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Deceit and Atttraction

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Gerard gows stalking the streets for a tasty girl to keep...

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He didn’t choose them at random. He never chose his victims at random. This is the name they were dubbed, after all they didn’t know their fate. He could drive for hours searching for the perfect one, gazing slightly at them walking peacefully on the street, talking, making noise with one another. Although he never seemed to find the perfect one. Almost, but never. He would think he’d found her, then he’d tire of her sooner or later, and simply throw them back, never to see or hear from them again. But why would he? Who would believe that a rock star kidnapped someone when he was on tour, under the watchful eye of his band manager? He smiled at this thought, as he pulled up to the stop light. Then he heard it…the laughter to his left.

He turned his head ever so slightly to see the three of them talking, and giggling amongst themselves. The first looked the oldest. She was the one talking the most. She was relatively pretty, a bit chunky, short with red hair and glasses. She was wearing a short skirt that looked almost too short for her body type. So he moved to the next.

This one was petite with large breasts, and he liked that. He especially liked that. Her pants seemed two sizes too small for her, like they would bust open at any moment, he waited for that moment gulping almost greedily…but they never did.

The third was by far the prettiest. She had a slight tan, with perfect skin and freckles that were barely visible. She wore a V neck shirt that showed an awful amount of cleavage, but he didn’t complain. He always loved the peep show that he received without the others knowledge. Her dark blue mini skirt came down to her mid thighs showing off her perfectly sculpted legs. Then he noticed one sitting up against the wall, hidden from the sunlight. This one, he could tell, was pale, and thin in the extreme. She had slight bags under her eyes, possibly from the lack of sleep. She had a long baggy black sweatshirt covering herself, and loose fitting jeans. Her black hair hung in her face as she gazed almost menacingly at the other girls. Jealousy. He had seen that look countless other times, mostly appearing on his face in his high school days. He understood what went through her mind, but for now he only had thoughts for the others.

The third one, he decided, would be his prize. He looked around for a moment making sure there wasn’t much traffic. There wasn’t. Hardly a soul…and this pleased him. As he unlocked his door, removing his seatbelt, he imagined how it would play out. He would walk over, introduce himself, most likely see the girls recognize him. He was counting on that if he was to succeed. He would invite the prettiest of them to the car, tell them he would take them to meet the rest of the band, and he would…just not for the reasons that the girl would think. And then he would take her, drive away then he would gag her, drug her, and steal her away into the night. He’d soon be bored with her, so would the rest of them and he’d take her back. But not before giving her a drug that removed any of the details about her alleged “kidnapping”. She wouldn’t know what happened, and neither would anyone else, except him of course.

And just about when he was going to open his door, a car pulled up. Two males inside beckoning for the girls to come to them. The three of them ran over to the car and hopped inside, and then they drove speedily away. He sighed, closing his eyes. He hated to lose his prize, he truly hated it. If he ever saw those boys again…he opened his eyes remembering the fourth girl. The one who only sat and watched, yes, she still sat there looking truly disgusted in the direction the car took off in. He was going to have to settle for this one then, it was better than nothing.

The cool summer breeze blew into his car, tousling his black hair. With his devious smile about his lips, he was about to claim his replacement when a boy walked around the corner. He looked almost the same as she, pale skin, dark clothing. But then he saw them kiss, and they walked away holding hands, leaving him sitting there fuming. He lost it.

“Damn it!” he swore aloud speeding through the streets, “I almost fucking had her! God fucking damn it!” he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket and lit one. The nicotine flowed though his body calming him almost instantaneously. Taking a long drag from the cigarette he continued to drive. He was still pissed about the girl until, that is, he saw...her.

She was walking toward his speeding car, walking alone in the sunlight, the light shining in her brown and blond hair. Her white shirt reflected the light better that anything else on her, and she looked so incredibly hot! She was skinny, but she had curves, oh those curves could drive a man to his knees…and they probably did. At first he thought she had committed a murder, there was bright red splattered all over the front of her shirt. But as he drove closer, he noticed it was in fact lettering. My Chemical Romance, it read, but that was all he could see as he drove past her, he looked at her in his mirror as he threw his cigarette butt out the window. He slowed and pulled into a nearby parking lot. As he whipped out his phone and punched in a number, he gazed back down the street at her…she was dancing as she walked. Badly he might add, but it was sexy anyways.

“Hello?” a voice answered on the other end. They sounded sleepy, and slightly irritated.

“Ray?” he said, completely ecstatic. “I’ve found her, man. I’ve found the perfect one.” He practically yelled it, drawing some unwanted attention from those passing by.

“Do we need to talk about this now?” the man on the other end said, yawning heavily.

“Yep, cause I’m taking her home…tonight.” He snapped the phone shut, smiling down the road. He pulled out of the parking lot heading back the way he came till he passed the girl, and when he did she looked straight at him. He smiled, and in her eyes he could see something almost resembling fear. But not fear really. He kept driving on, until he came to another place he could turn around in, and head back to the girl. His hair was disheveled, his hazel eyes burning with desire, and Gerard Way headed back again to claim his new found perfect victim.
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