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Chapter Three

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Kylie arrives at the safehouse, and finds out why she's a target.

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Finally the large iron gates of the safe house, loomed before Wesley’s car and he sighed in relief. He looked over at Kylie, still under the sleeping spell and murmured a few words.
Almost immediately she woke up, and looked around her in groggy confusion.
“Did I sleep the whole way?” She asked, and Wesley nodded.
The gates opened up and he started the car again, driving it down the driveway.
Kylie stared out the window in awe as the house came into view.
“That’s the safe house?” She asked, “I was expecting a little backwoods cabin.”
Wesley chuckled and stopped the car.
“The FBI doesn’t skimp,” he said, before getting out of the car.
Angel met him in front of the car, her wings camouflaged by her jacket.
“I was just informed,” she said, “that Rashad wants to see her immedately.”
He nodded curtly and moved around the car, opening Kylie’s door and helping her out.
“This is Agent Franklin,” he said, gesturing to Angel. “She’ll be one of your guards while you stay here.”
Angel nodded at Kylie, then turned and walked back into the house.
Wesley grasped Kylie’s arm and led her into the house after Angel. They walked through a large front room, into a hallway that led to a closed door.
Wesley knocked on the door, and a softly accented voice, told them to enter.
Rashad stood in front of the window, looking out, but he turned when they entered.
“Good evening Miss Stewart,” he said, coming over and shaking her hand. “I am Agent Rashad Saleeh.”
Kylie looked at the short dark haired man and decided there was something about him she didn’t like, but politeness made her shake his hand anyways.
“Please be seated,” he said, sitting down across from them.
“I am sure that Agent Story has told you some of why you’re here.” Rashad said, “but not everything. Miss Stewart, there is a prophecy about a young woman who will bear a child, a child who, will cause death and chaos wherever he roams. We’re talking the Apocalypse, the end of the world as we know it. The world will become a dark evil place, ruled over by said child and the one man he calls master.”
Rashad paused for a moment, then continued.
“We know for sure that Thorne Nelson is serving this master, but we don’t know who he is.”
“But what does that have to do with me?” Kylie asked in a confused tone.
“Miss Stewart,” Rashad said, “you’re the one destined to bear the child. You are the young woman of prophecy.”

Kylie stared at him in astonishment, then shook her head.
“I can’t bear children,” Kylie said, “there is no way that I am the woman. Thorne must be mistaken, you must be mistaken.”
Rashad shook his head.
“There is no mistake Miss. Stewart,” he said quietly. “The prophecy describes a woman with blonde hair the color of sunlight and green eyes the color of the sea.”
“That describes a thousand women,” Kylie said, “maybe even more then that.”
“Do a thousand women have a birthmark the shape of a snake on her lower back?” Rashad said, and Kylie gasped.
“How did you...?” She asked and he smiled, pulling out a piece of parchment.
“The woman who will bear the babe will be, sun blonde of hair, and eyes of green sea. She will wear the mark, of the slithering beast.” Rashad read, and looked up at Kylie.
“There is more,” he said, “but that should be enough to convince you.”
“What is going to happen to me?” Kylie whispered, truly afraid.
“For now, you will be guarded here,” Rashad said, “ if the master gets hold of you, if he manages to impregnate you, all will be lost. But we will make sure that doesn’t happen. We will find the master, and put a stop to him. Then you will be free to live your own life again.”
He looked at Wesley, who had sat there silent through the whole thing.
“We have decided that Miss Stewart need her own personal bodyguard, in addition to those agents stationed at the house. I’ve decided to assign that to you Wesley.”
He looked at Rashad with a startled glance.
“Why me?” He asked, “why not Angel or one of the other female agents?”
“Because,” Rashad said, “you’re the best.”
He looked into Wesley’s eyes and telepathically linked with him.
“There is a traitor in our midst,” he told Wesley. “I dare only trust you.”
“Why?” He asked Rashad and the older man smiled slightly.
“Because you had a chance to give her over to the master, and you didn’t.” Came the answer.
Wesley nodded, and looked at Kylie.
“I have given you a room adjoining Agent Story’s,” Rashad said to Kylie, standing up. “I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable there.”
Kylie nodded and smiled, then stood up and followed Wesley out the door.
“You doing okay?” Angel asked, who saw the look on Kylie’s face.
“Yes, no, I don’t know,” Kylie answered. “I’m still tired, can you please show me to my room?”
Angel and Wesley nodded, then led her up the stairs, to the door of a room.
“My room is right there if you need anything,” Wesley said, and Kylie nodded, smiling slightly. She opened the door, stepped into the room, then closed the door behind her.
“Are you going to be able to handle this?” Angel asked Wesley, as they walked to his room.
“Why wouldn’t I?” He asked.
“Because you look at her the same way you did Tabatha.” Angel said quietly. “I don’t want to see you get hurt again.”
“I’m fine,” he said, “she is just someone I have to protect.”
“And if you end up having to kill her to get rid of the babe?” Angel asked, “that is a very real possibility, especially if the master gets hold of her.”
“Then I’ll do my duty,” he said, and Angel stared into his eyes.
“Fine,” she said, then yawned. “I’m tired, I’ll see you later.”
For a moment, Wesley watched her go down the hall, then he opened the door to his room, and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.
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