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Author: 117 also known as Teflon ...
Disclaimer: Pokegirls and all its concepts do not belong to me!



That which is not dead can eternal lie ...

And with strange eons even death may die ...





Deep at the bottom of the ocean ... where light does not penetrate and nothing but sand abounds ... a lone figure drags itself across the ocean floor ... From time to time, it would scoop up sand in its hand, only to shove it deep into its mouth.

Oh ... it was so weak that it was barely alive ... it had come so very close to death ... but somehow, miraculously, it had survived. Currently ... it was still weak, barely conscious ... weighed down by its near fatal wounds ... a grim testimony of having waged some massive battle in the distant past.

Past ... yes ... how long ago was that? And who was it? It tried to find a name but it disappeared as quickly as the sand that left its hand. Visions of the past swam before its eyes briefly before disappearing again.

Its identity appeared to be beyond its reach ... for now. Still that was of secondary concern to it ... it would have to recover first. And recover it would.

And when it did ... it would resume its primary objective ... DESTROY!

A bright light caught its attention ... Light ... in the darkness? Suddenly ... without warning ... the light headed towards it? It was easily the ugliest creature ... the figure had ever seen ... rows of teeth decorating a large oversized mouth.

In normal circumstances ... this figure would not have even spared the creature a glance ... its power and strength more than a match for such a creature. However ... it was now weak ... barely able to stand, much less able to move.

The figure glared hatefully at the predator swimming around it. It would not fall to this ... THIS ... PATHETIC CREATURE! It had endured too much to die at this moment ... it would ... a tingling sensation rushed through its body ... breathing new life ... then new strength into its body ... and then it came in a rush ... old wounds ... closed up ... and wings sprouted from its back ... as it rose to its feet.

Shocked by the sudden burst of light ... the creature retreated momentarily before fleeing altogether. The figure stood steadily on its feet, stretched its limbs, testing its strength and movements ... and with a single leap ... rose rapidly through the water ... its wings propelling it swiftly through the darkness of the water.


Off the coast of Algeria ...

"Alex ... Hurry up! I see a few boats headed our way!" a woman shouted.

"Boats?!" the man answered as he lifted himself quickly out of the water.

Without wasting anymore time, he drew a pair of binoculars to his eyes. From there ... he could see heavily armed men with strips of cloths wrapped round their faces. A feeling of worry creased his eye brows. Still it would not do to give way to flight so quickly and easily ...

"Alright ... just remain calm and cool. Most likely they won't kill us if we don't put up a fight or try to flee," the diver answered.

"Who's they?"

"I don't know," came the grim reply.

They did not have to wait long. The boats drew up alongside them and more than twenty-armed men with black scarves wrapped round their faces stepped out of it. One man who appeared to be the leader barked an order in Arabic towards the other men. Two of the men armed with Uzis and AK-47s came forward and forced Alex to his knees.

Finally one of them shouted in broken English.

"You ... American! Come with us! Sheik Hassan wants you! "

"I am not American! I am South African!" Alex shouted.

The first man turned towards the commander and shouted something in Arabic. The commander ... in black robes simply shook his head in disgust before gesturing with his right hand.

"Sheik Hassan no cares who you are! You ... and your friends come now!" the man shouted, once again in broken English.

'Great! They want hostages!' Alex thought as he saw five off the masked men taking off with his yacht.

Rita was being led off by two of the masked men while Jax was carried off by one man, courtesy of a knockout blow to his head from the carbine bore of a shotgun.

It was no use trying to escape. There were too many men armed with semi-automatics and fully automated weapons to even consider that option viable.

Then ... he saw it.

A figure rising smoothly out of the water. First the head ... then the neck ... then the chest ... The water dripping off the bosom ... and the censored ... Alex drew in his breath at the sight of the figure (what normal man wouldn't?). It appeared to be that of a woman except that she was painted purple with white patches or stripes dotting different parts of her body giving her an exotic look ... what was more, she was naked. A pair of wings and a curled up tail that swung from side to side jutted out from her back completing the picture.

For one moment, he thought that he was dreaming ... until he realised that everyone had gone silent around him.

They too ... seemed transfixed by the naked figure before them who moved with the silent grace of a predator as she marched up towards them with steady steps ... seemingly uncaring about the presence people around her. It was as if a goddess had decided to take a stroll along the beach and deemed all those around her, beneath her notice.

Finally, one of the masked men summoned up the courage to stop her ... only to be sent flying more than a hundred yards into the air with a single blow from her fist. The masked man struck the boat, anchored to shore and did not get up again. Pandemonium broke out as all the men opened fire with their weapons. That was their first and last mistake they ever did. The naked woman simply tore through them with the ferocity of a tornado, cutting them down faster than wheat, that not even their bodies remained.

Alex who had witnessed the horror before him simply slipped into unsconsciousness as a limb (... was that a foot?) fell on top of his head.


Darkness turned to light.

Alex opened his eyes to find himself in a large cave. A beam of sunlight shone in, lighting up what would otherwise have been a completely dark cave.

'How did I get here?' He wondered. 'And where's Rita?'

It had seemed so surreal. First, he was out diving with his sister, Rita, and then those pirates attacked. They were taking his sister and him as prisoners, no doubt to be used as bargaining chips with the authorities.

Then she had appeared.

The strange woman with wings and painted skin. Alex pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

It had to be a dream. Angels did not have purple skin ... or a tail for that matter. The sound of beating wings caught his attention, disturbing him out of his reverie. And there stood the woman of his 'dreams'. She was exactly as he remembered ... purple skin with splotches of white or pink over certain sections of her body ... and her chest ... err ... bosom ... with nipples jutting out proudly in his face ... not to mention ... her must not look area was hairless down there too. She stepped up to him, her body swaying sultrily as she did so.

Despite his fear and trepidation, a certain section of his anatomy was making itself known ... standing up to full attention. This was getting very embarassing ... Alex thought as he realised for the first time that he was naked. Alex tried to hide his erection ... all in vain ... the woman simply glided straight to his hard on, her hand grasping it before lowering her face to it. Her lips showered it with kisses while her tongue carressed it gently ... before moving elsewhere. Then she lifted herself up and lowered herself upon him ... impaling herself upon his manhood.

'What's she trying to do? It's like she wants me to screw her or something.' he thought.

As if reading his mind, the woman spoke,"You will tame me ... yes ... properly ... ahh .... and ... moans ... I ... yes ... will ... groans ... kill ... moans ... you ... ahh ... last," as she thrusted herself upon him.

Alex's eyes widened when he caught sight of her hands (or were those claws?) gripping the rocks around her ... grinding them into dust. Finally ... after a few minutes ... she came heavily and dropped to the ground beside him. They both stared at each other in silence. Neither speaking for a few minutes.

Finally Alex decided to break up the silence.

"You don't mind me asking ... but don't you have something to eat?" he asked politely.

Now ... normally Alex would not ask a person for food, much less a stranger ... but this was far from a normal situation. That being said person was most likely not human certainly added to it. And from the looks of the broken pieces of rocks by the side ... it would just be outright foolish, not to mention suicidal to anger somebody with the strength to grind those things into dust.

As if in reply ... the purple-skinned woman tossed something at him. Out of reflex, Alex caught it ... only to let it go as quickly possible. The thing dropped to the ground without a sound ... blood spilling out of it.

"Go ahead. Eat it. It's still fresh. I got it this morning," the woman implored with her hand..

"No thanks. I pass ...," Alex declined politely at the sight of the ... whose leg was that? And tried to avoid staring in fear at her blood-smeared lips.

A few minutes later ...

Alex clambered up the sides of the cave as quickly as he could to escape the jaws of a large crocodile that snapped repeatedly at his heels.

"Help me!" he cried in desperation when, suddenly, there was a whoosh of air ... followed by a splattering sound as said creature struck the wall with tremendous force with a thigh bone stuck through its chest.

"No thanks but I don't think I can eat this!" Alex shouted out quickly.

Then later ...

"Yikes!" a voice shouted out from the cave as a man pursued by a large elephant ran outside only to fall off the edge ... into the arms of a purple-skinned woman with wings.

"I don't think I can eat that as well," the man answered ... to his chagrin.

Still later ...

"No thanks on this one! I pass! " Alex shouted as he ran out of the cave eager to escape the evil foul-smelling beast ... that was the bane of Africa's largest predators. A small black-furred mammal with white stripes on its back strode imperiously from the cave before turning around to re-enter it.

"If you could get me some cheeseburgers ... or pizzas ... or nachos ... or chow mien ... or teriyaki ... now that would be nice ..." the man answered.

Alex took up a newspaper clipping displaying the food items.

"And where is this place?" the woman asked, her expression unreadable.

"Cairo ... Egypt ... the place where there are many pyramids ... Ask anyone down there ... they'll tell you if you don't know where it is," Alex answered, trying his best to be helpful.

Taking the newspaper clipping in her hands, she leaped into the sky, her wings outstretched as it caught the wind currents.

"Do not wander! I'll be back!" her voice echoed through the winds ...

Not long after the strange woman had departed, a sudden thought occured to Alex. Just how was she going to pay for all the food items? She didn't have any money ... and he hadn't given her any. Oh well ... hopefully she wouldn't get into too much trouble with the police or the local law enforcement agency.

Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance ...


Location: Grand Continental Hotel
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Time: 0800 hours

Thung! A sudden lurch threw everyone of their feet. What was that? The various visitors and people passing through the air stared in silence at the figure before them. It was as if time itself had come to a standstill at the figure's appearance. Cars stopped moving. Drivers stopped honking. And pedestrians stopped walking. They could not help it. And no one could blame them for it. It wasn't everyday that you got to see a naked woman with purple skin, wings and a tail standing in front of you ... after all.

The woman looked around her, seemingly oblivious to the stares being directed at her before walking towards the hotel.

Finally a small voice broke the silence.

"Is she an angel? My Bible teacher said that angels have wings," said another child, this time a little girl.

There was no answer.

"Mummy ... why is the purple woman not wearing any clothes?" a little boy asked.

That got a response. Quickly ... the woman drew the little boy away from the sight before him.

"Mummy ... why are you covering my eyes?" the little boy asked again.

"I'll tell you when we get home," the woman answered.

"I think she's an ET," another voice added.

It was a boy this time. Ten years older than either of the two little children.

"ET? You mean she's an alien?" the little girl asked excitedly.

"I think so. I mean ... have you ever heard of an angel with purple skin and a tail before?" the older boy pointed out.

"It's just that ... I haven't seen one so ..." the boy got flustered.

"So sexy before?" a man laughed.

"Watch your language ... Jim! We have children around! People these days ...," the woman swore when suddenly sirens were heard in the distance.

Much to their disbelief, heavily armed police personnel with hailers swarmed out of their vehicles towards the people in the surroundings.

"All of you must come with us immediately! This is for your own safety!" a policeman in heavy armour gestured towards the empty buses that had driven up behind them.

"What is going on?" an old lady asked.

"Grandmother ... there is no time to explain! The airforce will be here in a few minutes. We must clear out everyone by then!" the police commander answered.

"The airforce?!!! What???!!!" she asked.

But the Egyptian policemen were already directing the crowd to move into the buses.

"Inside quickly!" the heavily armed police gestured to the empty buses.

"Move!" said another.

"Keep the line moving!"

As the buses turned to leave with all the reluctant passengers who were curious to know as to what was going on ...

"We have to leave now! They're here!" the field commander shouted to the bus drivers.

Three fighter jets appeared over the horizon and released a payload of missiles ... right into the hotel!

The towering structure collapsed in a fiery burst of explosions that rocked the surroundings to its very foundations!

And then a ripple-like wave of energy erupted from the downed skyscraper ... as the entire structure was thrown outwards from the epicenter of the blast showering the surroundings with shrapnel and fragments.

The surrounding structures collapsed ... severely damaged by the flying shrapnel and fragments. After a while, the debris died down to reveal ...

... a lone figure walking out ... A familiar purple figure with wings ... and a tail ...


The image froze.

"Magnify image!" a male voice ordered.

The camera zoomed in on the figure.

"No visible wounds or signs of injuries," the same voice commented.

"The target did not sustain any damage from the explosions or flying shrapnel," another voice concluded.

"Or had an incredible healing rate," a third voice proposed.

"That too ..." the first voice agreed.

"Who are you people?" a female voice asked.

"We really don't have a name ... but we have operatives, members and contacts in every government branch, organisation and financial institution all over the world," the male voice answered sinisterly.

"The Illuminati ..." the woman whispered in fear.

"No my dear Rita. Though many have referred to us as such. What you saw was what happened prior to the destruction of the city of Cairo in Egypt. We believed that you know something about this woman or extra-terrestrial," the man answered.

"Cairo was destroyed?" the woman asked in disbelief.

"Yes ... in addition to the Suez Canal," the man answered gravely.

"The Suez Canal???!!!" she echoed.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, this action is going to have a serious impact on the world economy. If it hasn't already ..." he added.

"That is why we must know everything about this person or entity as you might put it - human or alien is irrelevant. There are no records of her anywhere prior to this incident in our entire database. What you know might prove valuable in saving innocent lives," the second man explained.

"But I've already told you everything I know ..." the woman protested.

"Yes ... but we could not find your brother. We believe that you might know where he is," the second man spoke again.

"Rita, we want to help you. But unless you tell us everything you know ... we wouldn't be able to help you. Not to mention ... countless lives would be hanging in the balance," the third man answered.

"Just think about it ... How much is the life of an innocent child worth?" the first man continued.

"I really don't know! I''ve already told you everything I know! I swear it's the truth!" the woman began to shriek hysterically.


"The American people stand united with the people of Egypt on the recent tragedy suffered by its people at the hands of the heartless beast ..."

"The Egyptian ambassador is due to present a petition to the Security Council in regards to the threat posed by the creature. The petition is also expected to contain a request for aid in helping the surviving refugees and the possible reconstruction of Cairo and the Suez Canal in the near future. Also expected to appear are the Libyan, Algerian, Sudanese and Moroccan ambassadors whose countries have likewise been terrorised by the creature ..."

"Still, recent footage of the land, air and sea battles against the creature has revealed startling things about it the likes of which have never been seen or documented before in any other lifeform. Not only is it inhumanly fast, tough and strong but it is capable of creating energy shields and throwing energy blasts that can rip apart a combat tank like tin foil ..."

"The combined death toll from the creature's battles with the Algerian, Libyan, Moroccan, Sudanese and Egyptian military forces have yet to be released but it is expected to be in the tens of thousands ..."

"Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield has mentioned that all options are on the table with regards to ways of dealing with this menace. They include but are not limited to ...

a. the use of SMART bombs and missiles launched from air bases in Italy and Turkey.
b. the use of UCAVs to find and engage the creature.
c. the use of the revolutionary ABL (Airborne Laser) System.
d. the use of the newly constructed ion cannon in space.
e. the use of chemical and biological weapons.
f. last but not least - the use of atomics ... as a last resort, of course.

So you're condoning the use of atomics, chemical and biological weapons against one person?"
"Desperate times require desperate and difficult actions. We may not like it but sometimes fate does not leave us with a good hand."
"Is that the official stand of the Bush Administration?"
"It is."
"What about the civillian casualties that may result from the use of weapons of mass destruction?"
"We will try to minimize civillian casualties as much as we can but the American Government cannot save everybody. Thank you."
"And that's all from the Secretary of Defense. Thank you, Mr. Donald Rumsfield."
"You're welcome."

"And now from some of our strategic experts ... to defeat your enemy ... you must know your enemy ... So ... today we have invited a guest speaker from Mainland China known as Mr. Chia to speak on that issue. He is an military expert and a practitioner of Sun Tzu's Art of War ..."

"To defeat this creature ... one must understand what this creature is ..."

"So the first question ... who or what is this creature?"

"The creature appears to be female with feline characteristeris as can be seen from its claw-like hands and paw-like feet. Its legs are bent inwards like the hindquarters of a cat permitting the creature to move about easily on fours as on twos ... The presence of appendages such as wings and a tail lend credence to the idea that this is an animal we are dealing with rather than a separate brach of the human species as we originally thought ..."

"There have been many theories and suggestions about its nature and true origin ... some more intriguing than others ... whatever the case ... here are some of them ...

"A palentologist known as Dr. Daniel Jackson has this to say after studying the creature's physical appearance ... I believe this creature to be a more advanced lifeform ... living proof of Darwin's Theory of Evolution taken to an extreme ..."

Flip ...

"The Paranoid Times ... You know what I think ... If you are looking for proof, than look no further! This is indeed evidence that the military has been conducting secret experiments prior to the Cold War ... This creature is a genetically engineered lifeform that got out of control and escaped from its design pod at a top-secret research facility in the Nevada desert ... The public must be made aware as to what the military's been doing right under their noses ..."

Flip ...

"A UFO expert believes that this creature is an extra-terrestial that was trapped beneath the earth for some time beofre it was finally able to free itself after the recent undersea quake that hit the North African coastline ..."

"Are you sure?"

"There is no other logical explanation for it. I mean have you seen anyone or any creature with the ability to create energy shields and throw energy blasts like some sci-fi reject from Hollywood? Earth doesn't have the capacity to do so ... so that leaves only one other explanation that makes sense. This is a member of an advanced alien race! Think about it!"

"Thank you Mr. Mulder."

"You're welcome."

"And finally here's a word from the Christian Coalition ... What's this creature? Don't make me laugh! This creature is none other than the living incarnation of the Whore of Babylon. Just look at the way she struts around naked as though inviting everyone to come and have a go at her! It's scandalous I tell you! Repent and be baptised for the wrath of God is upon all nations!"

"Thank you Mr. Ralph Reed. Now back on to the show ..."

The man turned to face the woman sitting in her chair.

"That is why we need your help badly. There is also one other thing that you should know. We believe that your brother Alex has been taken by the creature. As to what purpose, we can only imagine the worst ..." the man explained.

"Alex??? No!!!" Rita cried.

Back at the cave ...

A man was busy trying to get his wireless phone to work ...

'Damn! If only I could reach somebody!' Alex thought desperately.

Suddenly ... he heard the sound of wings beating the air not far from the cave entrance.

'Shit! She's here already!' he thought in fear of discovery.

Quickly he put the phone away. And just in time too ... as he saw the familiar form of a purple- skinned woman stepping into the cave with ...

"Thank you! You're a lifesaver! I'm starving! You didn't have any problems with the police ... did you?" he asked as she tossed the bag of provisions to him.

She remained silent ... watching his actions. Thinking that something might have gone wrong, Alex unconsciously took a step back when she pounced on him, knocking him to the ground. Quickly, her hands removed his makeshift clothes and ...

"Again?!!" Alex exclaimed as the strange woman molded her body gently against his, her chest pressing into his face ...

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