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You put the spike in my heart

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It was 15 minutes journey away from the forest. It was a simple brick house with two or three floors. There was a little garden which was full of faded flowers in front of it as well. The owner took out his metallic key from his pocket and opened the grey wooden door. There was no surprise that the inner part of the house was full of pictures, art works and tools.

“Sorry, it’s such a chaos...” Gerard said with an awkward smile, “Because no one would come, and there’re just only me and brother live in here, so we don’t have the motive to tidy things up...” He then put down the key and his cap on a teapoy.

“No, it doesn’t matter. I like this place, it’s so artistic.” Frank put on a smile and walked around.

Gerard smiled back as he leaned against the wall and watched Frank looking around. He was like a child who gets into a candy store, his mouth kept open while he spied on every single picture.

Frank naturally placed his hands behind himself and leaned down as he tried to read a picture clearer. It was fantastic, a pellucid lake, with a little green island in the right hand side. There were some grasses over it. It was full of mist, but the house in the middle could still be seen. The clouds were grey and purple. Some huge ancient tree underneath them, that made the picture more mystic.

A moment after, Frank eventually remember the aim of him coming in Gerard’s home. “Oh sorry, those are so beautiful...” He grinned. “Where’s the work?”

“This way.” Gerard went upstairs and indicated Frank to come too.

“Hey don’t you have to go to school then honestly?” Gerard asked.

“Well...I escaped it.” The younger one stuttered.

“You escape it? Why did you do that? You’ve the opportunity to go to school, why don’t you treasure it?” Gerard concerned and stopped walking.

“Treasure...You won’t understand.” Frank stopped walking and crooked as well.

“Well, I’m not going to act like a mum, but school is good for you. I want to go to school but unfortunately I can’t. And I’d never ever can.” Gerard leaned over.

“Are you really wanted to know the reason?” The room was silence. “I’ve been bullied.” He faced Gerard, eyes brimmed with tears. “No one likes me out there, I’m SO alone. And the only one who cares of me is standing right here, right in front of me. Then why should I go to that place?”

“Oh...Sorry. Those kids...I mean that I saw yesterday, I thought they were -”

“You thought they were my friends.” Frank interrupted. “No, yesterday I was on my way home. They kicked the ball in, and then since they said the forest looked pretty creepy, they just simply ordered me to get it back. I was really scared honestly.” He answered without any emotion, he seemed has adjusted to it. “Hey! Why are we talking about me? Let’s go back to the pervious topic. Where’s the work?” He smiled.

“We’re very close already!” Gerard was back from Frank’s speech.

He opened the door of a room. It was the attic, it wasn’t like the ground floor which was full of art works. There was only one picture at the middle which was covered with a white cloth. Apart from that, this room was still a mess, because painting paraphernalia were everywhere, colors were everywhere. Even a few cups of coffee were on the floor.

Gerard approached the picture. “Here it is, but I haven’t finished yet.” Then he pulled off the cloth from it.

It was a boy, a tergant boy who was in a forest. He was wearing a beige shirt, a brown short, and in braces as well.

“Um...It’s not me, right?” Frank feared.

“No, it’s actually you!” Gerard answered excitedly and looked a bit insane too. “If you can remember, all I’ve drawn were either plants or non-living things.” He explained with his hands open and turned around. “I always think that I’m missing something, but I just don’t know what I’ve missed.” Turned around again and faced Frank. “Till the day I’ve met you, I finally awoke! I realized that all I’ve missed for a long time is something animated! Something lively!” He approached Frank and held his hands. “Thanks Frank! You just filled my gap!”

“Hey! I’m not fucking gay!” But Frank evaded him. “You’re insane! I shouldn’t come with you! And I shouldn’t have had met you at the first place!” He opened the door, ran downstairs.

Gerard followed immediately. “No! I don’t mean that!” And clutched Frank’s upper arm.

“Fag.” Frank turned back. Gerard gasped and stunned. He could feel the anger and disappointment from him, so he just let him go.

“Frank...” Gerard whispered to the disappearing spot of Frank. He was so confused and glanced around. “Am I too wrong to speak my heart out? I was just sharing my feelings... And I guess... I don’t like you in that way but just in a friend way... I guess...”
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