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Health Class Much?

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Health class can be usefull once in a while, although if your too immature to handle it... might as well not take it!

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[i] Ring Ring [/i]
As the bell rings after 12:00, teenagers rush to class as if learning was important. Surprisingly Archie, Herry , Neil, Odie and Jay had Health class next. What a cuinsidance ehh?.As they walked into class holding their orange text books with a diagram of a male area and a diagram of a femal area hint hint they started thinking.. taking this class wasnt such a good choice. They walked into class one after another taking seats near eachother. "Ok, if i dont survive this, Jay you can have half my stuff". Archie wisperd. "What about the other half?" Jay replied. "Dont worry you guys, ive taken this class before in grade 9, its not that bad.. ya its a little humourus but we can handle it now.. were men!" Jay,Archie,Herry and Neil all looked at eachother and started laughing. "Ya Odie. Men! HAH" Neil teased.

"Class- Class, quiet down please." Said the Sex Ed Teacher smacking her ruler down on her desk to get attention. "First i will show you a diagram of the males penis." She said, getting the overhead and asking someone to turn off the lights. She took her ruler and pointed at the diagram."I never knew it looked like [i]that[/i]!?" Archie said." Thats couse you dont have one!" Harry cracked. The class started giggling and sooner the diargram showed the nut sack. "Did you know one of your testicles hangs lower than the other.?" The sex ed teacher said. Harry raised his hand. "Yess" The teacher replied. "Can i go to the washroom?" He asked. Everyone started laughing knowing the reason he wanted to go.

"Ofcourse...Right after we learn about the female area. the vagina." She replied. Everyone started giggling again and soon the teacher went on about the breast." Breast; also known as boobs." Said the teacher. "HAH!" neil exclaimed. "would you like to share a comment Neilson?" Asked the teacher." No" Neil replied covering his mouth with his left hand.

About 30 minutes later the class was learning about. "ANOREXTIONS" the sex ed teacher said out loud.Archie raised his hand and asked what it was. "its something you get when you see Atlanta taking a shower" Odie laughed. "HEY! it was once.. and i didnt know. i really had to pee."Archie replied smugly and embarrased. It then got quiet and out of nowhere someone said something."boobies."

"Who said that?" Asked Miss Schingerloomermigher-gooberstein.
"I dont know" Neil replied shrugging his shoulders.
"Im sure it was one of you jokesters" She replied.
"Nope.. not me" Archie said cluelessly.
"Herry?"She asked.
"I swear it wasntnt me!" Herry said.
Their was only one person left.
"JAY!!??" The boys exclaimed. Jay was red and laughing .. his face into his hands.
"JAY! to the office now!. " Excalaimed the teacher.
Jay nodded and walked out; as he wisperd something to the boys.."thank goodness. you guys are now learning about ORGASMS! HAH" Jay exclaimed and walked to the princibles office:).
THE END! yaa a little off character for Jay but hey.. it had to be Funny :)
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