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What The F*ck Is Going On?!

by greektitan 12 Reviews

Im Backkk! :] *Musical Theme* What the fuck is going on here ?!

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  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) Twilight-Neige 2008-03-11 07:18:04 PM

    Those were the days, no?
    But alas, there was a bit of a movement to get everyone on FanFiction.
    Just so the few left here could merge with the majority.
    So if you feel FicWad's not cutting it for you, FanFiction is fairing better in terms of readers.
  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) Shae-Thalia 2008-03-12 10:22:17 AM

    Welcome back Greektitan!! We have missed you.

    I totally agree wiht what you put here, but from what I noticed was a lot of other writters also went MIA. None has seemed to be updating as of recent and well I myself have been finding it hard to update it.

    Well Welcome back! Ive been going between Ficwad and Fanfiction
  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) BlackAngelChick 2008-03-14 12:06:03 AM

    Halloooooo!!! I'm new here, I signed up a few weeks ago.
    I agree with you, I'd like a few more reviews on my story 'cause I wanna know what everyone thinks. But no-one is reviewing my story. I'm so pissed. Without reviews, I can't tell what is good or not about my story, and therefore people might not read it!!
    I'm getting carried away. Nice 2 have met u. Sort of.
  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) TheDragoness1992 2008-03-14 05:08:59 AM

    Yeah, most people are going to Fanfiction, including me. And a whole lot of others. Most stories that where started here are coninued over there, like Demenior, Pardox-Bararian-Princess and Nuuoa-Eclairs' stories. Its much more active, and There is at least an update a day.

    I also find, but this is just my opinin, that the community over there is much more welcoming. with more poeple that are there, their are more chances for reviews as well as favorites and such.
  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) Demenior 2008-03-14 05:06:14 PM

    Hey GreekTitan, welcome back.

    I don't know what all the other reasons were, but after Ficwad went down for maintanience, I grew more used to and then, when Ficwad came back, it had actually deleted most of my reviews on all my stories and a few chapters. I'm a little nervous to trust this site, so that's why I decided to move to fanfiction. I still check here all the time, though :)

    I do miss the nice way you could describe each chapter induvidually here, so I may be comming back with a story or two, but I'm scared to lose everything x3

    As for the 'Fanfiction' movement, it was just that hardly anyone updates here anymore, and as it's been said, most everyone is on fanfiction since Ficwad was down and out for a while. The 'Movement' was just to try and get everyone together so that you wouldn't need to hunt around for stories, that's all.

    Anyways, that's my two cents and I guess it is a little confusing, since Ficwad was huge in the begining, and now there's like no one here ):

  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) Korikian 2008-03-16 12:53:31 PM

    Welcome back!,
    I know exacly what you mean and obviously the others have already told you about fanfiction. I decided to give it a try I dislike the way it opperates and prefer ficwad much more but it's just not getting the attention it deserves. I still check here for updated stories but most people just don't bother with it anymore.

    I just hope this doesn't stop you from posting on here.

  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) Theresa599 2008-03-18 04:06:47 PM

    Oh......I promise i'll continue writeing here if you stay:P....guilty..I started writeing on fanfiction.....greektitan..the site fell down for a loooong time soooo no one thinks it's back up:(
  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) NuuoaEclaire 2008-03-29 08:47:57 PM

    Well yes, it seems that Demenior and Dragon have pretty much summed it up. It was a move of sorts, a great migrations. Things changed, and it is tragic, as I adored this site and longed for it every day. Those ol' days are gone, but fanfiction is still welcoming.

    Ill check in when I can, but maybe you can join us elsewhere too, where some devotees still remain.

    The still living,

  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) greektitan 2008-03-30 02:17:39 PM ehh;
    hmm.. never been on their before but im sure its a hit.
    Anyways just wanted to point out im disapointed in the fact that all of these amazing authors and creative writers on here have left. Oh well. things change :(.
    As for everyone else :) NICE TO HERE FROM U AGAIN
  • What The F*ck Is Going On?!

    (#) jengrey 2008-04-18 11:19:03 PM


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