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Cruel Intentions?

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Chapter 9

Gerard’s POV

Frank and Drew jumped a little from the sound of the door but didn’t move off each other. I was shocked at first but it then it turned to anger quickly.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” I spat in a loud whisper.

“What nothing just kissing…” Frankie tired to explain as he climbed off of her.

“It looked more than that” I grunted looking at her then Frank and the blanket at their feet on the floor.

“We weren’t fucking Gerard just messing around, we didn’t do anything wrong.” Frank said a little harshly. This was perfect timing the argument I had with my brother then I walk in on them like this. Drew made her way to me and grabbed my hand.

“Gerard what wrong, we where just messing around, we wouldn’t brake that promise. You know that.” She spoke softly looking into my eyes. I calmed down a little. I knew she was right, I let out a sigh.

“I am sorry….I just over reacted.” I said not looking at either of them. I walked around them and down the hall to the bedroom I shared with Drew.

“Gerard, you can’t just walk out like that what is going on?” Frank called. I didn’t bother shutting the door I knew that it wouldn’t matter. Frank come in and stood in the door way. I turned to face him, Drew was behind him.

“I am sorry, I had a fight with Mikey then I came home and saw that….it was to much.” I sat down on the bed. Frank sat beside me. Drew stayed at the door I could tell she was still kinda hurt.

“What did you have a fight about.” Frank asked as he put his arm around me. I was quiet for a moment.

“It was about me.” Drew replied from the door way, I looked over at her. How did she know. I didn’t say anything.

“He thinks I am messing around with you. Like I was still with Frank when we got together so I just convinced you to stay too.” She replied quietly. I knew she was hurt and mad but she kept her voice low. Frank looked back and forth between me and her. I still didn’t know what to say.

“Is that what he thinks?” Frank asked me shocked. I just nodded.

“So what your brother just thinks that I am a whore who is fucking you two just cause I can.” She spat.

“Do you agree with him?” She asked her eyes were filled with hurt. I didn’t know what to
say, Mikey had made a lot of good points in his argument then I walked in on them doing who knows what. I knew I should have said something, not answering at all was the worse thing to do.

“I guess that’s your answer then, well Gerard you have the whole bed to yourself the whore is sleeping on the couch.” She called angrily from the hall. Frank just looked at me not sure what just happened.

“Drew, please that’s not what I mean.” I yelled as I went after her. Frank was behind me.

“Frank what do you think of me? This was an idea was yours and his you approached me with it. Did you do it just to see if it would work to see if I would become your little piece of ass when ever you two want it. Or am I just an excuse for you two to be together.” She growled, tears streaming down her face.

“Drew don’t say that, you know that’s not true we both love you, your not an excuse.” Frank said crossing the room to her. I couldn’t control the anger, I don’t know if it was what Mikey said or what she said but I was pissed.

“You agreed to it didn’t you, you never stopped or protested to either one of us that day. You seem perfectly happy with the fact that you were fucking both of us.” I said back lowering my voice by the end.

“ What, are you throwing that back at me!”

“Gerard, that’s harsh stop it, you and me both discussed it before it happened you wanted it you know you did. Now stop putting it all on her. We are a couple all three of us. We love each other all the same.” Frank crossed the room and tried to calm me down. He was right, I hated to admit it but he was. I took a deep breath and then looked at Drew, she was crying and I have never seen her so hurt. I am such an asshole. I walked over to her and tried to pull her into a hug she pushed me away.

“Drew, please I am sorry okay I am just stressed from work and then what all Mikey said I just let it out on the wrong person.” I explained. She was quiet for a moment still crying though.

“Gerard the things you said really hurt, even though you didn’t mean them….All you had to do was talk to us. I am going to bed see you two in the mourning..” She replied quietly and then disappeared down that hall. I looked over at Frank.

“I am sorry.” I replied and he nodded.
“I understand your side but I understand hers too, if what Mikey said bothered you, all you had to do was talk to us.” Frank smiled a little and placed his arm around my waist.

“I mean I know he is just worried that I would get hurt, cause this is kinda complicated.” I Sighed and sat on the couch an put my face in my hands.

“We knew this wasn’t going to be easy and that not everyone would understand or agree with it but you have two people here for you that love you okay.” Frank whispered before he said good night and went to his room. I laid down on the couch going over things in my head thinking how much I fucked up. I finally drifted off to sleep, a restless sleep.
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