech," a second voice answered.


"At this rate, he will probably talk it to death. Come on Akane, we had better get to class before the bell rings."

"NOW … GET OUT OF MY - ..."

"Hey, look! Kuno's trying to get them out of his way ..." Akane answered as she watched the growing confrontation with interest.

"Come on, let's go. At this rate, they'll never get to it, sis," Nabiki asked as she held her sister's hand.


"I wonder if Kuno realises that the robot might not understand what he's saying at all?" asked one voice from the crowd.

"I doubt that Kuno even knows that he's talking to a robot at all," a second voice answered.


Just then the bell rang, all the students dispersed and quickly ran back to their classes with the probable exception of a certain Kendo man.

Three hours later ...

"Lunch time ... "

"Hey look! They're still going at it!" Sayuri answered as she looked at the kendo champion of the school squaring of against the four-legged mechanical contraptions.


"There's more of them now."

It was true. There were twenty more of them now surrounding the Kendo Champion from all sides.


Kuno probably did not know what he was getting into.


"Ranma ... what are they doing?" Nabiki asked as she spied the ponytailed girl stepping out of the classroom.


"Keeping Kuno occupied," the ponytailed girl replied as she turned towards the middle Tendo sister.


"Among other things," she added.


“What do you mean?” the middle Tendo sister asked, curiousity evident in her voice.

“They’re having a little wager as to when Kuno’s going to attack …” she answered.

“Huh?” Nabiki asked in disbelief.


"Guess what ... Unit One Hundred and Twenty-Two won the bet."


The strikes began ... to be easily dodged by his one-foot tall opponents. Then, one of them got under Kuno's legs ... and he found himself on the ground.

"Would you look at that? Kuno's fallen flat on his face!" a student commented.

It was true. The Blue Thunder was on the ground, breathless. But then ... his face turned crimson upon setting his sights on his opponents doing a little victory march in front of him.

"VILE SORCEROUS MISCREANTS! I SHALL SMITE THEE FROM THE EARTH!" he roared as he seized his bokken and slashed at them with all his might ... only to find out that hitting small-sized targets were a lot more difficult than hitting large-sized targets.

"STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!" he shouted and then for the first time, the ponytailed girl turned to look in his direction.

"That's interesting. He used the air waves to damage the target," she commented.

The infuriated upperclassman continued to strike in fury at his mini-sized opponents before finally coming to a stop ... to catch his breath.

"Not bad. He's still standing after ten minutes of doing that technique," the ponytailed girl said.

One of the tiny mechanical drones stepped forward and gave him a slight push. The upperclassman toppled to the ground in a heap.

"On sheer willpower ..." the middle Tendo sister replied.

"I F-" he gave voice to what he wanted to say but the words had difficulty coming out due to what his mini-sized opponents were doing to him.

"Hey look, they're using Kuno as a carpet," a voice from the crowd commented.

It was true. They were walking all over him. One of them had even scribbled something onto his forehead.

"-F-I-G-H-T O-N!!!" he answered before losing consciouness.

And there went round one.

Mini Drones - one. Kendo Man - zero.


Meanwhile ... at the same time ... from the top of a skyscraper ...

A man lifted a spyglass from his eyes after watching the scene with interest.

"Now, do you believe me?" he asked as handed the spyglass to his companion.

"I do," the second man answered as his eyes focused on the image in the spyglass.

"The Director would be pleased to learn that the second key to the Calypso Program has finally been found," he commented.


Somewhere in China …

Cologne ran as fast she could through the dense underground foliage. Even she was not certain as to how she had escaped or whether she had even escaped her one-foot tall pursuers at all. Her first thought was to run to the Musk and the Phoenix, to try to warn them of the threat. It palled on her to have to ask for help from her former enemies in this way but she had no choice. Those accursed demon-spawned bugs were too much for the Amazons to handle alone.

If only she had the power ...

Do you desire the power? a voice seemed to say to her.

Who wouldn't? Cologne grumbled to herself.

Then come ... to me. The picture of a place that she had never seen before suddenly appeared in her mind.

Huh? Who are you? What do you want? the Amazon Matriach asked ... wary in an instant as she suddenly realised that she was not dreaming and thinking to herself while running through the dense undergrowth.

I am the Peacemaker. The same voice seemed to say in her mind.

If you desire victory for the Amazons, then come to me. It called out.

But my pursuers ... the Amazon Matriarch stammered.

Fear not ... they will not find you. Will you come to me? It asked again.

The Amazon Matriarch weighed her options carefully. There really was not much of a choice at all. Even if she was able to get the support of the Musk and the Phoenix ... and that was a big 'if' ... she was doubtful that they would be able to overcome this threat. Coming to a decision ... she finally gave her answer.

I will.

Then ... right before the eyes of her hidden pursuers, a series of coloured metallic rings appeared around her. A shimmering light emanated from the center of the rings ... and in a split second ... the coloured metallic rings were gone, taking the Amazon Matriarch with them. At the same time ... all Amazons from the village, hunkering down in their 'foxholes' to weather the onslaught of their tiny mechanical foes disappeared in the same mysterious manner.


To all my fanfic readers and reviewers … I wish to thank you for all your support, suggestions and most of all your deeply-appreciated reviews without which this fanfic would have probably died out. If I had not responded much to your writings … forgive me … I have been very busy of late and things kept cropping up left and right without ending. To all those who wish to see Ranma put in an appearance … sorry about this. I know that the Nerima Wrecking Crew have not appeared much in this chapter but you will see them later … I promise. After all what’s a Ranma fanfic without the chaos of the NWC in it?

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