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Contemplation and a Fight

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Alix and Frank have been contemplating on their feelings for each other, while there's a fight that no one ever expected.

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Chapter 6-“Contemplation and a Fight”

“Whoa…”He breathed out
“That was…wow…”
“Yeah…”since she didn’t have anything to say, she was speechless…


In the couch area…

They stared at each other for a few moments, just looking into each others eyes, icy blues meeting hazel-green ones. It seemed as if they were lost in each other’s eyes. The minutes ticked on and on, as if they were in their own little world.
Alix and Frank suddenly broke their “staring session”, whipping their heads to the direction of the voice…
“Glad you guys decided to come back to earth, it seems you guys were…busy…” Ray said, smirking.
“Um…Hi Ray…watcha doin? Us…we’re not “busy” or anything…” Frank answered
“Okay…whatever you say, but care explaining why Alix is sitting on your lap? Just asking…” Ray pointed out…Alix then slid off Frank’s lap, the realization hitting her…
“Don’t tell me she just chose to sit there…”
“Well…um…uh…I gotta go, I have to go ask…Bob something, yeah, so, bye Frankie…oh and Ray, gotta go…” Alix was blushing like a tomato and she ran to the bunk area…
“Now tell me, Mr. Iero, what did really happen? Cause you just got a blushing, hot girl, on your lap, just minutes ago and now running away, still blushing a million shades of red. Not to mention, staring into each other’s eyes like there’s no tomorrow, I saw it, you guys were intense, like some kind of tension…” Ray smiled knowingly.
“Well, before you rudely interrupted the so-called moment, I…I…well, we…” Frank stuttered, flustered.
“Spit it out Frankie…you’re killing me with curiosity here…”
“We kissed okay…it was awesome…one moment we were tickling each other and the next we were, makin out I guess…I swear its like nothing I’ve ever had, Ray, it was so fucking awesome…She’s awesome…I think I’m falling for her and you had to ruin the moment, even made her get off my lap, thank Ray…”Frank bit out sarcastically…
“Whoa…I never knew you were that fast…and what do you mean you’re falling for her?”
“She’s sweet, kind, caring, intelligent, understanding, charming, cheerful not to mention extremely beautiful and hot…” Frank said, kinda dazing off…
“Man, you’ve got it bad…got it bad…well good luck, it looks like she likes you too…I mean she wouldn’t blush like that, and she smiles at you differently and she has a sparkle in her eyes when she sees you…” Ray smiled at his best friend, glad that someone finally snagged Frank’s heart…not to mention cause Frank keeps on having new girlfriends every time he sees him, there’s a new girl…


In the bunk area…

Alix was sitting in her bunk, blushing and flustered, heavily breathing, someone who would’ve seen her would think she ran in a 300 meter race, but that wasn’t the case at all. A million thoughts whizzed around in her head, she just kissed her crush! That’s right, Frank was her crush ever since she first laid eyes on him, that would explain why she was jealous when he was flirting with that other girl. But she was sure that Frank didn’t like her back…and for that she was upset… ‘She could never like a girl like me…cause he can have any other girl, why would he choose me? He can even have that Sam girl if he wishes it…how foolish of me to think that I’ll have a snowball’s chance at him…I must be out of my mind…I guess I’m really meant to get my heart broken every time…’ By this time she was tearing… ‘How silly…but still, I think I’m really falling for him…his smile, his laugh, his childish ways, his pout, I love everything he does…For some reason I just do…Ugh! I can’t believe this! This is how it all started with Ryan! I’m so stupid…’ Alix then lied down on her bed and she felt her lips, still feeling the sensation of Frank’s lips on hers… ‘But it was the best kiss I’ve ever ever had…’ and with that, she smiled and dozed off…Frank then entered the bunk area and climbed atop his bunk, and he was going to ask Alix something, but he saw she was sleeping, so he lied down, and he thanked the bunk arrangement cause he was facing Alix directly…He enjoyed watching her face in sleep, and he was in luck cause she was facing him. He smiled cause he can still see the blush on her face, now a rosy red and it contrasted beautifully with her pale ivory complexion, her ebony black hair fell around her framing her face, which to him was angelic and her lips curved into a smile, he couldn’t believe that he just kissed those very lips, they were soft and everything he thought they were. Although he wished that she could flutter those long lashes of hers so that he could stare into her pools of blue, he can get lost in those eyes of hers, they showed so much emotion, they sparkled when she was happy, and dimmed when she was sad, the eyes were really the windows to the soul, and hers were the windows that he doesn’t mind looking out in for the rest of his life. He never met a girl like her, that’s for sure, she was one of a kind. She was feisty, sweet, intelligent, caring and extremely beautiful. He also loved how she can be so cute, with her pouts and puppy dog eyes and the way she would be childish, like when she stuck her pink little tongue at him, she was so adorable. And that kiss they had, was the best one he’d ever had, sure he had kissed a lot of girls, but that one, was just…special…yeah, really special. He realized there and then that Alix was the one for him, how did he know and how he was so sure, he didn’t care, he just knew…


Arriving at the concert venue in L.A…

Alix woke up and got off her bunk, noticing that the bus has stopped moving, she guessed that they were already in L.A. The guys were already awake and Brian was on the bus, talking to Gerard. She went into the couch area to drink some coffee, since she had to keep awake, she had a job to do.
“Hey Alix!”
“Hey Brian…Nice to see you, guess you’ve heard about the Buzznet thing huh?”
“We all did…” Mikey chimed in
“What! Who told you guys?”
“Brian did…” Mikey smiled
“Yeah Alicky, mind explaining?” Bob glared at Frank
“Well, Bobby Bear, its really nothing…just a silly rumor…”
“Bobby Bear? That’s hilarious!” Ray was laughing his ass off… “Where’d you come up with that Alix? That’s pure genius…”
“Shut up Toro!”
“C’mon…Bobby Bear is too funny…”
“That is it Toro! You’re going down!” Then Bob chased Ray off the bus…
“Glad that he was distracted…knew Bobby Bear will come in handy some time…” Alix was giggling
“Bobby Bear? Where did that come from?” Frank was laughing…
“Well, he’s not the only one with a humiliating nickname for his cousin, I used to call him Bobby Bear all the time when we were small, cause he looked like a teddy bear to me when I was small, so I guess it kinda stuck…”She grinned
“Well, it got us out of that interrogation…”
“Yeah, so Brian, where exactly is the Meet and Greet supposed to happen?”
“Oh, I think Frankie here can show you around, just get it ready by 3 PM cause you’re needed at the concert venue after…” Brian smirked…
“Why the concert venue? I thought it was the Meet and Greet and the FUSE interview only…”
“You’re also the new stage manager, since I can’t handle that job anymore…so yeah, by 3 you’re on the venue…”
“Oh, okay…”
“Alix, let’s go, its already 11 and you still got lunch, so that leaves you about 3 hours to arrange the Meet and Greet…”
“Alright...Mikey, Gee, Brian, see you guys later…” and Alix and Frank went off the bus…


In the grounds…

The minute Alix and Frank got off the bus, there were swarms of screaming fans and paparazzo’s waiting for them.
“Frank!!!!” That’s what the swarms of fans and paparazzo’s were screaming at the top of their lungs, begging the guitarist for some photos and autographs until they caught a glimpse of who was behind him, they instantly recognized the black hair. “Alix Hale!! Is it really true about the thing between you and Frank???”
“Are you guys really dating??”
“Are you Frank’s new girlfriend?” These were the questions being thrown at her and Frank, with cameras flashing, trying to catch a photo of them together.
“Hey guys! We’ll catch up with you guys later! Alix has a job to do!” Frank yelled and yanked Alix towards the backstage area.
“What the hell was that?” Alix breathed out, after being yanked and rushed by Frank to the backstage area.
“Well considering me and you are headlining on Buzznet and most probably the whole internet now, you better get used to it. And don’t worry, they can get pretty aggressive, but I won’t let them hurt you, okay? Once they do that, I will kick their asses, so yeah…” Frank reassured her…
“Oh…okay, thanks Frankie! I’m not really used to all the “publicity” and the hoards of fans and paparazzi…” She then hugged and kissed Frankie on the cheek, not knowing there was someone watching them.
“Hey, you need some help with the Meet and Greet?” Frank asked her
“Its okay, you don’t need to bother…” She smiled…
“Its fine, I won’t be doing anything anyways, so yeah, let’s go, besides I’m sure you’ve never arranged a Meet and Greet before so I really should help you, so let’s go…”
“You do have a point…”


In the bus…(I’m skipping to the concert already, about like an hour before the show…so I hope you don’t mind)

“Gerard do you have the eyeliner…I can’t seem to find it…” Frank yelled to Gerard
“No…I think its with Mikey…”
“Mikey!!! You better have not put the eyeliner in the toaster again! That was mine!”
“Hey! Its not with me, I mean, it was with me, but I don’t know where it is now…” Mikey stammered out, playing innocent…
“Mikey! Now I don’t have eyeliner, what am I going to-huh?” Frank was cut off by Alix putting eyeliner on him.
“You complain too much about a silly eyeliner…” She smirked… “There…happy now? Now that’s MY eyeliner okay, don’t lose it…” and she gave him the pencil
“Thanks Alix…”
“Yeah yeah…now you guys have a concert to rock out to, so get going…”
“Hey Alix, can I ask you something?” Gerard asked her.
“Yeah sure, and we’re still on for that movie right?”
“Yeah totally, anyways, can you go to our concert, I mean, do you want to?”
“Sure, but I think it’s sold out already…”
“Oh, no worries about that…” Then he got something out of his pocket and pulled her wrist and slipped it on. “Just show that to the bodyguards and they’ll let you in, or you can just ask Worm, I’m sure he’ll let you in…”
“Oh okay, thanks, what is this anyways?” pointing to the black wristband on her wrist
“That’s an all-access pass wristband, it means you’re part of the band, so you can go anywhere, to the concert, backstage even on stage…”
“Wow…thanks Gee!” and she pecked him on the cheek…
“Uh…yeah, just show that to Worm and he’ll show you where to sit…and we’re off…guys c’mon, let’s go…” Gerard then got off the bus, followed by Mikey, Bob and Ray.
“Frankie, c’mon, you look fine, and now let’s get you out there, you’re fans are waiting for you!” And she hugged him and yanked him to the concert venue.


At the concert…

Worm escorted Alix over to the side of the stage, which was obviously the best seats in the whole house, make that seat, cause it seems that Gerard planned the whole thing, making sure that she was the only one who got to sit over there, except for Worm of course, she then proceeded to sit and looked around, looking at the mosh pit, where about hundreds of fans couldn’t wait to have My Chemical go out. Once she looked towards the fans, it looked like they noticed her, cause they start screaming her name and Frank’s, then she was caught off guard by one particular scream…
“Mrs. Iero!!!!!”
What the hell was the thought that ran in her head, but she was heavily blushing because of this comment, being called as if she was Frank’s wife, and she thought that the fans think she’s either his wife or his fiancée, considering she’s sitting where the said relations should be sitting. Then she just decided to smile and wave at the fans, since it seemed so haughty to ignore them. And then she just waited for the guys to come out.
“I’m sorry but My Chemical Romance cannot come today…” a voice she knew to be Gerard’s rang throughout the venue. The fans were booing and jeering.
“But their friend, The Black Parade will be temporarily filling in for them.” And the curtains dropped and Gerard and the band was shown, and all the fans’ boos and jeers were replaced by screams and cheers. Gerard started singing ‘The End’ and the mosh was jumping up and down, to the beat of the music. Alix then looked at the guys playing, Bob was so cool when he was playing drums, Mikey’s too cute on bass, and Ray is so damn good on guitar. And then she saw Frankie, who turned to her direction for a split-second and winked at her, she blushed, then she looked at Gerard, who was so concentrated on singing. It was like this for the next 1 and a half hour, the whole place just loud and really bouncing, even Alix found herself standing up and jumping up and down and bobbing her head to the beat. Then when the concert ended, she remembered that she had to get her organizer for the upcoming Meet and Greet in the bus, so she stood up and went into the direction of the bus, and once she got out of the doors, she was almost blinded by the flashing cameras and was overwhelmed by the questions that were being thrown at her. One particular guy, was edging on to her and clicked his camera furiously in her face, rendering her temporarily unable to see.
“Please stop! I’m sorry but I can’t answer your questions right now!” Alix said wobbly, since she couldn’t see a thing and was getting claustrophobic with all of them around her.
“Now back off! You guys are complete bastards! Can’t you see that she is uncomfortable!” a voice that she knew to be Frank’s rang out, and she heard him situate himself beside her, and she slowly began to see, although her vision was quite vague and blurry.
“Sorry, Mr. Iero but I have a job to do, and that means if the lady is or isn’t uncomfortable, I HAVE to do it.” The guy, who was obviously drunk, the one that was clicking his camera at Alix awhile ago now started harassing her, by taking photos of her, blinding her with the flash and throwing questions at her, even touching her suggestively. And at seeing this, Frank totally lost it, he then softly pushed Alix behind him.
“You bastard! You son of a bitch! Get away from her! You sick bastard!” Frank held the man up by his collar and punched him right in the face and just kept on punching the guy, he was blinded by rage, that he didn’t notice Bob and the guys arrive. Bob noticed the crowd and pushed his way through it, he had been looking for his cousin and was told she was outside, by the time he got to the middle, he saw his tearing cousin, and Frank wildly punching a guy and screaming profanities at him. He then suddenly rushed to his cousin, who was slightly hysterical, crying silently. Upon seeing him, Alix immediately ran to her cousin and hugged him tightly and cried onto his chest.
“What the hell happened Alicky? Who made you cry? I swear I’ll kick their ass and make them pay!” Bob spat out, obviously raging mad at the person who had the guts to make Alix cry.
“Well…you…don’t…need…to…Frankie’s doing…it right…now…” She stammered out, sobs choking her, wracking her small body.
Bob then looked at Frank, who was obviously still not yet done beating up the guy, “What did he do?” Bob was steaming, he couldn’t contain himself anymore.
“He…ha…harassed me…” She stuttered, still crying.
“Why! That bloody bastard!” Bob then released himself from his cousin’s hug and went beside Frank, “Frank, go there and watch Alix for me, will ya? She’s a bit unstable right now, obviously from this bastard, and just take care of her, okay? I’ll just finish business with this guy…” Frank then nodded and went to Alix and held her, she was silently crying and she hugged Frank tightly. Bob then held the man by the collar and stared him right in the face.
“You dare touch my cousin! Well, you harm her and make her cry, you answer to me! I’ll make sure you won’t even try to get near her next time, or walk for that matter!” He then punched the guy so hard that he fell to the ground with a resounding thump. “And you better stay away from her, cause next time I won’t hesitate on killing you.” Bob venomously spat out, his piercing glare aimed at the now beaten up paparazzi that was being carried away by security.
Alix was so shaken and she was still crying, she couldn’t help it, and she hugged Frank even tighter, she looked up to see his hazel-green eyes looking softly at her and then she saw pitch black.
Frank was suddenly alarmed when Alix just sank into his arms, one minute she was looking at him and the next she was unconscious. He then carried her, bridal style, and saw the rest of the gang coming.
“How’s she doing?” Bob’s voice immediately softened, contrast to the vengeful tone he had just minutes ago.
“She passed out, from the shock I think, I swear, when I see that sick bastard again, I will beat the shit out of him!”
“Whoa! What happened here?” Ray asked
“Some sick bastard harassed Alix…and we beat the living hell out of him!”
“Shit, we just finished and some guy does that, damn…”Mikey said
“Where the fucking hell is this guy! I want to kill him!” Gerard was seething, upon hearing what happened and seeing Alix, lifeless in Frank’s arms.
“Calm down Gee, he was taken by security…”Mikey soothed his seething brother.
“Yeah, thanks Mikey, but I swear…fuck him…”
“We better get her on the bus, its getting cold out here…and besides Meet and Greet won’t be until another hour.”
They then walked to the bus, with Frank carrying the unconscious Alix. Upon entering the bus, Frank laid Alix on the couch and kneeled beside her. He just stared at her, her eyes puffy and red from crying, her usually rosy cheeks were tearstained and her normally pale ivory skin was even paler, even her lips were losing that soft rose pink color and were being replaced by a paler one. He held her small soft hand, and he held it tightly, afraid that if he let go, she would disappear or worst, that guy might come back and he won’t be able to protect her. And he couldn’t bear seeing that, seeing her so traumatized, so lifeless, and to see her so weak, he couldn’t stomach it, it hurt so much. He gazed tenderly at her face, making a vow that he would NEVER let something hurt her again. And he intended to keep that vow, even if it means risking his life, then so be it.

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