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“Remmé Hileagh, Fourth Handmaiden in the Second Class for Padmé Amidala”

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TITLE: “Remmé Hileagh, Fourth Handmaiden in the Second Class for Padmé Amidala” PAIRING: Remmé Hileagh and Zoé Maurello, a fellow handmaiden from the same training class. RATING: Uhm, pro...

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“Remmé Hileagh, Fourth Handmaiden in the Second Class for Padmé Amidala”

01.) Ward: Her eyes are undeniably blue and her hair has some (enough to be noticeable in direct light) red in amongst the brown and is almost entirely naturally straight, but her general height and build and, most importantly, the shape of her face is very like that of the new Queen, and the prospect of advancement or of at least a secure position in a noble household is so much better than anything else she could rationally expect, as a ward of the state fostered by a family who surely loves her (and all of her five fellow fosterlings, too) but can only just afford all the necessities and a few extraneous comforts and luxuries for everyone, and so she jumps at the chance to apply to become a handmaiden for Padmé Amidala.

02.) Pinch: The new Queen is incredible – brave and smart and funny and full of compassion and beautiful and effortlessly charismatic – and she keeps having to pinch herself, to make sure she isn’t dreaming, because she could easily love this girl and devote the whole of her life to making her safe and happy, and she can’t help but be stunned at how strong a sense of loyalty someone so blind and deaf to the Force can so easily evoke in her.

03.) Eerie: There are dozens of tiny little details that differentiate Amidala from Sabé, and so she finds it both a little eerie and somewhat reassuring (given how different she and other potential handmaidens appear to be from the Queen), how very similar the two can seem and how effortlessly they can trade places and trick others into not noticing it.

04.) Train: There are ways in which to train an utterly loyal, coherent force of fighters and guardians who (while perhaps lacking in some higher cognitive functions) can still perform gentler duties, she knows – she’s aware of methods used to break individuals down and rebuild them in the image of coolly professional killers: one of her more experimental and well-taught classes at university dealt primarily with tactics of solider making and of cult brainwashing and with the various strengths and limitations of different kinds of fighting forces and of diverse methods of dehumanization and inculturation – just as there are also ways of inspiring loyalty and desire to be more and to be capable of doing more, as both an individual and as a member of a fully functional team – methods more inspired by inciting a sense of shared faith than by performing brute tasks of psychological breaking down, stripping away, and rewiring – and she’s both pleased and relieved to discover that their training largely seems to be based on or else derived from the latter.

05.) Brown: With the exception of the principal handmaidens in the first training class (five young women who were handpicked by the Queen and recruited from amongst her friends and political allies), all of the training classes are ordered by age, and the seventh girl in their training class – Zoé Maurello – has such incredibly soulful brown eyes that, every time she finds those dark eyes turned towards her, she feels a kind of unmistakable thrill that lets her know, without any doubt, that she is enjoying the attention far too much for any mere little measly crush.

06.) Prospect: The careful, almost shy glance of open, easy fascination give way gradually to obvious looks of longing and finally of smouldering heat, until finally she can’t stand it any longer and (despite her skittishness at the prospect of entering into a serious relationship under such potentially dangerous circumstances) intersects look and body and all with an inviting smile, open (and strongly grasping) arms, and a mouth poised for kissing.

07.) Recommendation: Dané Cashillé is the only member of their training class not found by the giving of an application but rather submitted as a hopeful to the Queen herself via a personal recommendation and an interview arranged by her first cousin, Yané Cashillé – a slip of a girl among the principal handmaidens with a talent for jewelry and costume design and an almost eerily spot on ability to mimic others who acts as Sabé’s backup, as decoy for the Queen, despite Amidala’s protests that, at barely thirteen, she is too young for such duties, because she is so very good at it that occasionally even Amidala will mistake her for Sabé – but her obvious zeal for and rightness for the position makes it impossible to envy her or her elevated station, as the most obvious choice from their class for decoy duty (despite her flame-red hair and emerald-green eyes), and she is relieved to find that Zoé shares her opinion on that and wishes to essentially throw in behind Dané, as Nanné Maranno has already done, to help consolidate the strength of their training class where it currently can do the most good and so should most be.

08.) Water: She does not bother to hide her horror of or her distrust and dislike of Essé Seltrin – the blue-eyed harlot is a user, plain and simple, and there’s something in the way she seems to gloat over and delight in the failures and shames and even the pain of the other trainees that makes her fairly certain there’s something seriously not right in that girl’s head – any more than she bothers to disguise her admiration for Nanné, her love of Zoé, or her respect and devotion for and to the Queen, and she just smiles when Sabé remarks that she is as transparent and as powerful and potentially deadly as water, taking it for the compliment that she’s sure the Queen’s decoy means it to be.

09.) Loner: Nanné believes that Essé will be less dangerous and that they will be able to keep a closer eye on her so long as she remains unaware of just how wise the rest of the training class is to her true nature, and Remmé has to admit that it makes sense, so she remains openly wary and disdainful of Essé without ever speaking openly of a reason for such behavior while everyone else simply seems to accept the loner in their midst as normal, and things go on fairly peacefully among their consolidating group afterwards, with Essé suspecting nothing but that she apparently rubs Remmé the wrong way.

10.) Behavior: The Trade Federation’s boldness puzzles her to the point where she has a hard time believing it truly is the Trade Federation’s leaders and their will that’s guiding the Trade Federation’s increasingly obviously unlawful and more and more openly threatening actions, and it comforts her a great deal to know that she’s not the only one among the handmaiden trainees who’s confused by their behavior.

11.) Afford: Her foster family can’t really afford to just pack up and go into hiding somewhere in the country, but then, they can’t afford to risk the lives of the other fosterlings, either, and so she’s finally able to persuade them (after many reassurances of the Queen’s largess that she desperately hopes will still prove true, after all the suffering and loss engendered by the blockage of their planet from the Trade Federation) to flee to a safe house, just in case the Trade Federation proves foolish enough to try to overthrow the Queen by force.

12.) Snap: She’s so stunned by the presence of droid armies among the Trade Federation’s arsenal that it takes Zoé screaming her name to snap her out of her shock enough to get her moving; yet, once she starts running and firing her blasters, she doesn’t stop until those of them who are able to do so have all made it safely away, for she knows that things are going to get far worse than she ever suspected that they might and that Amidala and Naboo both are going to need all of the fighters free and able and ready to fight that they can get.

13.) Blur: Everything runs together in a blur of too much danger and not enough sleep or food or safety to really relax, and, later, when the crisis is past, she’ll have a hard time believing that only eighteen days elapse between the day the Trade Federation and their droid armies invaded, with Amidala fleeing with a handful of chosen guardians and two Jedi to try to get to Coruscant and report to the Senate on that unlawful invasion and occupation, and the day upon which the Queen will return to the planet with the same handful of companions and two Jedi, plus one very small former slave boy and a desperate (and insanely lucky) plan to retake their world.

14.) Fear: Attempts to retaliate against Amidala (for taking Naboo back from and attempting to see the Trade Federation’s Viceroy and others most responsible for the various crimes committed against the populace during the occupation) begin almost as soon as the Trade Federation and those damned droids are off of the planet, and Remmé seriously beings to fear that they will lose their Queen to either an assassin’s blaster or a turncoat’s bomb when before not even the presence of a Sith Lord on Naboo had proven to be able to lay her low.

15.) Telltale: She sees the telltale movement of a hand reaching beneath a coat and the betraying glimmer off the metal casing of a (blessedly thankfully quite tiny and so extremely small range explosive – either some kind of detonator she’s unfamiliar with or else some sort of homemade grenade) out of the corner of her eye, and knows that there’s no way to take the suspect down before the trigger can be activated or the Queen safely shielded or moved fully out of range, and so she does the only thing she can, and screams out, “Bomb!” and throws herself – and so also Zoé, whose hand clamps down on her right wrist with such painful intensity that she knows her love is coming along for this ride whether she’d like her to do so or not – bodily at the would-be assassin, smiling bravely as she leaps towards her and her beloved’s deaths . . . and the continued life of their sworn lady and Queen.
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