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We're Not Savages Until We Do It Again, And One Last Night I'll Kiss Your Lips Again.

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Gerard says goodbye. But first they have a farewell party...

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Mikey’s POV.
I was sitting at home, on my bed, cross legged with my face in my palms, mulling over the events of today. I was on my way to 2nd period, and suddenly some jerks a few grades above me come out of nowhere…
“Hey WAY? I was talking to Sally O’Meara, she said you broke up with her cause you realised you’re a FAGGOT. Is it true, Way?” I shook my head, not wanting to cause trouble. Silence. I Kept walking till strong hands shoved me into a locked, then pushed me so I was kneeling. I heard laughter, more name calling… My glasses fell off and everything was blurry… Then a fist ramming into my face once…Twice…Three, four, five times. I could taste blood… Then “Woooah! Double Way Surprise!” No…No, not Gee… Not my Gee… I thought. I didn’t hear anything else, the next thing I knew was Gerard’s for over me, drawing a fist and leg back…. “Gerard, no, please. Gee don’t.. GEE!” Then He kicked and punched, just like they did. I could vaguely see him, and the look on his face… He was so /angry/… I stopped crying and then black. When I woke up I was in sick bay. No one was in there, so I walked out with a throbbing head, arm and heart. When I got home I had a shower, fixed up my face and sat on my bed. I’d been there for an hour or so, just thinking. He didn’t actually like doing that did he? He didn’t actually think I was a worthless faggot? What does that make him? AM I just his fuck doll? I felt the familiar sting in my eyes as tears sprung from them, and I sobbed. He said he loved me, yet he wouldn’t even stand up for me? I heard the door open and close I looked up, alarmed. Was it Gee? I didn’t say anything, just waited. If it was Gee, he didn’t come and see me. I lay down, pulling the blankets up around my chin, and waited for sleep to come.

Gee’s POV.
I left school and walked around Belleville for a few hours, then found myself at Salter Place, my home. I walked to my house and inside. I tried to be as quiet as possible. It was dark already, mom and dad were watching TV. “Why are you home so late?” mom scolded. I shrugged and walked to my room, where I fell down onto my bed, trying not to cry. I hurt my brother, my lover, my best friend. I shouldn’t feel this way. He shouldn’t hold those three titles. Fuck. I got up and walked up the stairs and to Mikey’s room. I knocked, but didn’t get a reply, so I just walked in. He was asleep. I climbed into bed with him, and looked at his poor swollen and hurt face. The face I loved so much was now bruised and battered. I stroked his hair gently, moving closer to him. As much as I hated it, and it pained me, I did love him. But I shouldn’t and felt like I needed to punish us both… Maybe that’s why I got so caught up in hurting him today. I’m so ashamed of myself… Tears came and my throat caught up as I cried softly into his hair. His eyes fluttered open and he woke up. “Gee?” he said weakly. “Mikey, baby, I am so sorry… I love you, I don’t know why I…” I was cut off by my own betraying tears, forcing me to sob and sob. “Gee, it’s ok. Maybe we needed that to remind us… This isn’t right…” He whispered back. I knew it was hurting him just as much as it was me. “No, no it’s not. I love you!” He looked sad. “Gee, I know, I love you too, but where will this lead. We can’t date…You know you’ll always be special to be, I will always love you, but-“ I sniffed “No! We can keep going… Please.. I need you…” I tilted his head by his chin and leaned in, to kiss him softly. He responded by parting his lips, and I felt his tongue touch mine with a jolt. I shifted and leant on my side so I could run my fingers through his smooth hair, pulling it softly, feeling him roll over so he was on top. He kissed down my neck and collarbone, pulled off my shirt and kissed down my chest, and stomach and what happened next was a blur…I remember stars, ecstasy…Mikey’s eyes… I was kissing him, pushing my hand into his pants, he was moaning, calling my name… I know we can’t do this anymore, but I had to have the thing I treasured most one more time. I stroked his still swollen cheek, looking into his eyes. “I Love You.” I whispered. He nodded as his eyes slowly shut and he fell into blissful sleep. I lay beside him, watching him dream. Then I kissed his forehead and walked out, closing the door on my fantasies.


Alright it's done.
It was sposed to be a twoshot waycest smutfest but it turned to a sappy love story after I realised that I actually quite dislike writing in-depth waycest. Whatever.

If you want me to post the sex scenes that I wrote for this story, say the word.

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