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Admission,Some Competition and Buzzin Around

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Someone finally admits their feelings,get ready for some competition and just a little buzzing around...

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Chapter 4-“Admission, Some Competition and Buzzin Around”

And her face was the last thing he saw when sleep claimed him…


In the morning…more like dawn…

Frank woke up to see that somehow, during the night, Alix was leaning on his chest, her hair splayed out and his arms around her, she was still sleeping and she had this adorable smile on her face. ‘Must have been a good dream…not that I didn’t have a good one either…’ and with that he smiled…and just leaned his head on top of hers and drifted off too.


“Have you guys seen Alix? She’s not in her bunk, so is Frank…He was with her last night…” Bob asked the rest
“Uh…nope…” answered Mikey
“Um guys…I think I found them…” Ray answered awkwardly
“Um…here…”Ray said, pointing to the couch that held Alix and Frank, sleeping.
“What the-Frank! What the hell are you doing with Alix?” Bob nudged Frank, whispering violently.
“Huh? Oh…”Frank said groggily, rubbing his eyes, “What? We fell asleep watching a movie, and I couldn’t move her anymore since she was sleeping so I decided to sleep here too, she was leaning on me…” ‘Not that I didn’t enjoy it…’
“So you just decided to cuddle and cozy with my cousin here, huh Iero?”
“God…damn it…never mind…I guess it’s the “overprotective” thing…”
Alix started stirring and she slowly opened her eyes, to see four pairs of eyes staring at her, she recognized Mikey’s smiling eyes, Ray’s laughing ones, Bob’s glare and Frank’s soft stare. “Uh…good morning guys! Nice to see you all staring at me…is this part of the welcoming committee?”
“Uh…no…sorry…”Mikey said
“Well, seeing as you and Frankie slept here on the couch and weren’t in your bunks…Big Brother Bob here was worried sick where his “little sister” was…” Ray chuckled.
“Oh…Bob, god, I told you…I’m not 12 anymore and I can handle myself, besides, you did know I was with Frank, right? So that leaves nothing to worry about…”
“Fine…but you better take care Iero…especially when you’re with my cousin.” Bob answered
“Enough of that, Bob…its okay…I’m sure Frankie here is not a bad person…” she smirked.
“Hey!” Frankie feigned he was hurt by her words “I can be bad…”
“Kidding Frankie, anyways, what time is it?”
“Its 30 minutes before we leave, so that makes 3:30 in the morning…”
“Oh…so by 4 we start leaving for L.A.?”
“Where’s Gee?”
“He’s still sleeping…he slept late, drawing again…”Mikey answered
“Oh…okay…” She said getting up, she went into the bunk area to freshen up. She washed her face, and brushed her hair and just placed a hair band in it…After that she went back to where the guys were.
“You guys want some breakfast? I’m hungry…”
“Hell yeah…we’re starving…” Ray smiled
“Okay okay…it’s like you guys haven’t eaten in three months…” She laughed and she proceeded to the bus’ kitchen to make breakfast.


In the couch area of the bus…with Frankie, Mikey and Ray (Bob went outside the bus)

“Hey Frank, what’s up with you and Alix?” asked Ray
“Uh…nothing…why do you ask?”
“Nothing…” Ray smirked and Frank knew that look, it was the I-know-something-that-you-don’t look…
“Spit it out Ray…”
“Well, you seem to be close to her…and you smile at her often and you stare a lot too, just saying man…”
“Well yeah…hello? You just slept beside her last night, not to mention watched a movie and went to Starbucks…”
“And your point is?”
“Well, it seems you like her…”
“And what if I do? Doesn’t mean anything…”
“So you do like her…knew it…” Mikey said
“Huh? I just said if…but doesn’t mean I don’t wait…stop confusing me man!”
“See…” Ray smirked again…
“Fine, so maybe I do…”
“Knew it…but it looks like you’re going to have some competition…”
“Who?” Frank asked, surprised
This time Mikey was the one who talked, “Did you see the way my brother looked at her, it looks like he also likes her, seeing as he invited her today to watch a movie with him after the show…not to mention I know he’s planning to ask her to come to the concert…”
“So, you’re saying that Gerard also likes her? Impossible…”
“Tsk tsk…I can see denial, Mr. Iero, c’mon, how bad can a little healthy competition be?”
“Yeah I know, but it lessens my chances with her…”
“True enough…it looks like we have forgotten one thing…”
“What thing?”
“Bob…he just went overprotective on you when you guys were just beside each other, imagine if he finds out about this…and to either see one of you or Gerard dating her…”
“You got a point, but I’m sure Bob will understand…besides I’m sure he wants Alix to be happy too…” Frank reassured
Just then Alix came and was amazed they were quiet… “Um…sorry to interrupt but breakfast is here…”


At the eating area…

Alix stood up from her seat and went to the bunk area to wake up Gerard and tell him to eat. “I’ll just be back in a sec, I’ll just wake Gerard and tell him to eat…”
“Okay…”Frank said with his mouth full… “Be careful, Gerard gets grumpy when he wakes up, not really a morning person…”
“Okay I will!” and she smiled at him…Frank smiled back


In the bunk area…

Alix kneeled down besides Gerard’s bunk and softly nudged him…
“Gerard…wake up…”She softly whispered, “Breakfast’s here…and we’re leaving soon…”
Gerard stirred and he was annoyed that someone was nudging him awake, thinking it was probably Mikey or Frank but then he heard a voice, a soft melodious voice, that couldn’t have belonged to any one of them…maybe Mikey but that only happens when Mikey’s really scared…anyways, it was so soft and feminine, the only girl here was Alix, and he concluded that it was Alix nudging him awake, not that he had any qualms about that…He slowly opened his eyes and was taken aback by what he saw. There she was, with her sparkling icy blues staring softly at him, her pink lips curved into a heart-warming smile, her cheeks held the slightest tinge of pink and her black hair framed her face quite beautifully. All in all, she was breathtaking, he didn’t mind being waking up to her face every morning or being woken up by this angel, and he’d even wake up every time he got the chance to, if that was the case. He was staring at her, like he was afraid he would lose her if he looked away and so he held his intent gaze upon her.
“Is there something wrong? You seem to be staring intently on my face, is it really that ugly?” She asked, slightly laughing…
“Uh…no! I was just really taken aback because your face is really pretty…”
“Flattery will get you nowhere, you do know that right, Mr. Way?” she smiled
“Huh…I mean it…”
“I’m just playing with ya…anyways, we’re leaving soon and if you want breakfast, you better hurry with that ass of yours, since the guys are eating like starved sharks there…”She chuckled, ‘Her laugh is so nice…’ Gerard thought with a smile on his face.
“Oh…right…breakfast, yeah I’ll be up already…”
“Okay, see you then…” and she stood up and went out of the bunk areas.
‘Man, she’s beautiful…I can’t believe I just stared at her like a dumbass, she must’ve thought it was weird…Damn it!’ and with that Gerard got out of bed and proceeded to eat breakfast, eager to see her face again.


Back at the eating area…

“Hey Frankie!”
“Glad you got out of there alive…”He grinned
“Haha, very funny…Gerard is NOT grumpy, I mean he was even smiling…”
“So you got him awake without making a fuss?”
“Yup!” She flashed him a cheery smile
“Wow…you’re like the first person to be able to wake him up, fuss-less…” He smirked
“Fuss-less isn’t even a word…anyways, good to see that you guys left some for Gerard and Bob…”
“Well yeah, since we know that you’ll be upset if we didn’t…” This time he smiled at her, “And we don’t want Princess to be upset, right?”
“Just kidding Alix…”
“Haha…very funny Frankie…”


After breakfast…

“Wanna play some video games? The trip can be really boring…” Frank asked Alix
“Yeah sure, just have to check my phone and my e-mails, Brian said he’d e-mail me all the Meet and Greet stuff…”

In the bunk area…

Alix was sitting in her bunk; hers was on top of Gee’s bunk and facing Frankie’s. She had her laptop in front of her and she was checking her mail, she also opened her Buzznet account, and what she saw on the front page of the site completely threw her off. It was a picture of her and Frank, together in Starbucks, staring at each other and smiling, the caption said, “Could Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance have finally gotten himself a girlfriend?”, she was totally thrown off guard. So she did what she did best, she screamed. “AHH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Frank came rushing in the bunk area and was on the ladder of her bunk in an instant.
“What’s wrong? Is something the matter?” He asked, worry evident in his voice.
“That is! I didn’t even notice them take it!” She screamed, pointing to her laptop.
Frank got on her bunk and took a look at her laptop, and his jaw dropped. There it was, a picture of him and Alix, staring and smiling at each other and read the caption.
“What the-they even have an article!” and he proceeded to read it. It reads:
Could Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance have finally gotten himself a girlfriend?
Frank Iero and this girl, whom we have heard him call, Alix, and later on we found out is none other than Alix Hale, Bob Bryar’s cousin and MCR’s new personal assistant. They were seen at a nearby Starbucks, close to the area where their tour buses were parked and it seems by this picture that they were close and cozying up to each other. They were seen entering the coffee shop together and also left together in a black SUV. Could it be that they are dating? Only time will tell or the more pictures we get of them…Possibly we’ll see a lot more of them, especially since MCR is kicking off their tour in L.A., so we’ll keep you guys posted on this budding My Chemical Romance, pun intended.

“What the hell? They even know my fucking name!” Just then Alix’s phone vibrated, indicating she had unread messages, and she got her phone and started reading them, they were messages from her friends, it seems that they have already seen the Buzznet headlines and have texted her to ask if it was true.
“What the fuck? Even my friends saw this before me…and all these nasty comments about me…I mean, what the hell do they have against me?” She spat out, seeing all those comments of the users on the photo and article, some of them including the words bitch and slut.
“Alix, don’t mind those posers that think they know you enough to call you those names, they’re just people who have nothing better to do but to hate on people. And don’t worry about that article and photo, that’ll soon pass, you gotta get used to being like that now, since you are Bob’s cousin and our personal assistant. Just promise you won’t let them get to you, alright? Cause if you do, I will personally find those people who wrote those things and will kick their sorry asses. Okay?” Frank reassured Alix
“Yeah…yeah, thanks Frankie! I really appreciate that!” and with that she scooted over and she hugged him, a little surprised but Frank hugged her back. Then she gave him one of her pecks on the cheek again.
“No problem…but just one question…”
“Is it really that bad to be called my girlfriend?” He grinned
“NO! I mean I just was really taken aback at that moment, but I’m pretty sure its not that bad being your girlfriend, right?” She joked
“Hey! I’m insulted…”He smirked
“Kidding Frankie!” and she pecked him on the cheek again and then stuck her tongue out at him.
“Ready to get your ass kicked in Grand Theft Auto?”
“HELL NO! Iero, you better get that ass protected, cause I’m going to be the one who’ll do the kicking around here!” They both got off Alix’s bunk and proceeded to the couch area.

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