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Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

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“You can come to my house! We can play Yahtzee, and Monopoly, and, and, Yahtzee!”

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It was about 6 o clock, Friday night, and Cami was in her room getting ready for the drive-in. It was chilly outside, so Cami went for a pair of grayish jeans, frayed at the end, and a black zip-hoodie with thin white stripes. She glanced at her phone, checking the time, as she touched up her eyeliner. Once she was finished, she ran downstairs, calling to her aunt.

“I’m going out, I’ll be back…later!” She got no response, so she just left. During school that day, Mikey gave her his address, so she could pick up Holly and take her there, and they could all meet up before heading to the drive-in.

She drove for a while before pulling into Holly’s driveway. Holly was waiting outside, taking pictures by the tree in front of her house. She climbed into the car. Cami whistled at her as she shut the door.

“Hey hot stuff, ready for you date with mystery man?” Holly checked herself in Cami’s car mirror, then nodded.

“Gee sent me a picture on my cell. He looks pretty cute.” Holly said, pulling out her cell and opening the picture. Cami looked at it, away from the road, for so long that Holly had to grab the wheel. Cami reached for the phone to inspect closer, but Holly slapped her hand away. “10 and 2!” She scolded. “Not….in the passenger seat!” Cami grinned and took the wheel.

“Sorry. I forget sometimes..” Then she looked back towards the road. “He looks like your type.” She added. They drove a little further before turning into Mikey’s driveway. The girls could see shadows in the living room curtains that seemed to be jumping up and down. Cami came to the door and knocked. Gerard answered, and put a finger to his lips in a “shh”. Holly and Cami crept inside quietly, to find Mikey laughing his ass off at Frankie, who was jumping up and down on the couch.

Cami couldn’t stay silent any longer and burst out laughing. Frankie turned and stopped jumping, grinning sheepishly.

“Might I ask why you were jumping on the couch?” Cami asked, after regaining her breath.

“Well, I’m excited! Cause I gotta hot date tonight. Who should be arriving any minute now…” Frankie replied, then seemed to have a revelation. “Is it you?” He asked, poking Cami. Mikey stood up at this, and directed Frankie towards Holly.

Frankie, this is Holly.” He explained. Frankie waved at her then glanced out the window. Mikey sighed. “Frankie, this is Holly, you date.” Frankie turned to Holly again, who gave him a half-wave.

“Hey Frankie.” She said, then turned to Cami. “He’s even cuter in person!” She said, and Frankie laughed.

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” He said. “And might I say, you’re gorgeous.” He took Holly’s hand and kissed it. Cami grinned at him, walking to Mikey’s side.

“D’awwe, they’re so corny!” She said, grabbing his arm and laying her head on his shoulder. “Now can we get going?” She said, straightening up/ “The movie starts in 15 minutes, and it’s like, 12 minutes away.”

“Um, Cami? You never said what we’re going to see.” Holly said, zipping her hoodie up a little further as Frankie opened the door.

“Ohh, some scary movie. I heard it’s a classic. Rocky Horror Picture Show? They’re playing it special there I guess, I’ve never seen it.” They all agreed to see the movie, then waled out the door.

“Gerard, can you lock the door?” Mikey called, and Gerard peeked hi head from the other room.

“Yeah, I guess. You guys go have fun.” Mikey stopped in her way out.

“Gee? You wanna come too?”

“Naw.” Gerard said, a smile growing on his face. “I don’t want to be a hassle. Plus, there’s no room in the car for me. You guys go, I’ll hold down the fort.” Mikey grinned at him, then ran out the door to Cami’s car, which was running.

“Get your slow ass in the backseat!” Cami yelled out the window. “We’ll be late!” Mikey climbed in next to Frankie and buckled up.

“Cami?” he asked, leaning around her headrest.

“Yeah?” She replied, without taking her eyes away from the road.

“Seatbelt?” Mikey said, pointing to it.

“Pfft! I hardly wear it.” She said, but resigned herself to take the precaution, for Mikey. “Holly! Take the wheel!” Cami said quickly, as she reached for the seatbelt. The car swerved a bit, nearly missing a pick-up truck, then stabilized as Holly steered. Cami latched the belt, then grabbed the wheel again. Frankie piped up from the backseat.

“How the hell did you ever get a license, you maniac?!” Cami turned around for a moment, flashing a grin.

“Cousin works down at the DMV.” She passed her license into the backseat. “Ahh, the infamous license picture…” She said, reminiscing. Her photo was not the best. “There was a party the night before. I went straight from there to get my picture.”

In the photo Cami’s hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, and he face was twisted into some half-talking, half-smiling, half-laughing expression. It was still cute, but rather bizarre.

“I might have been a teensy bit hung-over…” Cami explained. “I don’t’ normally drink that much, but you know, family parties…” She added quickly.

“Yeah, right Cami!” Holly said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Okay, maybe that was a tiny white lie!” Cami said innocently. “It’s in my genes…I think it’s my birthright or something.” Everyone laughed, as they pulled into the drive-in.

“Alright. How bout you boys go get some refreshments, while we set up the speakers?” Holly suggested, opening her door. Mikey and Frank headed towards the snack bar, and Cami set up the sound.

“Soo, how do you like Mr. Frankie so far?” Cami asked, climbing back into her seat.

“He seems nice…though you know what I have to do with Mikey, right?” Cami groaned.

“Ugh! Do ya have to?”

“No, but I want to!” Holly replied devilishly. She climbed into the backseat and waited for the two to return. When they got back, they sat down next to their respective dates and passes the treats around. Cami turned around, getting the last word in before the movie started.

“Go easy on him, please?” Holly nodded, but held up her crossed fingers. Cami frowned at her, but turned around smiling.

“Hey! It’s you and Cami!” Frankie said, kicking the back of Mikey’s seat when the bride and groom came down the stairs.

“Well, then, those two are you guys!” Mikey replied when the next musical number started. The four went through the movie, laughing and pointing things out.

“Hey Frankie!” Cami shouted from the front. “Are you a transsexual transvestite from Transylvania?”

“You know it!” Was his answer.

“Wow…” Holly said, when the “perfect man” was unveiled. “Tim Curry may be one God-awful ugly woman, but he/she sure knows how to build a man!”

“What? I’m not good enough for you?” Frankie whimpered jokingly.

“Well if you were that guy, then I’d have to be a transvestite…” They laughed, and Cami shouted, when Meat Loaf came on-screen.

“Meat Loaf?!”

“Meat Loaf?” Mikey asked. “The dish?”

“Nooo! Meat Loaf the singer!” Cami said, bonking him on the head. They tried singing along through it, though none of them knew the words. This made them laugh even louder. When they came to the dinner table scene, Cami squealed out loud. “Omigosh! They’re eating Meat Loaf!”

At the end of the movie, they could all hardly breathe from laughing. Almost instantly, once the credits started, Cami and Frankie both said: “I’ll get the trash!” They shot a glare at each other.

“It’s my car, Frankie. I’ll get it.”

“I’m being a gentleman. I’ll get it.”

“Why don’t you just both go. It’s not like it’s a big deal. It’s garbage.” Mikey said, and they both got out of the car laughing.

“Frankie,” Cami said, trying for a 3-pointer in the trashcan with a candy wrapper. “I’ll have you know I whole-heartedly approve of you and Holly.” He reached to block her shot.

“Thanks.” He said. “That means a lot.” He missed the block, but the wind picked up and blew the wrapper off its target anyways. Cami got irritated and just dumped the trash in, but laughed about it. They went back to the car, and when they got in, Frankie planted a big kiss on Holly. Not to be outdone, Cami did the same with Mikey.

“Is this some competition, or did you mean that?” He asked, laughing. Cami ruffled his hair.

“Little of both!” She said with a grin. “Now, shall we get going? Sitting here with a blank screen is boring!”

“Then, let’s do something exciting!” Holly piped up.

“And naked!” Frankie added. Cami, Holly, and Mikey just looked at him. “…Or not?” He said, grinning.

“Now, now,” Mikey said. “Let’s not be too condemning…” Cami and Holly switched their look to Mikey.

“Good to see you loosening up,” Holly said, “But no.” Cami nodded in agreement, then started the car. She flipped the radio to a good station, then started to backup the car.

“So…what now?” She asked, stopping the car abruptly, to let a few terrified people pass.

“Aside from attempted murder?” Holly said. “We could go loiter somewhere.”

“Oh yeah!” Cami said. “Let’s go freak out the salespeople at Wal-Mart!” She took a turn, now on the road, towards the store. “What’ll we do this time?” She asked. “Fake bridal registry? Hiding in the clothes rack?”

“There’s a world of possibilities! We can figure it out when we get there.” Holly replied smiling at the ideas. Cami pulled into the parking space and popped her trunk. She got out of the car and started digging through as other three gathered around. Pulling out a hairbrush, she started ratting her hair. She tossed Mikey a clip with a bright pink bow on it.

“Bizarre outfit entrance?” Holly asked. Cami nodded and beckoned her closer to the trunk.

“Take your pick darling. And dress your Frankie too!”

“Cami?” Mikey asked. “Do you always carry this stuff in your trunk?” He was holding up a piano-key tie and a pair of bright green shorts with purple polka dots.

“Of course, why?” She said, pulling out a tiny top hat and fastening it to her hair. He just laughed at her. Holly started pulling things out, and handing them to Frankie-a dreadlock wig, a short purple skirt, and bright orange light-up sneakers. All those to compliment her own mini eggshell-whit umbrella, denim Capri overalls, and blue bunny slippers. Cami gave Mikey a Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it to finish his look, and topped off her own with a puffy pirate-like shirt and a pair of pj pants with alphabet soup patterns on it.

They walked into the store in a line, with people already staring at them. Cami grinned widely as she linked arms with Mikey. As they entered the store, there was a greeter with a water bottle and a smile plastered onto his face.

“Welcome to Wal-Mart!” He said in a voice that was creepily cheerful for that time of night. “Would you like a cart-heh?!” Cami grabbed his hand and started shaking it wildly.

“Nice to meet you! Will you be my best friend?” Holly tried to hold in her laughter, while Mikey just stood and stared. Frankie caught on, and joined Cami in greeting the greeter. He ran up and gave him a big bear hug.

“You can come to my house! We can play Yahtzee, and Monopoly, and, and, Yahtzee!” The greeter pried the two off of him, handing them a basket.

“Have a nice time.” He snarled, a crooked smile on his face. They all walked on, then Holly pointed.

“Mannequins!” Cami nodded, then grabbed Mikey and tossed him onto a mannequin stand. She adjusted his clothes, positioned him into a pose where he had on hand on his hip, and the other as though he was checking a watch.

“Stay!” She commanded, then climbed up next to him and looped her arms around, with a cutesy expression and one leg popped up. Holly had a very risqué pose with her leg up on Frankie, and her arms around his neck. Frankie held her leg up and dipped her back slightly.

They got a few strange looks, and once, a girl came up to study Cami’s shirt. She ran off screaming when Cami started talking.

“Help…me! They replaced my body with a mannequin!” After this, they spread out to various clothes racks with the plan down packed. Mikey hid in one and, when a shopper came by, started flailing.

“Oh! Pick me! I’m 100% cotton!” Cami grinned from her rack as he was finally loosening up. She snuck from her spot and climbed into his.

“Hey,” She whispered. “How goes the scaring?”

“Well, I made a guy cry a little bit ago…so I’d say, good.” She giggled at him as he adjusted his glasses.

“Do you know where Holly and Frankie went?” She asked, peeking out.

“They’re in the dressing rooms. Probably making out.” Mikey replied.

“Nah, you guys are about fifteen minutes late for that!” Frankie giggled as he and Holly walked to their rack hand in hand.

“Cami, this is getting kinda boring. We should go to a club!” Holly suggested.

“I do have those extra clubbing clothes in my trunk…” Cami pondered.

“What don’t you have in your trunk?” Mikey asked sarcastically.

“A dead body.” Cami answered automatically.

“That gets put in Wednesday!” Holly chimed in cheerfully giggling.

“Okay, let’s go.” They left the Wal-Mart and all got into the car, but not before the girls changed. Apparently, they were experts at changing clothes in cars…it left Mikey and Frankie to wonder why.

“Get in!” Cami called, once she and Holly were dressed for the club. The boys climbed in and they set off to the city and to a nightclub. “Holly, you got the fake IDs?”

“Yup!” Holly reached into her low-cut top and pulled out three cards. She handed Cami one, and Mikey another, while Frankie took hers and observed it.

“Good golly Holly! Did you make these?” He asked.

“Yeah, she did, and we know you just wanted to say ‘good golly holly’.” Cami told him. They pulled into the parking lot of the club and got out. “Yes! Holly, Kevin’s bouncing!”

“Fuck yes!” Holly squealed. The guys gave the girls odd looks. “Kevin’s an old friend of mine. He let’s us in and let’s us drink when we’re in there. Cause usually if Kevin’s bouncing, Gary’s bartending.” Holly explained simply. “Let’s go!!” She and Cami linked arms and skipped to the front of the line, much to the other’s dismay and shouts.

“Hey Kev!” Cami called out. Kevin looked at the two girls and smiled.

“Hey, you guys wanna get in?” He asked.

“Yup!” Holly answered.

“Go on, have a good time.” He let the girls in, but stopped the boys when they tried to follow. “Not you two. Lemme see some ID.”

“No, no Kev, they’re with us.” Cami told him, gasping Mikey’s hand and Holly took Frank’s and led them past Kevin, who just nodded and went back to checking everyone else’s IDs.

“Sorry about that, he’s kinda protective of us.” Holly muttered. “OOOOH!! CAMI! LET’S DANCE!”

“ADD moment, but okay!!” They two girls rushed to the dancefloor, and Frankie followed. Mikey lagged behind, and Frank noticed.

“Dude, these girls are waiting for us, come on!”

“I can’t.” Mikey muttered.

“Why the fuck not?!” Frank asked.

“I can’t dance like that.” Mikey told him, pointing to some break-dancer.

“Well, neither can I!” Frank told him. “But you can still dance. You just gotta follow Cami’s movements.”

“Okay, but I fuck this up, you’re going down.”

“Like I haven’t heard that before.” And they went out to find the girls, except they were gone. They looked around and Frankie clapped a hand on Mikey’s shoulder as a new song began. He kept patting his shoulder until Mikey directed his attention to where he was looking. Both of their jaws hit the ground. The girls were sliding down two poles on the stage, next to the DJ, like they were pros.

“Oh. My. God.” Mikey muttered. He didn’t know if he should be embarrassed or happy of what his almost/maybe girlfriend was doing. Frank seemed to enjoy it. Watching Holly that is. His tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth. The girls looked like they did this routine often, because they threw in some gymnastics. Flips and spins and such and trading poles in mid-air. Once the song was done, they bowed to the crowd that had stopped dancing to watch them and waved while laughing and jumping off the stage. They ran to the guys and jumped on them in hugs.

“That was incredible!!” Frankie gushed to the two of them, holding Holly close. “And you weren’t even drunk! Where’d you learn to do that?”

“Well, we got bored just dancing once, and we decided to do that one day, and we kept doing it and worked out a routine. We do it every once in a while.” Cami explained. “It was all Holly’s idea to do it in the first place.”

“Only because you called me a stripper for my skirt!” Holly joked. “I told her, “if I’m such a stripper, I’m gonna go pole dance then!” Then I dragged her up there with me, and it’s always fun.”

“Who cares?” Frank said. “Let’s dance some more.” He and Holly started to dance and Cami did too. Mikey was freaking out inside. He found the beat of the song and started to move to it. Then he started calculating Cami’s movements into his own until a voice softly broke his concentration.

“You’re over thinking it.” Cami spoke softly to him. She had turned to face him and put her hands on his shoulders to stop him. “Okay, follow my lead.” She started swaying a bit and he followed suit. “Good, good. Now just let your body move, don’t think about it.” Cami started dancing how she did earlier and this time, Mikey just let go. He was a pretty good dancer, once he let loose. The great thing about this club, was that they didn’t only play rap and R&B. They played punk music too, and that’s what the girls loved most. They started dancing in the middle of the club, the most compacted part, but were still laughing about it.

“Hey, Cami, we should head out.” Holly yelled over the Sum 41 song. “I’ve got to work in the morning.”

“Meh. I guess we could leave now.” Cami said, taking her keys out of her top and jingling them. “I’ll drop you kiddies off first, and then Mikey, and go home myself.” They left the club and went to the car. Driving home, there wasn’t much to talk about, everyone kinda buzzed out from the partying. Cami pulled into Holly’s driveway and her and Frank got out, they said goodnight to Cami and Mikey and ran inside. “Ten bucks that they’re gonna fuck.”

“You’ll win, so I’m not gonna take that bet.” Mikey laughed. Cami drove back to his house. He went to get out and Cami stopped him and kissed his lips quickly, but softly.

“Thanks for coming out with me tonight.” She whispered. “I’ll see you later.” She yawned and looked like she was about to pass out.

“Uh, do you, uh, wanna come in?” Mikey asked. “I don’t think you should drive that tired.”

“Oh, um, I don’t know.” Cami said. She knew not to throw herself at Mikey, but she was really tired, and driving wasn’t really one of her best subjects when she was awake, let alone half-asleep. “Okay.” She turned off her car and went into the house. Gerard was sleeping on the couch and Mikey went to put a blanket over his brother. Cami noted how sweet that was of him.

“Let’s go.” Mikey took her upstairs to his room and gave her a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt to change into and then she went to change into them in the bathroom across the hall. When she got back to the door, she awkwardly knocked. He opened it and she stepped in. “Sorry, we don’t have a guestroom, and since Gerard’s on the couch, he wouldn’t want to wake up, go to his room, and find some girl in his bed. So, you can have my bed.” He laid down on a pile of blankets on the floor but Cami grabbed his arm.

“You can stay up here.” She told him, patting the side of the bed. “I don’t mind.”

“Okay.” Mikey climbed back up into the bed and Cami subconsciously snuggled into him and fell asleep.

{{sorry for any errors in spacing, etc., i'm posting without actually spell-checking. and the whole club scene was written by my bestie and fellow fanficcer PanicFOBAcademy26, aka Kaitlin, aka Holly, aka etc.. on a whim cause she thought it'd be fun. And also, something which seems to be a rising trend in my writing, she typed it all up for me. isn't she sweet? you should go read her stories and tell her how sweet she is.
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