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Chapter 1 - One Month Later

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DarkFire finsd she is bored, and needs something of use to do instead of become a criminal. She finds an airport to travel anywhere she desires, but can she enter it without being seen?

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Chapter 1: One Month Later

The drakehog, DarkFire had lived in the forest nearby since she had burnt the Smith’s house down, but was thriving ever since.

DarkFire, still young and energetic, but alone, was searching the forest to find food. In the distance of the lush, green trees and eternal chirping of crickets, she saw a tree with small round purple objects hanging off them – a berry tree. She knew she would never be short of food. There was food aplenty in the vast and dense forest.

She wondered about the terrible event which happened one month ago; the burning down of the Smith’s house. After picking a handful of ripe berries off the bush, she found a small tree stump to sit on. She sat down, and became lost in her own thoughts.

“It was only one month ago I burnt down the Smith’s… and I don’t think I have ever been better off. But life here is so lonely… so boring. I have tried stealing off those in the town nearby, but that didn’t provide much of a thing to do.

Besides, there’s a risk to it. I might be caught, and if I let out any sign I am a weaver of fire, I would be taken as a freak. I would be imprisoned for the rest of my life, not to mention the fact that I would be caught for burning the house down.

But I guess I am a freak, anyway, right here, right now. It’s flowing in my veins at this very second… If I could only find my one and only friend again… Kate, where did you go? Ever since you have gone to America, I have been wondering…”

At that moment, DarkFire heard a fluttering sound. A newspaper was blown by a gust of wind to her feet. She bent down, and picked it up. She started reading the front headline. “New Airport to be Opened Tomorrow”.

The news, for DarkFire, was a beacon of hope. She finally had a chance to meet her friend, Kate, whom she hasn’t seen in a long time. She looked at the top of the paper. It was up to date. She started reading the small print of the newspaper. “After much public demand, a domestic airport has finally been built in the town of Pontville, after half a year. This important change in this town is expected to boost tourism, as this will increase convenience in travelling to and from the town. Mayor Tom Burton, the one who put forward the plan to build the airport, will be opening the airport.

To ensure the safety of the mayor, and other guests invited to the opening of the airport in the face of increasing crime rates, there will be guards patrolling the vicinity of the airport, starting from tonight. Security cameras would also be operating, as soon as the airport opens, to ensure safety of incoming tourists.”

DarkFire read it over again. She knew it was possible to steal one of the planes, and make her way to America, in hopes she would meet Kate. But the security guards and the cameras were things which she was inexperienced with. “I am bored to death here; why not give it a shot?”

DarkFire looked above. There was little light shining from above. The moon was high up in the sky. It was clearly late. She needed a good rest before the challenge tomorrow. She lay down on the damp rainforest ground, and fell asleep.

DarkFire saw a bright light. It was clearly the afternoon. She remembered the newspaper she read last night – “New Domestic Airport to be opened tomorrow”

She walked through the forest, to the town. No sooner she reached the town, she saw an airport.

“Now, to create a diversion…” muttered DarkFire. “Before the airport opens, and things get ugly around here.”

She lit a fire at the border of the town – where the mayor was facing. It hissed, crackled, and glowed a bright orange.

The distinct crackling of a fire was noticed by all immediately. “Oh no, our town is on fire! We need to save our children!!!” shouted one of the onlookers. Everyone aborted the opening of the airport, to dash to their town, to save their homes.

DarkFire smiled. “Yes, that’s the way, go turn away, save your homes, while I take care of the security at the airport.” She turned around, and dashed towards the airport.
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