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Hells muse

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Meet Satans muse :]

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God had more pressing matters at hand to talk to me, though when he heard he simply tutted and shook his head and asked Gabrial to give me a lecture. I stood up straight and listened intently to it, being an angel having attitude was not an option. The lecture finally ended and after I repeated that I hadnt known Gerard was a demon for the hundredth time I was allowed to go. I rolled my eyes as I turned round but Gabriel still saw and as I put a hand on the door he said - "You should count yourself lucky Frank. I cant help but feel a bit sorry for that demon, Satan doesnt believe in lectures..." I stopped with my hand on the doorknob and looked over my shoulders. "What will happen to him?" I asked quietly. Gabriel tilted his head.
"Who? The demon? Oh, I dont know. A whipping maybe. Anything Satan feels like." He answered casually, I nodded, feeling sick I left the room. Even though I didnt know a lot about him, even though he was a demon... I still didnt want him to get hurt. His face swam in my minds eye, that pale skin and magic eyes. His smile, teasing yet warm. I couldnt believe he was evil. I refused to believe it, bad, maybe. But evil. No.

"Renardooo pleeease." I begged, giving my best puppy eyes. Renardo stood by the giant puddle in the floor made of shimmering silver water. This is what the Angels used to see what was happening on Earth, whisper any name and place and it will show it to you. Renardo was its 'keeper' which basically meant he chose who could use it, you had to ask him and if he thought you had a good enough reason then he would let you. "I cant let you until you tell me what for." He said again. I sighed.
"Renardo...I cant tell you, you'll tell god and I'll get into so much trouble." I rubbed my cheeks roughly and Renardo tilted his head.
"If you dont tell me then I'm just going to tell god your hiding something." He said with a smirk. I glared at him and his face softened. "Oh come on Frank, we've been best friends for years. You can tell me okay, I wont say a word." He promised. I sighed and chewed nervously on my bottom lip. I didnt have much choice if I wanted to make sure Gerard was okay. "Fine..." I mumbled, defeated. Renardo smiled encouragingly and I gave him a final glare before speaking. "I... I want to make sure that Gerard is okay." I said quickly, Renardo raised an eyebrow. "Who?"
"Gerard." I repeated.
"Who's that?" I groaned and toed the floor.
"The demon I met today." I mumbled. Renardo gasped and took a step back.
"Frank! No way! I cant let you do that, infact I should report you." Renardo started for the door but I grabbed his shoulder.
"Renardo no! Please dont, you promised! Please Renardo I just want to make sure he's okay." I begged. Renardo looked at me.
"Why should you care whether he's okay?" He asked. I sighed and looked at the white floor. "Frank..." He said warningly.
"Renardo you dont know him, he's not like the rest." I whispered. Renardo gave a sharp laugh, one of annoyance rather than because he found something funny. "Frank, how can you make that judgement when you only met him today?" He cried.
"I can just tell okay? Please Renardo, he's not evil! I just want to see if he's alright." I whispered, looking him in the eye. He stared at me before sighing. "Fine. Fine! You can look, but be quick. I'll keep watch at the door, if anybody comes then you pretend you came in here to check on the guy you got to repent today." He ordered. I grinned and nodded, pulling Renardo into a tight hug.
"Thanks Renardo! I'll make it up to you!" I cried.
"Okay okay, just hurry up!" He ordered and he opened the door a crack, peering round. I dashed over to the water and knelt beside it. Passing a hand over the water I whispered "Gerard Way. Hell." The water shimmered and an image appeared on its surface. It was Gerard, stood in a huge red cavern, the whole place seemed to be burning though there was no flame. A man with two small horns in his forhead was sat on a rock. "How could you not know he was an Angel?" The man sneered, twisting a finger round his goatee style beard. Gerard shrugged and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, he held it against one of the walls to light it, he raised it to his lips and took a long drag, blowing the grey smoke into the air, watching it twist and curl. "He seemed nice enough." He mumbled. The man cackled. "Of course he did! He's an angel!" Gerard frowned.
"Whatever, is Satan coming or what?" He asked, tapping his foot impatiently. The man shook his head.
"No, he has some stuff he needs to deal with."
"What stuff?"
"Like he'd want you to know! I'm the only one who's aloud to know." The man said proudly. Gerard laughed wickedly and spat on the floor, creating a hissing sound as the spit hit the buring floor. "Only because your his muse. I'm the head demon." Gerard said proudly. I sighed, head demon? I would never be able to convince anyone he was good. The muse shrugged.
"Not for long kid. The ol' man aint too happy about your little date with that Angel ya' know. He'll probably lock you in the ice cavern for a year." The muse cackled and ended with a cough, holding his hand out for Gerards cigarette. Gerard passed it to him and he took a long drag. "You know he's the head Angel." He said. Gerards face fell, he looked hurt.
"Really?.. He... he really didnt seem it. He wasnt all poncy and rightous like you'd expect." He whispered. The muse shrugged.
"He's still head Angel Gerard. Besides, he doesnt matter what he seemed like. Your a fucking demon, you should be planning to kill him right now." The muse eyed Gerard from under his black eyelashes, Gerard stared back for a moment before flipping him off.
"Just shut the fuck up." He snarled. The muse looked shocked, then slowly a smile crept across his face.
"Oh...Oooh! Well, would you believe it?" He dropped the cigarette and stood up, crossing over to Gerard with long strides of his skinny legs. Gerard turned his back on him and the Muse wrapped an arm round the back of his shoulders, placing his head round to look at Gerard who turned his face to look back. "The head demon has well and truly fallen." He sniggered. Gerard frowned.
"Wha -"
"Fallen, for the head Angel." Gerard pulled away in rage as the muse laughed loudly. "Oh what will Satan say?" Gerards eyes grew wide and he spun round. "No! You cant say a word about this muse!" He cried. The muse smiled.
"What are you going to do to stop me?" He breathed. Gerard gave a coy smile.
"Well -"
"FRANK SOMEONES COMING!" Cried Renardo, racing over and passing a hand over the image so it dissapeared.
"No!" I gasped, staring desperately at the water but the image was gone, and I hadnt heard what Gerard was going to do. I was dragged to my feet by Renardo and he spun me round to face the door just as it opened. Ray walked in and stopped when he saw me. "Frank? What are you doing here?" He asked.
"I...I just came to see Renardo. I was just leaving." I pushed past Ray and gave Renardo a look over my shoulder, a look that said 'Dont say a word'. Renardo gave a small nod and I left the room, closing the door behind me and walking quickly back to my own room. The head demon has well and truly fallen for the head angel. That one sentence kept replaying in my head, the muses voice haunting my thoughts.

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