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Erika's Open Book

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Growing up is more complicted than Erika ever thought.

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Erika woke up to singing birds and the sun shining through the coloured glass window, making her room become a place of all sort of colours from deep reds to shining yellows.
She pulled her quilt over her head, trying to block all the evidence that the world has started for another day. Yawning, she stretched her long arms and then turned the noisy alarm off. She sat up whilst taking her short curly hair out of her eyes. On the foot of her bed sat her slippers. Putting them on she then walked up to her closet and grabbed some dark skinnes and her favourite star tee. After putting on some liquid eyeliner on she grabbed her keys and dashed out of the house. When in the front lawn she walked back to her door and opened it, she forgot her school bag! After locking up (again) she ran towards her best friend’s house, looking at her kids watch she always wore. She realised that she was running late yet again.

She started to run out of breath, so started to slow her pace and started to walk. It was a cool November’s day. She could hear, her trainers crunching all the leaves that had fallen from the trees. She loved Autumn and thought the leaves made her boring City a bit more exciting. Erika lived in a village at a country town. There is not many families and here, compared to the bigger Cities. This resulted in a small school, the only school in fact. All left in Huntington was a small church, a tiny cinema (which only screened one film every week), a bowling alley and a massive park. Even her mum had to travel an hour or so every morning to get to where she worked. She was self-employed and sold art pieces to bigger houses in those bigger cities. She loved telling people about her paintings and how she sold so many on the luxury trips she took abroad half the year, although this was mainly to cover up the fact that she felt lonely half the time and wished her mum was around more often. She did have her grandma who lived in with them but it that grandma that she saw as a mother and her mum rather as a distant friend.

She started to approach her friend’s house, and saw that Gerard was sat on his front wall, looking at his battered watch. Gerard had short black hair and piercing eyes. He was not exactly stick thin but Erika preferred it that way. He was wearing his Smiths top. She was his best friend and he was hers. They got through all the picking and bullying at school together and shared a secret den in the woods near them. The man-made hut made out of old clothes and scarfs tied up with thick tree sticks they found around the woods. The safe (a nick-name for the secret house) had a record player with worn down batteries, all their favourite cds and lots of drawn pictures that Gerard made, he was such a talented artist she thought. Mostly the safe was a place to get away from their rubbish little village and live in their own world.

“Heyyyy! I know your always late, but this is late late” Gerard ran up to Erika and gave her a big bear hug.

“Sorry Ge, but you know Monday mornings” She picked an eyelash that was on Gerard’s face and held it in front of his mouth.

“Make a wish”
Gerard closed his eyes tightly shut and blew the eyelash away until it fell into the many leaves broken on the pavement.

“Done” he smiled and ran, Erika out of breath once again, chasing him to the school grounds.


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