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Her mind realizes she's in danger, but her body won't respond

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Her head was pounding and it was extremely bumpy. What the hell happened? She thought. There was some kind of noise in the background, and she strained terribly to understand what it was. Singing, she concluded, and extremely angelic singing at that.

It sounded far away and when she attempted to move toward it, she found that she couldn’t, and she couldn’t speak either. There was tape over her mouth. No matter how much she tried, she couldn’t do a thing. She felt so helpless, and vulnerable. Tears began to lightly fall from her eyes, which were covered with a blindfold. There was a taste in her mouth like pennies. Chloraphorm, she concluded. She wanted to be released and go home.

Her hands were bound behind her back, and her feet were tied as well. It was cold wherever she was, but she assumed it was an air conditioner. She could understand the words a bit better now. ‘And did you come to stare or wash away the blood? Well tonight, well tonight will it ever go, spend the rest of your days rocking out for the dead.’ She truly yearned for the angel who was singing, and even though it was closer she still couldn’t make her body respond. Most likely a drug to paralyze motor functions. She wanted so much to stay and listen to the angel sing, but she became tired and heavy with sleep. She fought it with all she could, and she heard a phone ring and the singing stopped.

“Hey Mikey” she heard. “No, I’m almost home, and wait till you see what she looks like.” There was a soft chuckle and then; “Yup, see you soon bro.” And that was the last thing she heard before the singing returned and lulled her into unconsciousness.

When she came to again, her hands and feet were unbound, and the blindfold was removed, and she was lying on a bed. It was dark in the room she was in, but she could see some light coming in from beneath the door. She hesitantly got up and walked toward the door on her shaky legs. Pressing her ear to the door she could hear some mumbled talking far away. She slowly reached up and grabbed the door knob and tried to turn it, but it was to no avail. It was locked from the outside. She twisted and turned with all her might, but it didn’t budge. She stopped suddenly hearing the voices draw nearer, and she ran back toward the bed hiding on the far side. Seeing shadows appear from underneath the door scared her, and hearing the door being unlocked scared her even more.

She frantically looked around for a weapon, but there was nothing in the room. As the door opened, she ducked behind the bed completely hidden from anyone’s view. She was blinded by the light switch turning on, and she heard a man speak.

“What the- where is she?” As she heard footsteps coming near her, she jumped up from the bed and hastily ran for the door. Of course she didn’t know how many people were in the room, so in running toward the door she ran right into the arms of one of her captors. He tightly grasped her waist and hoisted her around back into the room. She tried to scream but was quieted by a hand, and she kicked but it did no good anyways.

“Ah here’s the little fox.” One of the men said. He looked right in her eyes, and she was sure he saw fear. “Now if you’re good, then my friend will remove his hand, and there will be no need to restrain you to the bed,” he nodded back to the bed where there were in fact restraints tied to every corner. “So will you be a good little girl?” he asked coming over to her. She nodded only wanting to be freed from these wretched men. The one who spoke nodded to the one holding her, and the hand was removed allowing her to speak.

“Who are you!? Where am I?! What do you want?! Are y-?” The hand clasped over her face once again, paralyzing her mouth.

“I am the one who will be asking the questions and you will answer or there will be severe consequences, understand?” she simply nodded again, and again the hand was removed. “Now, what is your name?” He asked moving closer and lightly grabbing her chin forcing her to look at him. If she lied he would know, but she couldn’t tell the truth, it could end badly. So she decided to go with something in the middle.

“Rae” she said. “My name is Rae.” He smiled apparently pleased she was going to play along.

“Good girl Rae, and how old are you?” She hesitated and was punished for it. The man tightened his hold on her chin making her wince. “I don’t have all night, now how old are you?”

“I’m 16” she said through the pain. Thankfully he let go of her and turned around pacing a bit.

“I’m going to keep you here for a while, and if you behave you will have more privileges. But if you disrespect me or my band mates,” she looked quizzically at him, and his eyes widened at his mistake. “Friends I mean. If you disrespect me or my friends you will lose things like freedom, and food and such. Are we clear?”

“Yes” she said in a small fear shrouded voice. He looked pained at how she spoke, and he slowly moved back to her. He gently stroked her right cheek making her shrink away.

“Please, you don’t have to be afraid of me or anyone else in this house.”

“Mister, how can you say that?” she said, tears welling up into her eyes. “I’ve been kidnapped, and no one will give me answers. I will be forced to live like an animal, locked up in this room all the time, not able to speak to anyone. So how can I not be afraid?” she cried freely, not caring if they saw her weakness. He looked like he was about to cry as well, but he blinked his tears away and spoke again.

“I have a name, so you don’t need to call me ‘mister’. My name is Gerard and my friend who has kindly been holding you is Ray.” She turned around to look at the one who was holding her, and he had a sad look on his face. She sniffled forcing her tears away so not as to look so weak. A third man came into the room, and he was very short with dark brown hair, and a lip and nose ring. “This is Frank, by the way.” The one named Gerard said. Frank turned around smiling. He had brought in a tray of food for her setting it on the bed side table and walking out. “Well,” Gerard began. “We’ll leave you to eat, and sleep, cause you have a big day with us tomorrow.”

Ray let her go so he and Gerard could leave the room. She turned to see Gerard and Ray still standing there as she slowly backed farther into the room. They seemed to want to make sure she wouldn’t try to escape. But suddenly a light went on in her head. Gerard, Ray, Frank.

“Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero.” She said hearing the two of them inhale. “You’re my favorite band, my heroes. Why are you kidnapping me?” Neither of them replied, they only continued to back out of the room. She ran to the door again wanting her answers, but it was shut in her face and hastily locked. “No!” she sobbed pounding her fist against the wood. “Please let me go Gerard!! Please you have to...Gerard?!!!” She fell to the ground collapsing in tears, and pleads of release. She sobbed against the door long after the footsteps and shadows died away. Long after the light faded from under the door to her prison. Too tired to continue any longer, she lifted herself up from the ground collapsing in a heap on the bed. She looked over at the untouched food, not feeling at all hungry. Her stomach was a hollow empty pit that even if she tried to eat wouldn’t keep the food down. Closing her eyes she fell into a nightmare filled slumber, with heroic betrayals, and damsels in distress that would never be saved.
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