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Chapter 2: So..Sleepy.

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Becca waits up for her mother, only to end up tired in the morning. As if things could get weirder than her mother going out, Damien seems to show an interest in her, only confusinf her more.

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I'd like to tell you that it has come to my attention that my story has similarities to that of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, I wanted to say it now. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAID SERIES!!!

Now that that's out of the way, here's chapter 2!


I trudged through the snow, vaguely aware of where I was going. I turned another corner and saw Maryville High School sitting in the same spot as the day before, waiting. I was so tired, I was almost glad to see it. Why was I so tired? Let me tell you something, I'm not really what one would call a "worry wart" (or whatever it was), so normally, you wouldn't see me worrying over anything. However, when the clock struck ten, and my mom wasn't home, I started to worry. I was even worse when she didn't answer her cell phone, and didn't call me. I stayed up--in my room of course--until 3:00 AM, waiting for my mother to get home. When she did, it was another hour before I actually fell asleep. Then, as if things couldn't get worse, I woke up at five-thirty, so I got a grand total of an hour and-a-half of sleep.

Oh Joy.

Needless to say, I was exhausted. In order to stay awake, I walked to school. The bitter cold was keeping me awake. I was in a pair of gray sweats, a white tank top with a gray jacket, zipped up to my chest. In other words, I was in my pajamas.

Almost....there.. I thought, walking up to the door. Weakly, I pulled the door to the quad, which was outside, letting me in the school. I was bitterly disappointed. I wanted warmth. It was even colder there! I slid over to one of the benches, and wiped it clean of snow.

"I don't want that kind of blanket." I thought aloud to myself as I lay down and used my binder as a pillow. I was absurdly early, people wouldn't be coming to school for at least an hour. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered why I didn't just stay in my bed at home, but quickly realized that I would ditch school, although at the moment, that didn't seem like a bad idea.

After a few minutes of resting, there was a voice, "Is she sleeping?"

I quickly recognized the voice,/ Are you serious!?/

"I don't know Damien, why don't you find out." The other, namely Demitri, challenged.

No, go away. I thought, hoping he would somehow hear my thoughts and leave me alone. You know, decide that I didn't matter.

My hopes of that happening were shattered when I felt a cold hand on my face, "Becca, are you awake?" Damien asked, breathing against my ear.

My eyes shot open, and I jumped back, only to hit my head against the rough brick behind me. I rubbed the area, hoping it wasn't bleeding, and glad when I found it wasn't.

"Are you OK?" He asked, looking slightly amused at my alarm.

"Yeah, I'm just..tired." I answered, choosing my words carefully. I didn't want to sound too interesting.

He watched me carefully, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just exhausted." I said, laying back on the bench.

"Well, I have to get something to Ms. Robles." Demitri interrupted, a sly smile on his face.

I eyed the look on his face, but thought nothing of it as he walked away from us. "What are you doing here so early?" I asked, realizing that I'd only been there for a few minutes.

"I always come to school this early, Demitri normally has something to talk to a teacher about or something, and we only have one car." He answered, "What about you?"

I sat up, so he could sit down, but when he did, he pulled my head back down, so my head was in his lap. I blushed, "Uh, I just w-wanted to get to school early." I pulled my binder up, to be a pillow. It was softer than his stone-like legs.

He stared down at me, his eyes reading what I didn't say it seemed. He was reading between the lines. "Why are you so tired?" He asked.

Didn't I chase him off yesterday? I thought bitterly. With the way things looked now, it seemed that he wasn't moving.

"I was up late." I wasn't lying. I was up late the night before, I just omitted some details. He didn't need to know.

He stroked my hair lightly, but didn't say anything. I didn't feel the need to fill the silence, it was comfortable like that. I found my self drifting off to sleep, and eventually, I fell completely into a dreamless sleep.


"Whoa! Get up!"

There was something warm around me, and I snuggled closer to it. Go away. I thought, still sleepy. I reminded myself of Double D from Edd, Ed & Eddy. You know, that one episode when he's so tired and he causes all that mayhem, when really, all he's doing is sleeping? Well, you should. Anyway, that's how I felt as everyone crowded around to see if A) I died. B) I was a homeless person or C) What all the fuss was.

I sat up, "What?!" I yelled unhappily, wiping my tired eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked, staring at me.

I looked around, I was on the bench, my binder under my head like a pillow. I quickly looked around for Damien. Had that been a dream? For some strange reason, I hoped not. Although our conversation was not necessarily the most interesting, I liked it. I realized that I was wrong to judge him so quickly, he was a cool guy(to a certain extent of course, it was pretty creep the way he layed me in his lap!).

"Becca? What are you looking for?" Jayson asked, following my eyes as they darted around the area.

"Nothing. Sorry guys, I came to school really early and fell asleep." I sighed and stood, realizing I was wearing Sam's coat. "Don't you want this?" I asked, noting that he was in nothing but a t-shirt without his coat.

He shivered, "Naw, I don't want Jayson to give you hers, girls need the warmth."

I pursed my lips, "Oh, that's it. I don't think I need the warmth Sam." I said, tossing his jacket back at him.

He caught it, a surprised look on his face. Jayson gave me a thumbs up from behind him.

"Look at what you're wearing!" He yelled, inspecting my clothes.

"What? They're my pajamas." I answered, immediately wishing I hadn't said that.

"Why are you in your pajamas?" Jayson asked.

"Why are/those/ your pajamas?" Sam asked, pointing at my pants. I had to say, with my gray shoes to match, it did look like a normal, regular outfit.

"I didn't feel like changing this morning." I defended. "Don't worry guys, I live in a house, just like you." I nodded slowly, a small smirk on my face.

They both jumped, "H-h-how could you have assumed that we thought that didn't have a house!" Jayson yelped defensively.

I just laughed as I walked to my first period, Sam close behind.

I sat through the class, half listening, half sleeping, yet completely thinking about Damien and earlier that morning. I was so sure that he was with me, laying my head in his cold lap. If it had been a dream, then why could I still feel the coldness of said lap on my arm? It was as if there was this one spot on my arm that would not warm, no matter how much I rubbed it(stupid faulty friction). By the time lunch came around, I was slipping every which way. It was the only way I was getting around.

"Hey man, you need to like, wake up." Sam said, catching me as I fell to the ground for the fifth time.

"Sleepy, sleepy." I muttered, burying my head in his arm.

He sighed and practically carried me into the cafeteria, mumbling about how light I was and that I needed to eat more. I ignored his comments and sat in my spot, leaning on Jayson for support as I slept. I felt something work its way into my mouth, but disregarded it. I just wanted to sleep. It wasn’t until I felt the rush of caffeinated liquid slide down my throat.

“Gah! Are you trying to kill me!?” I choked out, grape soda all over my tank top. I coughed for a few minutes, ridding myself of the invasion in my throat.

“We were just trying to wake you up.” Jayson sighed innocently, wiping the funnel, and putting it back in her purse.

“Why do you keep a funnel in your purse!?” I asked, still catching my breath.

“My parents are therapists, they have mental and regular patients, and they sometimes have to use the funnels to get them to drink ‘cause some of them have cerebral, or something like that.” She sighed, “I just took one from the cupboard.”

“Why did you bring it to school?” I asked, hoping that it could be considered a weapon.

“I don’t know, it just seemed cool.” She shrugged, zipping her red purse closed.

My friends are such freaks. I thought, shaking my head at her.

“So, why are you so tired anyway?” Sam asked, looking past me, at a boy I recalled as Tyler DeMason, the freshman Algebra 1 teacher’s son.

“I just didn’t get a lot of sleep.” I watched as he stared after Tyler, “Why are you staring at DeMason like that?” I asked, curiosity finally getting the better of me.

His eyes snapped downward, as if Tyler had caught him as well, and shook his head, “No reason,” He quickly changed the subject, “Why didn’t you get a lot of sleep?”

“I just didn’t.” I answered, not happy at the subject change. I looked around the cafeteria, trying to decipher Sam’s words, and his eye movements, but I wasn’t very good at it, and was easily detracted.

Like when my eyes landed on Dimitri, on his way to the table he always sat at with Damien, I watched as he sat, my eyes shifting over to the pale boy across from him. I committed to memory the way he looked when Dimitri sat down, the way he smiled when he was given a pizza slice, and the way he chomped down on the poor thing, still looking handsome as he destroyed it.

I watched almost in awe, trying to be conspicuous, but not succeeding.

“You’re staring again.” Jayson whispered in my ear.

I sat up quickly, trying to hide my chagrin. Jayson and Sam found this funny(more like hilarious). My mind wondered back to earlier when Sam was staring at Tyler. I refused to think that he was checking the boy out–though I had no problem with gay people. It just weirded me out to think about.

I decided that I would ask Sam about it later, for soon I was once again wrapped up in my memory of this morning–unless it turned out to be a dream, then I would be obsessing over nothing. I tried to deny that thought as I slipped and skidded to fifth period. I would just have to find out for myself, without actually asking so my sanity wouldn’t have to be questioned.

I walked into the warm classroom and sat in my seat.

“Hey there, are you feeling better?”

I looked up to see Damien, beautiful, interesting Damien, take his seat next to me, a playful smile on his face.

Does he always smile like that? I thought, frowning.

“Define better.” I sighed as I lay my head on my desk.

“Not tired.” He answered, that smile still in place on his face.

“Then no, I feel horrible.” I liked that smile on his face, I found myself wanting to see more of it, so I turned my head to look at him.

“Do you want a ride home after school?”

I was completely taken off guard by that one, “What?”

“You’re too tired to walk home, and definitely underdressed for it too." He motioned to my outfit, my poor tank top soiled purple, seeable through the small crack in the zipper,"If you got hurt walking home..”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but I knew where he was going with it, and shuddered at the thought.

“Fine.” I answered, just before Mrs. Marks started with her lecture.


I trudged into sixth period, history. Our teacher, Mr. Smith had been going on about how people in some time were obsessed with mythical creathures, you know, vampires, werewolves, that kind of stuff.

I had no interest in these things, so I payed little attention to his lectures, and decided that I’d copy Sam’s notes at lunch or something. I stared out the window that I was so foolishly placed next to, thinking about Damien’s offer to drive me home. It was strange, I was so rude to him yesterday, and he wanted to drive me home? Maybe he was planning on beating me up, maybe he could knock me out or something and I could finally get some goddam sleep. I would have been forever grateful at that moment, I was so tired. I just couldn’t help but wonder what my mother was doing, and if her being out all the time would be a regular schedule.

Soon enough the class ended, and I trudged out of the room, Sam next to me. I mentally noted that he was staring at Tyler DeMason once again, but was too tired to ask why. I figured that I could ask when I got the notes that I needed.

As we walked out of the school, I noticed Damien waiting outside, that same smile I loved on his face.

“I’ve got to go Sam, see ya later.” I smiled, hugging him goodbye.

“See you tomorrow,” he sighed, walking the opposite way from myself.

“Hey.” Damien smiled, turning to lead me to his car.

“Hey, doesn’t Dimitri need a ride?” I asked, remembering in my dream/reality that they shared a car.

“No, Dimitri’s going over to a friends house.” He answered, opening the passenger door to a navy blue Chrysler LHS, and let me slip in. He was soon in the drivers seat, turning the ignition and the heat; all the way up. He focused all of the vents on me as we backed out of the parking lot.

At first, the ride was quiet as I realized that I had ten toes and fingers.

“Are you feeling,” he stopped to find the right word, “less tired now?”

“As opposed to...?” I asked,

“This morning.”

So it wasn’t a dream! I felt increasingly sane as it sunk in. I wasn’t crazy. Not yet at least.

“A little.”

“Will your mother be home?”

I looked at him, there was no way that he knew it was just my mother and myself. I told myself it was a lucky guess.

“I don’t know, that’s kind of the reason I was up late last night.” I admitted, looking away from his excruciatingly beautiful face in embarrassment.

He looked at me for a second, scrutinizing my face, and I knew he was seeing through me again, reading between what had been said.

Was I just an open book to him?

We were at my house, and I felt more tired than I had that morning. Getting out of the car, I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with me; it was hard to move around, I could barley see.

I slipped.

I was caught.

“What?!” I yelled, surprised by the hard, cold arms wrapped around me.

“It’s just me, don’t have a cow, Becca” He laughed softly, helping me to the front door. I fumbled with the key–he watched me closely–but eventually got it in the lock and let him into my house.

I trudged my way over to the couch in the moderately sized living room, practically jumping on it in my desperate need to feel something comfortable under me. The plastic chairs at school just weren’t working for me. I made room for Damien to sit, but soon found my head in his cold lap. Just like that morning.

“Tell me, where your mother is.” He breathed, running his hands through my chestnut hair.

I wasn’t sure what he was after, but I decided to tell him anyway, “For the first time ever, she was out insanely late last night, I mean she didn’t get home until like three A.M. I got worried and waited up for her.”

He looked at me, “That was nice of you.”

I wanted to ask him what he was thinking; he seemed lost in thought as he ran his cold, pale fingers through my hair. I also wanted to ask if I needed to turn the heat up more, he didn’t seem to be receiving any of it, but all of my questions were going to have to wait, since sleep claimed me as the silence continued.

That's when it all really began.


It's almost hard to believe, but I have a friend like Jayson, although she never choked me with a funnel, she just poured the soda down my throat...ANYWAY I would love to hear some CONTSRUCTIVE AND KIND things from anyone who's reading this, and thanks for reading it!
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