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Part 14:

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Disclaimer: Ranma and the Nerima Wrecking Crew belong to Rumiko Takahashi while Rifts and Nightspawn belong to Palladium. Babylon 5, Nightspawn and Sailormoon belong to all their creators respectively.
Part 14: Draft
The Shadow Queen turned around and groaned inwardly.
“Hello. Fancy meeting you here … Kasumi?” were all the words she could muster as her eyes fell on the speaker.
‘Curse it! Of all the people … why did it have to be Kasumi? I don’t believe it! She’s powerful … more powerful than Ranma gave her credit for! But that can’t be! She’s not a Dark Wielder! Nor a Senshi! What is she?’
“It’s a small world after all, Ranma. Now I would like to speak with him if you don’t mind,” the elder Tendo sister said with a knowing smile on her face.
The conversation of all the other passengers in the train had ground to a halt as if some important and … rather breathtaking event had just taken place.
‘D***! She knows!’
“It’s going to be awhile. Ranma’s rather tired at the moment. I’m filling in for him,” the Shadow Queen replied quickly.
“Is that so? Then you wouldn’t mind me tagging along to meet him, would you?” the beautiful Tendo sister suggested with her ever-so-sweet and innocent smile …
‘She’s just mocking me! She can’t be that daft!’
“I can’t. Wherever I’m going, its pretty dangerous. Especially for lone housewife-types like you,” the Shadow Queen insinuated hoping that her bluff worked.
‘Come on … come on … ’ the Shadow Queen pleaded inwardly.
“All the more reason why single girls like us should stick closely together, don’t you think?” the Tendo sister countered as she drew closer to the Shadow Queen, her lips almost touching her ear. “After all, there is nothing like true love,” she added in a whisper-like-tone of voice.
The other passengers (especially the men) who had been staring (and drinking in the sight of those oh-so-perfect-beautiful women) drew back subconsciously.
‘This is bad! She loves him!’ The Shadow Queen thought desperately.
“My affair with Ranma is private and I intend to keep it that way,” the Shadow Queen answered as firmly as she could.
Unfazed, the Tendo sister replied, “If you say so. However, I must insist on hearing from him myself.”
“I can’t do that. Do I look like Ranma’s mother to you?” the Shadow Queen asked.
The tension in the air began to tighten as the auras surrounding the two women became visible. The lights in the carriage began to flicker wildly and the screen displays began to blur.
Everyone standing and sitting around the two women started to edge away from them as much as they could in the packed carriage.
Cracks appeared in the glass windows before it erupted in a shower of broken glass. Then darkness … as the lights above them exploded, terrifying all their fellow passengers.
“No, you don’t. But it would be bad for somebody who isn’t Ranma’s mother to keep away his true love from him, right?” the Tendo sister chided.
At this question, all the remaining (including the previously leering male) passengers cleared out from the seats around the two girls in an awful hurry, leaving the usually packed carriage empty.
And as they reached the next destination … the entire subway train. grins
Yes … Kasumi Tendo strikes again! Hallelujah!
Metal spikes rose upwards from the body of the train to wrap around the Tendo sister in a vise-like grip … crushing her and grinding her to dust.
The Shadow Queen felt a sudden ripple behind her and moved swiftly, her lightning-fast reflexes and centuries of constant exposure to danger saving her from a blade of pure energy that sliced through the seat faster than a hot knife through butter. Another ripple from the side and she danced out of range, an aura of fire forming around her in a ten-foot radius, incinerating anything within range on the spot. Paper burnt, plastic melted and the metal bars turned red-hot. Still it did little to slow down much less weaken her deadly foe who was moving faster than she had believed possible.
“You’ve been holding back,” the Shadow Queen concluded before lowering her head to avoid an upward thrust by her swiftly moving opponent.
“So have you,” the Tendo sister answered as she disappeared to avoid the sharp metal spikes that had speared her body … only to reappear behind the Shadow Queen.
The Shadow Queen moved aside quickly to avoid her transparent blade that cut through the metal bar of the train and the row of passenger seats showering both combatants with shrapnel. While moving, Beryl gathered her powers and then she used them to bring down the ceiling of the train on top of Kasumi. A transparent force field appeared … holding the ceiling’s collapse in check as a burst of electrical energy erupted from the Shadow Queen towards the eldest Tendo sister … who disappeared from sight to once again reappear behind the Shadow Queen.
This time Beryl was ready. Blasts of shadow energy rained down onto the eldest Tendo sister who simply brought up a shimmering force field holding all the blasts in place.
“You’re not a Dark Wielder. What are you?” the Shadow Queen asked as a sharp sword with a blade as dark as night appeared in her hand to parry the eldest Tendo sister’s strike who had once again reappeared behind her.
The carriage buckled wildly as both combatants continued to lash out at each other with their weapons and powers. The very air itself crackled and rippled with energy as both their powers continued to smash into each other with little to no effect.
“I am what I am. Now give Ranma back to me! I insist … before I get nasty!” Kasumi ordered, her voice taking on a sterner quality.
Power gathered in her hands and a massive distortion of light formed around them before covering her completely and warping the very air around her, the light growing to blinding intensity …
“Remember … if I die, Ranma dies with me …” The Shadow Queen answered boldly as she did likewise … her powers over light, shadow, fire and electricity covering her like a second skin.
To that … the eldest Tendo sister simply replied, “The living know that they shall die but the dead know not anything …And you … you belong with the dead!”
Their powers collided with terrific force … twisting, melting and warping their very surroundings until the elements that made up the universe screamed at being treated so … and that was all the punishment the already badly-damaged subway train could take … before it shook violently one last time … rearing up into the air like a snake … into the roof of the tunnel … with the force of a battering ram …
A large fiery explosion roared through the subway tunnel in all directions … consuming everything in its path as it leaped skywards … lighting the dark surroundings … for miles around …



Runes of light lit up the area and then time itself came to a standstill …



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