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The Sharpest Lives

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The guys look for Bob.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008/04/04 - Updated: 2008/04/04 - 824 words

Author's Note: This is the tenth chapter, I think? Either way, there's still going to be quite a bit left to this story. And, to all my readers, please REVIEW. R-E-V-I-E-W.
I didn't get any reviews for my last chapter. So you're all lucky I've even bothered to post this one.

Frank and Ray left the kitchen as quickly as they could. As soon as the sound of the front door slamming shut was heard, the man lying on the floor opened his eyes. He smiled sadistically to himself before hoisting himself up off of the floor.


Gerard wondered how long he had been sitting in the closet. He wondered if his friends were safe. He wondered if it was safe to come out. Making a final decision, Gerard stood up, with a little difficulty. His legs were stiff from being folded into the same position for several hours. Gerard left the closet, and sprinted silently across the room. Opening the door quietly, he peered around the corner. There was nothing to be seen or heard. The house was silent. Gerard felt a little more confident at this. He took care to be quiet nonetheless as he tip-toed down the stairs.
He was just nearing the landing at the bottom, when he heard someone in the next room. Gerard froze, and felt what little color he had drain from his face.

"H-hello?" His called, his voice shaky. "Who's in there? Frank? Ray? Bob?"

No answer. Gerard looked around nervously, not knowing what to do or where to go next. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud crash from the kitchen, followed by a deep voice.


With a sudden burst of adrenaline, Gerard jumped the last five stairs, and yanked open the front door, slamming it loudly as he passed through the threshold. As Gerard came around the corner of the house, he collided with someone, knocking them to the ground.

"Damn it- Ray?!" Gerard gasped.

Ray was just as surprised to see his friend.

"We were hoping to find you," Ray whispered.

"We?" Gerard asked suspiciously.

Right on cue, Frank stepped out of the shadows. The treesome were quiet for a moment, each man deep in thought.

"So...what happens now?" Frank wondered out loud.

"Well, we find Bob, obviously. Then we can figure something out.." Ray trailed off.

"We're not splitting up to look again, " Frank declared, "We all know what happened the last time we tried that.." He finished, as Gerard and Ray exchanged a dark look.

"I say we check outside first," He added, somewhat hastily.

Gerard and Ray knew that Frank just wanted to avoid going inside for as long as he could.

After searching around for awhile, with no luck, the threesome returned to the front of the house. After a hasty discussion in low, urgent voices, they decided to leave the property to continue their search. They took care to stay on the path, though, and Gerard was getting a bit anxious about going into the woods. After a little while, Frank, Ray, and Gerard could see a small building coming into view, a little way ahead. They broke into a jog, and made it there fairly easily, considering the large amount of tree roots intertwining themselves on the forest floor.

"Shall we go inside?" Gerard asked with a bit of a nervous edge to his voice, leading the party around the tiny building, only to find both windows boarded up. The door, thankfully, was left ajar. Gerard went inside, with Frank at his heels. Ray, however, stayed outside, reluctant to follow his friends into the building. He looked around, and spotted an old, rusty axe lying on the ground, next to a pile of rotted logs. He rushed over to grab the axe, and then hurried inside. Gerard and Frank were standing in the middle of the room. Gerard, noticing a little door in the corner of the room, made his way over to it, stepping over the random pieces of junk that lay scattered on the floor.

"Careful," Frank warned.

No sooner had Frank uttered the words, Gerard wrenched open the closet door, and recoiled immediately. He let out a cry as about a dozen human heads toppled out of the closet, and onto the floor. Each severed head was wearing a terrified expression, permanentely etched into their features. Gerard let out another revolted cry, and fell to the floor.

Author's Note: Don't worry, he's not dead, just unconcious. By the way, the thing with the heads? I got that idea from Sleepy Hollow. It's the most awesome movie ever. Tim Burton rocks. :)
Oh yeah, there might not be another update for a while. I might be able to post one next week, but i'm not sure. Ii'm going to be busy, my school has a trip to Quebec planned for the French Immersion class. So I'll be gone for a week or so.
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