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It's About Love??

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On a drak cold night the spirt team is out doing what it does best. But when a girl shows up and nobody knows how she got there, the world is turned upside down. What happens....well lets see shall...

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Botan,Hiei,Kazuma Kuwabara,Koenma,Kurama,Yusuke - Published: 2008-03-13 - Updated: 2008-03-14 - 859 words

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Kurama’s P.O.V

I entered the shop and sat down with the girl whom I had met before. She smiled at me as she always did, handing me a cup of tea and settling into her chair. I was always telling her ‘stories’ things that “never happened”. Tonight is no different. I settle into my plush chair in Waning Moon, a small café in the human world. “Are you ready?” I asked quietly. “Yes, Suichi-Kun” She answered with her normal smile and nod of her head. “Then I will Begin” I replied….

She came to the Spirit world by a way unknown to us. Even Hiei had been at a loss as to what had caused it. She was not human, but a 1/3 demon. She had trained under me and had In the end stolen my heart, and the heart of anyone who met her. She was taken from us though, but a source that was soon identified as Nobu Hasinkin a wolf demon with a bone to pick with the spirit detectives. Her memories were erased and she was sent into a different world then when she had first come to us. I suppose this is her story, or rather this is the story she joined and changed for the better. You might be wondering who I am so I will tell you. I am Youko Kurama, or Suichi Minamino. I don’t mind which you refure to me as. We had been working on a case that night it was dark and stormy, the wind held a chill that cut to the bone…

Flash back

I walked forward Yusuke shivered and pulled his jean jacket closer to his skin trying to get warm. “What the hell is up with this wind!?” he grumbled angerley. “now Yusuke, no need to be upset with the weather” I teased him chuckling softly. Hiei jumped into the air to avoid a trip wire. “This place is wired…literally” Kuwabara commented looking around. We all turned as a scream echoed around the forest. We heard the thunder footsteps of something rather large running our way. A girl ran into the clearing and stopped short in front of us. She shivered which was understandable she was wearing a see through white fishnet top with a purple tank top under it. And a skirt that left her legs bare. She blinked rapidly and took a step forward. I rushed to meet her and caught her just as she passed out. I lifted her in my arms taking care to tuck her skirt under her so as to limit indecency. The thing stepped into the clearing now as well. The smirk melted from his grisly features. He growled and stepped closer. “I wouldn’t recommend that” Hiei said as the beast started reaching for the girl. “And what are you going to be about it little man?” he asked in a booming voice.
“You Don’t want to know” He answered putting a hand on his katana and moving into his battle stance. Yusuke pulled his jacket off and placed it over the girl in my arms also taking his battle stance. “You ready ugly?” he asked. The monster opened its mouth the green rotting skin around its mouth crinkled. His teeth were black and falling out. He charged Hiei at full speed. “To slow” I muttered looking down at the girl in my arms. “Spirit gun!” Yusuke shouted ending the demons life in a blast of blue light. Her head was lulled to the side and she seemed to be sleeping but I wasn’t sure. She shifted so that she was snuggled into my chest and I blushed. Kuwabara who had remained behind me finally moved closer to look at her. “I wonder who she is?” he said quietly. We decided to go back after this knowing there was really no point in staying any longer. We stepped through the portal and into Koenma’s office. “Good work you guys…wait…who’s that?” Boton asked. “We don’t know we saved her from the monster” Yusuke said popping his shoulder walking forward. “Wait so….you don’t know anything about her” Boton looked between me and the girl. “Ah Boton, when we said we had no idea who she is that’s kind of what we meant” Yusuke said turning to look at her over his shoulder. “Well She seems to be human….what do you think Kurama?” Koenma asked looking over a stack of papers on his desk. “She is human, but I don’t know what world she is from..” I replied shifting her in my arms. -I don’t have any room for her here….- Koenma thought looking at the girl. “Very well…until we can get some information on her why don’t you let her stay with you Kurama?”…

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