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Letting It Go... Or Not.

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The flight all the way to the destined place was a bit quiet when it came to Frank and Lynn.
Only a few sentences were exchanged before Frank fell asleep as Lynn sat there, eyes wouldn’t even blink. She was too busy thinking of the reason why her uncle might actually be going to England.
She was afraid he’d hurt Gerard once again. He already killed Eliza, what’ going to stop him from doing the same to Gerard if he didn’t have to give him a large amount of money as he collects it from his tours.

“Frankie, come on, up, up.” Lynn repeated shaking his arm lightly to wake him up.
“Hmmm…” Frank mumbled, slightly opening his eyes. “Are we there yet?” He then added straightening up.
“Yeah, we landed.” Lynn replied standing up. “Come on lazy boy, we need to go.” She then added taking his hand trying to pull him up.
“Easy sweetie, I’m still half asleep.” Added Frank standing up drowsily.
“Right, but we still need to go right now…” She said taking his hand to then drag him with her.

Getting off the plane then in to a cab went fast as Lynn was rushing everything to get to Gerard before her uncle does.

“My phone is dead for some stupid, silly, reason.” Said Lynn angrily tapping it on her hand trying to turn it on as they were in the cab, on their way to join the band members at the hotel.
“Let me try yours.” She then added opening her hand for Frank, waiting for him to place his phone in it.
“I knew there was something I forgot!!” Frank exclaimed searching his empty pockets.
“Damn it Frank!!” She replied getting nervous. “I can’t have a decent phone call around here! Shit!” She then added making him stare at her with confusion.

“What was that all about, Lynn?” He then softly asked, trying to be understanding.
“What?” Lynn simply said looking back at him, frowning.
“Why did you snap this way?” Frank added gazing at her. “Who are you dying to talk to anyways?” He then questioned.
“I need to talk to him Frank!!” Lynn tried to explain getting angry.
“You need to talk to who, sweetie?” Frank asked softly.
“Gerard! I need to talk to Gerard!” She admitted. “You had to forget your phone again!” She then added.
“Why do you want to talk to Gerard? Frank tried to understand, he was trying to find out why Lynn was acting this way.
“Just let it go, Frank.” Lynn added turning to look out the cab window on her side.
“No, tell me, why?” Frank insisted.
“I’m not in the mood for arguments now ok? So just let go…” She repeated.
“Arguments?” Frank repeated after her. “You think I’m in the mood for it?” He then added getting angry too.
“Then why don’t you just chuck it!” Lynn spat. Just as she said it, she felt bad about it, she didn’t really mean to be rude, she was unconsciously letting anger control her at that moment as her worries and thoughts were about Gerard, as usual.
“Lynn.” Frank then said her name, making her turn to face him again as he added: “Let me get this right. All I know is that you’re desperate to phone the guy while we’re going to see him in less than 2 minutes. What’s wrong sweetie?”
“Just…” Lynn tried to explain but she didn’t know what to say, she was already confused about her uncle being at the same hotel as them and that was enough for her to lose her mind. “Will you do me a favor?” She finally decided to say…
“What are you talking about?” Frank replied thinking he was supposed to get an answer to his question.
“Will you please drop this for me?” She added trying to sound as calm as possible. “Let’s just talk about something else; I don’t want us to fight again.” She then said.

Frank took a moment to think, looking at her as he finally had no other option but to say: “Yeah…Yeah, sweetie, I don’t want us to fight either.” As he gave her a kiss on the forehead to then look her in the eyes and smile lightly.
“Your smile is now sad.” Lynn then said staring at it. “I used to see those cute teeth when you smiled.” She added watching it now fade away.
“I’m sorry...” She apologized as the cab had finally pulled over by the hotel.

“We arrived!” Frank declared, deciding not to comment on what Lynn had just said. “Let’s go honey.” He then added opening the door to come down.

No one was in front of that hotel, no fans waiting, and no reporters. No one had found out yet where they were staying, which made it way easier for Frank and Lynn to check in.

“GUYS!!” A voice from the end of the hall was heard calling them.
“Hey, that’s Sheila.” Frank said looking behind him.
“Who?” Lynn added turning to see her. “Oh, that’s Shannon.” She corrected him waiting for her to walk over to them.
“Lynn…” Shannon said running towards them. “Brian says he wants to talk to you.” She added glancing at Frank as she got close.
“Is it because we were late? I’ll tell him it’s my fault.” Frank said turning to walk to Brian’s room.
“I’ll go with you.” Lynn said following him.
“It’s ok sweetie, I can take care of it.” Frank added as he kept walking ahead of her.
“Fine...” Lynn mumbled turning around to walk back to Shannon’s.
She wanted to get from her Gerard’s room number as he was her only concern; she wanted to get to him before her uncle does.

“Shannon, wait!” Lynn shouted to her making her slow down and wait for her to get there.
“Lead me to Gerard’s come on.” Lynn then added.
“Gerard’s?” Shannon asked looking at her, confused. “Aren’t you supposed to see Brian? He wanted to talk to you…” Shannon tried to explain to be then interrupted by Lynn getting angry: “At least give me its fucking number, come on!”
“Oh my god, Lynn, I’ll take you to Gerard’s, no need to bite me.” Shannon said sarcastically as Lynn ignored it…Or didn’t even notice it; she was too busy trying to guess whether Gerard was still alive or not.

“Here, here’s Gerard’s room.” Said Shannon, standing in front of its closed door.
“Ok, thank you.” Lynn added reaching for the door to knock it as Shannon hastily stopped her by grabbing her hand.
Lynn frowned looking at her angrily and said: “Get your hand off me, Shannon.”
“Do you realize what you’re doing Lynn?” Shannon said firmly looking her in the eyes, still holding her arm.
“What the hell, Shannon?” Lynn added confused, it was the first time she sees Shannon act this way. “What happened to the shy, sweet girl?” Lynn then asked trying to free herself.

Shannon had, apparently, more strength in her than Lynn as she was holding it so tight Lynn had to try to use the other hand.

“Listen to me!” Shannon then added grabbing her second arm.
“Let me go!” Lynn exclaimed raising her voice as Shannon was starting to scare her.
“You’re going to listen, whether you like it or not.” Shannon spat.
“You’re fucking crazy!” Lynn then yelled trying to pull her hands back as Shannon still had her wrists.

“Lynn?” Gerard said opening the door.
“You….Crazy bitch!” Lynn shouted angrily as Shannon rapidly let go of her to then take a couple of steps back.
“What’s going on?” Gerard added. “I heard some noise…”
“Just…Fuck off Shannon.” Lynn then said glaring at her.

Shannon glanced at Gerard as all the courage and strength she seemed to have been using against Lynn have faded away. She then took a last mad look at Lynn as she eventually fled silently.

“What happened?” Gerard added holding Lynn’s now red wrists. “Did she do this?” He said looking at them as he then wrapped his arm around her and led her in.
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