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Seeking The Answers

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“Frank I need some time alone, please.” She finally avowed taking a seat, her eyes still studying each detail of that picture in her hand.
“Alright, I’m sorry…” He said looking at her worried.
“Are you okay? You look so pale.” He then asked as he took a closer look at her.
“Yeah, I’m fine I just….have a headache.” She explained unwilling to get her sight off that photo.
“Alright…I’ll be seeing you later then…And sorry about the ring, I didn’t know it…” He added heading to the door as she interrupted: “It’s okay, if anything, this ring could be helpful.”
He nodded lightly, still not so convinced, as he found his way out.

Hours had passed and she was still there, in Gerard’s room, just as they agreed.
It wasn’t because of the deal they had, that she stayed there…Only that feeling kept her back from leaving. That strange feeling she also gets when it rains; the emptiness inside, the gap between her and the world, this time caused by the picture and that ring she had in her hands.

One hour was left before the concert starts and that silence in the room was finally broken by Gerard walking in.
“Hey, are you ready?” He said going through some papers he had in hand to then lock some in the drawer next to him.
“We need to talk…” She replied standing up. “I can’t take this anymore.” She added fixing her glare at him.
“I know…After the concert.” He said smiling lightly to then add: “Everything will be just fine.”
“Stop saying that, nothing is okay, I’m not okay!” She exclaimed walking out after him.
She was still determined on finding out about everything, even though it meant facing the problems she was trying to run away from but this time, she knew he was hiding stuff from her and she knew just the way to make him tell her, she just had to wait for the right time…

As they got backstage, the rest of the members were already there.
Frank practicing some notes with Ray, Bob was getting his wrists warmed up as Mikey’s ‘mission’ was to simply find his bass.
Gerard was right behind her until some of the staff there dragged him with them for make-up session and quick interviews before they go on stage.

Wondering what it would be like being at a My Chemical Romance concert, she stepped closer to where the stage was, without having to show herself; she was only able to take a couple of peeks outside to see that fans were filling the place out, along with reporters who had their cameras turned to every single angle they could take a picture of. which got her to step back a little, afraid she might be seen…their cameras were everywhere; MTV, BET, Vh1 were all there…Their countless number and the way they were so eager to get every shot of the smallest movement here and there just scared her; she didn’t like cameras, she wasn’t used to them and it sure wasn’t the right time for her to be facing them.

Having nothing else to do, Lynn tried to take another peek, this time making sure she was in a position where no one could possibly see her, noticing the fans again; some were screaming their words out to the band and others expressed it on the posters they had held high…
She could even see some of their t-shirts that were all about MCR or Green Day, as they were performing together this night.
Some fans were so happy with the fact that they were close enough to the stage that they were pulling their hands towards it trying to simply touch it as the ones that were far, tried to let their friends hold them on their shoulders so that they can take a better look at the stage…and that’s when it was still empty.

That’s when she realized that Gerard, Bob, Ray, Frank and Mikey weren’t just like any other normal person she might meet in her everyday life. They had a massive number of people who loved them for their work, their beliefs and morals; they were heroes, idols, leaders and sometimes the simple words they’d say or the rhythms they’d play would actually save a life. For a second there, she felt lucky, to simply be surrounded by such people.

It was then, when it hit her that they’re not really the kind to play around with people’s mind like she thought they were doing to her; if Gerard had lied to her, it wouldn’t be just for the sake of lying; and that all those problems she thought were destroying her life, might actually have a reason hidden somewhere, a reason she still hadn’t discovered yet.

“You might want to stand back, My Chemical Romance are up now…” A security guy told her as Gerard then interrupted as he arrived: “It’s okay, she’s coming out with us.”
“What?” She mumbled as her heart started racing all of a sudden at the sound of what he had said.
“What did you just say?” She repeated looking at him as his reply was expressed by a simple light beam.
“Are you ready?” Frank added turning up to stand on Lynn’s side as Gerard was on the second.
“This sure feels like I’m trapped now.” She said smiling, trying to release the tension she was feeling by making it all sound like a joke.
“I’m not going out there right?” She then asked just to reassure herself that she was staying here.
“You will get what you want now, you’ll have the answers.” Gerard replied as Mikey, Bob and Ray stood right behind her; her only way that was open for her was the one in front of her, the stage.
She shook her head in refusal of the whole situation to add: “I’m not going out there, I can’t…” She started feeling nervous and all jumpy inside as she never thought that, a day would come and she will actually have to face such a huge raging crowd.

“In five!” The security then said meaning to tell them the seconds left before they had to reveal themselves, going on stage.

Gerard put an arm around Lynn’s to then say: “Ready?” addressing to Frank at the other side of her.
“Yeah, let’s do it.” Frank replied grabbing her other arm.

“What are you guys doing?” She asked sensing a sudden rush of heat striking her.

It was only natural for her to feel on edge, she doesn’t know what to do, and not even why she was being brought out there in the first place as the only thought left in her mind was that she was going to make a complete fool out of herself.
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