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Part 1:

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Update: 030107
Disclaimer: Pokegirls and their concepts do not belong to me. sighs


Part 1:

Location : The Ruby League ...
Time : 2030 hrs ...
Date : 25.12..23 ...

There were a group of men surrounding what appeared to be a young man with a beautiful girl hanging next to him.

"Alright! Here's the law! Pay the toll or turn away!" the biggest and meanest-looking member of the group ordered.

"You're all robbers! You know I can't pay that much money!" the young man protested.

"Well ... hear that boys! He can't pay the toll! So what should we do with him?" the same person asked.

"Let's feed him to the Titacruels, boss! I hear they could do well with a free meal at this time of the year!" suggested one person.

The young man shivered. Behind him, the beautiful girl did the same. The entire group laughed at the couple's predicament.

"I know. How about we give him to the Buzzbreasts over the hills? I hear they're lonely for some male company ..." another person sneered.

"They'll take him and have their licked his lips way with him ... and after that ... once he's worn out ... he'll serve another purpose. Dinner!" the next person mocked.

The poor fellow shivered even more at that. So did the girl.

"You can't do this! I'll tell Officer Jenny about this and you'll all get into big trouble!" the poor man shrieked.

"Is that so? Then we had better make sure that she doesn't, right boys? They say dead men tell no tales. Shall we see how true that statement is?" the biggest member of the group asked again.


As one ... everyone turned their heads in the direction of the footsteps to see ... a beautiful woman with light pink coloured skin with black stripes approaching. Her tail curled like a serpent as it swung from side to side to match her moving legs which resembled those of a cat. Her nails were kept hidden from view though at a moments' notice, she could unsheathe them at will.

All in all, she made for a beautiful Tigress ... though her colours of pink and black seemed somewhat ... off. And the way she moved as she stepped forward fearlessly to meet them made her seemed like royalty or a person in charge.

"Who's that?" the biggest member of the group asked.

"A Catgirl. Most likely a feral one, Boss," said the fourth member of the group.

"She looks more like a Tigress to me," another person added.

"I still think she's a Catgirl," the fourth member of the group insisted.

"Tigress ..." the other person countered.







"Panthress," somebody muttered.

His two companions glared at him.

"Sorry," he said. "Just a suggestion."

The two gangmembers resumed their argument.

"That's enough you two! Boris check her out with the pokedex," the biggest fellow of the group snarled.

"Yes ... boss," the member called Boris answered as he pulled out his pokedex and pointed it at her.

*This is not a known pokegirl. More information is needed ...*

"Not a known pokegirl? The pokedex must be damaged ... Let me try again ..." the same person answered.

*This is not a known pokegirl. More information is needed ...*

"Let me try mine ... I have the upgraded version ..." the person next to him added.

*Searching entire pokegirl database ... Search complete ... Match not found. Initiate scan ... *

Scan results: Inconclusive ... Possible System Error ...*

"Whatever ... well she's mine! She'll get me all the badges and pokegirls I've always wanted!" the group leader shouted, clearly delirious with the thought of acquiring such a powerful pokegirl that would win him an unlimited number of pokegirl battles.

"Boss ... there's something you should know. If she's as powerful as you say, how are you going to get her then? I think she's more powerful than any of the pokegirls that we have," the smallest fellow of the group pointed out.

"Then, let's take her down as a group! Everyone pokegirls out now!" the group leader commanded.

Within a couple seconds, twenty pokegirls of various colours and sizes appeared on the scene. The young man and his girl whom the group were picking on earlier ... had already left ... making good use of the gang members' distraction by the unexpected appearance of the new arrival.

The woman in front of them simply watched their antics and their pokegirls with an unreadable expression on her face before asking, "Do you fear death?"

The whole group, not comprehending the danger, laughed at her strange question.

And with that ... came the signal to attack.


A few minutes later ...

"Ahh ... And now Mr. Chekov, do you fear death?" the voice purred at the figure lying on the ground.

The man on the ground whimpered before spitting out blood. He had suffered grevious injuries though none of the wounds he had taken were enough to kill him as of yet.

"They're all dead! DEAD! My friends ... and pokegirls!" he cried out, his voice hoarse from the screaming that he had been doing.

"You see Mr. Chekov ... Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Some are destined to experience just one side of the coin while others are destined to experienced both sides of the same coin. Your friends and companions were the lucky few who did ..." the beautiful woman continued.

"You didn't have to kill all of them!" the man coughed ... drowning in his blood.

"Dying is a transition ... a rite of passage from one state to another. Who am I to deny them their right to experience death?" the woman asked.

"You're ... MAD!" the wounded man shouted with all his strength.

"Mad is an adjective ... a description ... all adjectives are subject to a frame of reference. In short, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And you still haven't answered my question ..." the woman pouted.

"You ... insane ... poke ... girl! All that ... coughs blood ... power ... you could rule ... coughs blood the ... world ... no ... one ... to ... help ... use ... the ... power ... coughs blood ... You ... don't ... have ... the ... wis... dom ..." the man struggled with each word.

"Power and wisdom does not make a god. It would be a shame if you died without understanding your pitiful state of existence. Perhaps ... yes ... I will share with you my greatest gift ... Hmmm ....You remind me so much of him ... my love ..." the woman bent down towards him and carressed his head lovingly.

"What are you doing?" the wounded man asked ... a chill crept up his spine.

The woman drew level with his face, as she lifted him up ... into her arms.

"My experience with life and death ... my memories of the Dark ... my ... precious ... one ..." she whispered.

And kissed him on the lips ... her eyes boring into his eyes ... and then he ... understood. Tears pooled in his eyes ...

"She was so beautiful ... she ... her beauty ... her knowledge and understanding ... her power ... like nothing I've ever seen ..." he spoke ... mesmerised as tears streamed down his eyes.

"She killed all of them ... " the man added, beginning to sob.

Something rested on his shoulder ... but he shook it off.

The man stopped speaking.

There was silence ... and then he broke it ... singing softly in a low whisper.

"I ... love ... you ... you ... love ... me ... we're ... a ... happy family ..."

He stopped and the softly-spoken words changed to giggles.

"Ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ... "

That grew louder ...


Before erupting into full-blown laughter.



"Mr. Chekov ... calm down!" the Nurse Joy on duty tried to hold the laughing man back as he jumped up and down repeatedly.

"Hannah! ... sedate him!" a voice ordered.

"I'm sorry, Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. That's why I completely discourage talking about the past with him. He's been that way ever since he got here," the Nurse Joy on duty answered as she did so.

Finally ... the patient calmed down and fell asleep.

"Guess he's no help. What about his belongings? Or the things recovered from the crime scene?" the female Agent asked.

An Officer Jenny stepped forward with a sack of items ... The two agents carefully opened the sack up on the table and saw a bunch of pokeballs and three pokedexes.

"I'm afraid that's all we have ... All the pokeballs are empty ... now that their hosts are all dead ... " the Officer Jenny spoke.

Mulder picked up the pokeballs and examined them carefully. His partner Scully picked up the pokedexes.

"The pokedexes ... Let's see what's inside ... " Scully commented.

Carefully she reviewed the entries for that date through all three pokedexes. Her eyes widened slightly at what she saw ...

"So what pokegirl moves as fast as a Widow, has better reflexes than a Dash and has more strength than a Giantess on their best day?" the female Agent asked, without turning to her fellow Agent.

"I give up. What is it, Scully?" the male Tamer Agent asked.

"Well, I don't know either but whatever it is, the answer is right here ..." the female Agent answered as she pointed the entry on the pokedex.

Both the Tamer Agent and the Officer Jenny drew closer to look at the entry on the pokedex. It read ...

Name: ???
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dark/???
Frequency: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Role: Unknown
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Dark, Psychic, Normal, Steel, Rock, Ghost
Weak Vs: None ... ??? System Error ...
Attacks: Growl, Slash, Bite, Scratch, Kick, Pummel, Dodge, Fury Swipes, Tail Slap, Counter, Pose, Stone Palm, Backhand, Resist, Gatling Kick, Gatling Punch, Chi Blast, Hurricane Kick, Quick Attack, Leg Sweep, Sabre Claw, Headbutt, Mirror, Nightshade, Energy Drain, Chi Barrage ...
Enhancements: Enhanced Reflexes (x15), Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Strength (x45), Endurance, Chi Aura ...
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Unknown

Scan results: Inconclusive ... Possible System Error ...*

"Any pictures? That would help a lot ..." Mulder asked.

A shadow of a picture appeared on the screen.

"Hmm ... there is one but it's not very good ... We'll have to use the image enhancer for this ..." his partner answered as she attached a strange devide to the pokedex.

Fields agents like Dana and Fox carried image enhancers on their pokedexes as part of their job but the devices were not common issue to the general public ... not yet at any rate ...

"Done! Now let's see who our resident pokegirl is ..." she smiled.

The device attached to the pokedex blinked a blue light as it did its work ... and then the blurred image on the pokedex began to sharpen into focus. It did so ... slowly in varying degrees ... until finally ... the figure of pokegirl appeared clearly on the screen ... one they had never seen before. She looked feline with light pink skin and black stripes covering certain sections of her body. Her tail curled like a serpent, poised to strike. All in all she looked ... beautiful, Mulder thought as his hand brought out his pokedex.

Instinctively he checked his pokedex for this entry but found nothing.

"Guess ... we should update our pokedex," the field agent commented.

"Not in your pokedex? Let me check mine ... Guess I'll have to update mine as well ..." the female Agent replied.

The search entry came up negative.

"Not here too. How about yours Gina?" she asked the Officer Jenny on duty.

"Not here either," she replied as pulled out her own pokedex..

"Have you tried checking the League's database? It's really comprehensive and is updated more rapidly as newer pokegirl breeds are being discovered," the Officer Jenny added.

"Checking ... It's not here too. Hmmm ... Guess it's not updated too ... strange ..." she commented.

"Hmmm ... broken connections ... All three pokedexes have broken connections ... I'll restore their connections ..." Scully answered.

"Not yet ... we'll just update the world wide database through our own pokedexes ... Scullly," the Tamer Agent replied.

"Hmmm????" the female Agent asked.

"Just a feeling ..." the Tamer Agent answered.

The female Agent turned to the entry on her pokedex.

It was gone!

She frowned and updated the entry manually again.

"What's the matter?" her partner asked.

"The entry's gone. Looks like I'll have to enter this again ... manually," the female Agent grumbled beneath her breath.

"Mine's gone too ... and it's locked out the manual function!" the Tamer Agent added.

"What about yours, Gina?" the female Agent turned to the Officer Jenny on duty.

She ran through hers a few times ... her expression turned to one of puzzlement and bewilderment.

She shook her head.

"It's not there too!"

"Something smells ... Whenever a new entry is made, the Leagues are immediately notifed and updates to the database are made worldwide. Yet there is no sign of an entry being made into the database at all despite the fact that we had updated our pokedexes accordingly," the female Agent voiced out her suspicions.

"The other victims' two pokedexes have the same entry in them, they have not been receiving updates .... broken connections ... I see."

"So they're not connected to the worldwide database ... very interesting ..."

"Whatever the case is ... somebody obviously doesn't want news of this to spread."

"To the extent that they're trying to hide this from the public at large. Why though?"

"The killer?"

"Maybe. Maybe not."

"So they deliberately erased records of this new pokegirl from all the Leagues' main database."

"But why? Such an action would warrant a death sentence."

"That's the million-credit question. Why?"

"And who would have the resources to do such a thing?"

The lights began blinking ... in the pokecenter.

"Power failure ... Get down everyone! I ..." a voice shouted through the dim lights.

The roof shook as though something large had just landed on it.

"think ..."

The entire building began shaking as the emergency generators began tripping.

"we're ..."

There was a roaring explosion as the walls blew inwards.

"under ..."

Masked figures in dark uniforms with the words 'T.T.' attached to them entered the room.



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