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Chapter 4 - A Place to Live?

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DarkFire meets two people who could help her in saving Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Chapter 4: A Place to Live?

DarkFire, flying at full speed, was nearly invisible in the moonlit, midnight sky. She was looking for a place to land, but there was nothing but urban areas several metres below her. She could be detected in five seconds within landing if she was unlucky. She decided not to take any chances, and try to land in some deserted area. But she was also here to save a hero – and she could not roam too far from where she last detected the criminals. She continued flying at full speed, seeing nothing but blurry figures.

She looked below, at the city she was flying above, with many glittering lights, in the black, sunless air. She spotted a large, red roof, somewhat isolated from the rest of the houses. DarkFire halted midair, and descended slowly. It was a mansion she has spotted – with several plants nearby. As she was a few metres above the ground, she let herself drop to the ground. She landed with a small thud on the concrete pathway. She looked ahead, and there was a good hiding spot – a large bush, almost the height of her. It stretched far to the right. DarkFire parted the branches of the lush, green bush, and ducked inside it. There was nothing but green in sight, and she knew she was invisible. Tired, she closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

DarkFire’s eyes were fully blurred. She lay on a hard, grey surface, face down, spread-eagled. She was too stiff to move at all. She heard approaching footsteps. They stopped all of a sudden.

“What is this strange purple hedgehog with wings here? And why is it wearing a blue shirt and jeans?” said a female voice.

“I don’t know…” replied an older, male voice. “She seems to have daggers strapped to her belt. I wonder what is this thing doing here? I haven't seen anything like it before.”

“I wonder… is she dead? This thing seems much like a part-dragon. I thought dragons were only mythical creatures…”

DarkFire groaned, and stood up, groggy from the lack of sleep. There was some natural light – it must be around the late afternoon. She saw two people in front of her, an apparent professor, wearing a white lab jacket and round glasses. He was the height of an average person. He had a small moustache, and had short grey hair, bald on the top centre. He had a pair of thick leather gloves. Standing next to him was a leopard. The leopard was clearly female, with bright orange fur with black spots. She had a black tank top, with red pants and plain black shoes. Her fur was thick and was evident in her bushy tail.

The leopard was looking at DarkFire in shock. “You’re… alive!”

“Um…” replied DarkFire, dumbly. “Who are you?”

The man in the lab jacket replied. “I am Doctor Benjamin Peter Thompson, and she’s Kate the Leopard… Nice to meet you.”

“I’m, DarkFire the Drakehog.” DarkFire placed her hand forward, and pulled it back. “Sorry, my claws are very sharp.”

“Oh…” replied Doctor Thompson. “Alright, I understand. Do you mind if I do a little research on…”

“Hey!” shouted Kate. “You’ve just met her! Are you really that obsessed with science?”

“But…” replied Doctor Thompson, “This is one of the only drakehogs, and if I carry out tests on her, I might win the Nobel Prize for this!”

DarkFire shot a strange stare in Doctor Thompson’s direction. “Alright, I have something to say…”

“ Were you about to say I can carry out tests?”

DarkFire shook her head. Kate smacked her forehead with her hand. “Sorry about him, he’s totally obsessed with his studies.”

“I’m not obsessed! I’m just dedicated!” snapped Doctor Thompson.

“…Will anyone listen to me?” sighed DarkFire. “SHUT UP!!! Okay, now, I have sneaked in a plane several hours ago to find some organisation was plotting to take over the world. They were planning to capture all of Sonic the Hedgehog’s companions, kill them, and kill Sonic after that. From what I have heard, they are killing Sonic’s friends first so there’s no-one to assist him.” stated DarkFire.

Kate slowly nodded her head. “Are you sure about all of this? And where do you live, anyway?”

“Well, I am pretty sure about all of this. By the way, I live… well, I come from Australia, but I have come over in a search for Kate the Leopard… and by the way, Hi, Kate!”

“So… this is the DarkFire I haven't seen for a long time who used to be my former companion, right?”

DarkFire nodded slowly. “I think so. I have a question to ask that only the real Kate would know: What did we use to blow THEM up?”

Doctor Thompson crinkled his brow “What is this ‘THAT’ thing?”

Kate sighed. “Shut up, Doctor Thompson. We used explosives and flammables which can be found in supermarkets, like mentholated spirits and correction fluids, right?”

DarkFire nodded. “I wished I could celebrate this, but, well, I have a mission; to save Sonic.”

“Well, I guess we could join you.” stated Doctor Thompson. “It would be nice if Kate here was to join.”

DarkFire nodded. “Alright, it’s settled, then. But I really need to warn Sonic about this. Do you know his whereabouts?”

“Well…” said Doctor Thompson, “He does live here in this mansion. He is just not here right now.”

“Really? Am I dreaming? Can someone please punch me in the arm nice and hard to check for me?”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Never mind, then… Can I temporarily live in your home for the time being? I have no real home.” asked DarkFire.

Doctor Thompson nodded slowly. “Alright, then… Come with me.”
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