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Fallen Angel

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Oooh, things kinda get better and they kinda get worse...

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The room was silent, everyone was looking at me but I could barely notice. My stomach had just fallen to my feet, my heart had soared into my throat and was choking me, my head felt as if it was about to split in half, an empty space had expanded inside me and the tears fell silently and without my notice. My fists clenched and I looked down at the floor, clenching my teeth and shaking. "Frank -" Renardo placed a hand on my shoulder but I shook him off.
"No. He wont die. He cant, they wont do it." I looked up at them all, my vision blurred slightly from my tears.
"Frank, they will, he's being taken to an iron chamber in hell as we speak where he will stay until tonight when they..." Renardo couldnt bring himself to finish what he was saying. "When they kill him?" I finished. Bob nodded and I glared at them.
"Come on Frank, we have to take you to the detention chamber right now -" He went to take my arm but I moved away from him, crashing into one of the angels behind me who wrapped their arms around me in a tight embrace, I struggled against them, thrashing about like my life depended on it, but they didnt let go. "Frank, dont make this anymore difficult." Warned Bob.
"What!? How could it get anymore difficult? So what? You guys have to throw me in a chamber, what about me? I have to live knowing that Gee's gonna be killed." I cried. Bob sighed.
"Frank, this Gerard isnt who you think. He's head demon -"
"I already know that!"
"Frank, head demons and head angels dont just fall in love with eachother -"
"BECAUSE THEY DONT!" Bob glared at me and took a deep breath to calm down. "God didnt make a love like -"
"God doesnt create all love Bob!" I cried. Bob sighed and shook his head at me. I struggled against the angel holding me again, gritting my teeth and yelling as I desperately tried to get away. "LET ME GO MOTHER FUCKER!" I yelled. Their shock caused them to let go and I sprinted towards the door, I managed to break out of the ring of Angels but as I reached the edge of the room Bob seized me by the wrist and pulled me back. I pulled against him, one foot outside the door, he struggled to pull me back but neither of us could get the other to move. "Bob - let - go - of - me!" I snarled.
"Frank, cant you see whats happened to you? That demon is tainting you -"
"What? Because I said fuck?" Bob flinched slightly at the word. I grinned to myself slightly, having an idea. "What you have to remember Bob is its just a word, fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" His grip loosened and he frowned at me.
"Your going to end up just like him Frank." He warned.
"I'd rather be like him than you, just look at yourselves. Living by all these rules and worrying about sinning, flinching at nothing but a /word/. Gerard may be a demon, but he's the kindest most gentle person I could ever hope to know and if I'm just like him then I'm proud." I pulled out of Bobs grip and ran for it, I could hear him yell after me and as I sprinted along the white corridor I heard them all run out of my room and come after me. I glanced over my shoulder to see them all running at me with looks of determination. As they went they banged on the doors and yelled "He's escaping!" I picked up speed and rounded the corner with a skid.
As I reached the outside my heart was beating frantically inside my chest from fear and the ferocity of my running, my leg muscles ached I practically fell over the edge we use to get to Earth. I allowed myself to free fall for a moment before releasing my wings, I heard the yells of the angels, it sounded like the whole of heaven was after me. I could hear the sound of my wings beating against the air as I plummeted down to Earth, I didnt dare look back as I saw a field nearing me. I didnt know where in the world I was landing, but it was near a wood and I knew this was a good thing. A few feet from the ground I turned sharply upwards and I flew frantically towards the trees. The yelling of the Angels got quieter as I zoomed through the trees, twisting and weaving through branches and round tree trunks. "FRANK!" The voice was so familiar and it pierced my heart, even though I knew I might have imagined it I turned my head to see and crashed straight into a tree. I cried out and landed heavily onto the leaves beneath the tree I had hit. I groaned and raised a hand to my head and felt something wet, I looked at my fingers and saw a small amount of blood on them. The side of my head was bleeding slightly but it was my wings that hurt most. Struggling to sit up I heard someone running towards me, I looked up and saw him rush out from between the trees. He stopped when he saw me as if he wasnt sure I was real. "Frank? Oh god... is it really you?" He cried, rushing over to me.
"Yeah its me - AGH!" I cried out in pain as he tried to help me sit up.
"Shh baby its okay, I'm here, I'll help you." I stared into his eyes and all the doubts Bob and Renardo had made me feel melted away. How could I have ever doubted him? He was as genuine as I was. "G - Gerard." I whimpered and he hushed me as he pulled me softly into his arms. I clung to him and cried gently into his shoulder, but my tears soon left as I breathed in the smell of him and felt his comforting warmth. I sniffed and pulled back twisting round to look at my wings, I made a weird noise halfway between a choke and a sob when I saw them. One of them was bent backwards, almost in half, the other had lost a lot of feathers and the bottom half of it had completely gone. Blood dripped off the ends of the remaining feathers and the pain intensified when I saw them. I began to cry again and Gerard looked horrified at the sight of my wings. He pulled me into his arms again and rocked me gently. "Oh god Frankie, its okay. Its okay." But I didnt believe that anymore than he did.
"Gerard...Gerard they have to be cut...cut off." I whimpered. I felt him tense against me. "Please Gerard, I've seen something like that before. They wont heal and I cant draw them in like that, they have to be cut off." I whispered. Even now, when he was scared he could still make me feel better. "Frank, no, there must be something -"
"There isnt Gerard, trust me. Please. You have to cut them off for me." He began to shake lightly and a tear ran slowly down his cheek. I pulled back and wiped away, tears of my own wetting my cheeks. "Frankie no. I cant do that, I cant -" I placed a finger over his lips. "Gerard you have to. Theres no other way, I'll die from it if they dont get cut off."
"But your beautiful wings -"
"Gerard! Please...Gerard... it has to be done..." I whimpered softly and he took a deep breath, before kissing my cheek and nodding slowly. "Okay...Okay. I'll do it." I sighed with relief, shaking slightly with fear. "I have a knife." He whispered. Pulling a long, sharp knife from his belt. "I used it to help me escape, they wanted to kill me Frank, I had to run and I wanted to find you -" I shushed him and kissed his cheek and then his lips. "I know Gee I know, the other Angels are after me too." I whispered. He nodded and I saw him swallow back some tears. "We need some bandages or something..." I mumbled. Gerard reached behind a tree and pulled a first aid box into sight. I raised an eyebrow and he smiled slightly. "I found some humans camping, I took this and some food. I thought I might need them. And I was right." I couldnt help but smile lightly at him.
"Then. We need to do it now." He nodded, going pale with fear. I wasnt sure who was more afraid, me, or him.
"Frankie... I dont want to hurt you or do it wrong -" I stopped him.
"It will hurt no matter who does it, but if you do it, it will hurt less because I love you. You wont do it wrong, just put the knife where I tell you and pull up. I trust you Gerard." He nodded and I leaned foreward, catching him in a deep kiss before slowly pulling away, I rested my forehead against his and sighed. "I'm ready." I whispered and I turned my back on him, placing my hands on my knees and gripping tight. "Put the knife right underneath where the wing base is." I said. I felt the knife be shakily placed underneath the main wing bone which was directly between my shoulder blades, this was where the two wings stemmed off. "Relax Gee, you need to." I whispered. There was a long pause as he took deep breaths until gradually he stopped shaking. "Now...just...pull the knife upwards until you've slice off the whole wing base. And get the bandages ready..." I heard him pull some bandages out of the first aid box and unroll them in his lap. He took one final deep breath. "On the count of three." He whispered. "One...two...three -" The knife was brought upwards in one quick, skillful motion. Being a demon he had used knives enough to be able to cut off the wings in one motion, but the pain was something so unbearable I cant begin to explain it. I passed out.

A/N: Well people. I didnt kill Gerard :] But erm...franks no wings anymore... please dont shoot me!! hides Review and I might make it get better...might ;]
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