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While Frank was enjoying the brilliant decorations, he glanced something stopped his heart beat.

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One month and a half, everything seemed back to normal already. Frank back to school, which he didn’t want to at all, but his mother forced him to go. The school was in the country side, and a bit far away from the city. It wasn’t big, there were only fifty something students all together. The usual abuse, the usual attack, he still had to face it alone continuously. The road, he had already walked for 16 years. On his way, the usual creepy forest, it seemed nothing to him. After school, the usual icy place which everyone called it “home”.

This hand opened the door and got in.

“Your teacher told me you’ve been doing backward.” A woman said with a frosty voice. She was the mother of Frank, sitting at a wooden chair with arms across in front of her, talking to her son but without looking at his eyes.

Frank didn’t take a notice of her. He simply passed though it and tried to go upstairs to his bedroom.

“Frank.” The woman stopped him.

She stood up and walked toward her son. “Frank, I know you aren’t always doing very well at school. But recently, you become worse, what happen?”

Frank didn’t give any response but bent. After a while, “I don’t know neither. But just give me some time.” He whispered. His mother gave him an understanding by holding Frank to her in an affectionate embrace.

“Anyway, your father has elevated. We’re going have dinner with him tomorrow!” She separated with her son and announced with a beautiful smile which Frank hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Does it mean we’re going to the city?” Frank cheered with a big grin on his face.

“Yes, go to pack your things. We’ll stay there for a couple of days.” His mother gladded.

“Okay!” Frank ran toward his room.

“Dad!” Frank ran toward his father and hugged him tightly. Mr. Iero was a newspaper gentry, a press. That’s why he had to travel all over world for gathering materials. Sometimes, he couldn’t back home for a year. But he really cared his only son and wife. Therefore, he sent letter to them every week, told how his life was at the country he was in; talked about the funny thing he had discovered and shared some impressing news.

They were in the city. They encountered at the well-known landmark.

“Frank! Let me read you clearly!” His father pulled off Frank. “You’ve grown a lot! You’ve became stronger and stronger, haven’t you?” He laughed.

“You become vicissitudinary...I’m sorry...” He turned to his wife. “There’s such a long time that we haven’t met. I shouldn’t have had gone to so far...” He sighed and held the hands of his son and wife.

Frank shocked his head. “No, it wasn’t your fault. In fact, we cannot live in an ample position without you. Anyway, I’ve read all of your letters, was it fun to be travel all over the world?”

“I’ll tell your all later. Because I’m a bit hungry right now, can we just go to the restaurant?” The father told with a grin and held Frank’s hand happily.

With some gorgeous white pendants, decorative borders around the tables and chairs. This restaurant was in the middle of the city. Some of the gentry would like to go there. It was the first time of Frank to go to such wonderful place since the Iero family was not rich, even a bit poor in the past. But then Mr. Iero had rarely elevated, he’d like to spend some money on celebration. Plus, he hadn’t taken a proper meal with his family for a long time.

While Frank was enjoying the brilliant decorations, he glanced something, something stopped his heart beat.

It was a picture; it was a boy, a tergant boy who was in a forest. He was wearing a beige shirt, a brown short, and in braces as well. Besides, there was a bird stayed at the boy’s forefinger. A magpie.

A second before, the Iero family have sat down and were waiting for the meal. But a second after, Frank knew it wasn’t the right time for dinning.

“Excuse me.” Frank told his parents quietly and pretended to go to the toilet.

He was looking for the owner. Eventually, a man with black suit was obviously the one that Frank was finding.

“Excuse me sir.” Frank called him. “I’m so interested in that kind of picture, could you please tell me where and when did you buy it?” He pointed at the object.

“You mean The Magpie?” The man asked.

Frank nodded unsurely.

“There’s an artist who I really like, she called herself Mrs. D. Way, and she always sell me something exclusive. This one is her latest creation.” His eyes revealed a kind of adoration. “Hey boy, look around. Can you see the other two pictures? They’re in a set.”

Frank wheeled immediately. This time, one of the boys of the pictures was sitting on the grass. What he was holding was a cup of coffee. He was so relaxed and revealed a bit of happiness which made people feel so comfortable. Another picture was filled in two tergant person. One of them was standing and placed a hand on the shoulder of the one who was sitting. The one below was painting a bird gracefully.

“The copular of them is the magpie. Did you notice? There’s one flying behind the coffee boy, and the other one was on the paint.” The man pointed out conceitedly, assumed that Frank has never noticed.

“Gerard...” Frank whispered.

“What?” The man narrowed his eyebrow. “Don’t dare to steal them from me or I’ll kill you. And all of her creations are mine and will be mine.” The first sentence was a joke but the later one showed the adoration completely.

“No, I’m not going to buy them. Thanks anyway.” Frank smiled at him and turned around. Why does god show them to me? I was trying to forget him...although I can’t actually... Gerard…I miss you… But with my sixth sense, I think if I went out with him... something bad would come at the end... He looked up and shook his head. “No, the sixth sense is only works on girl. Yea...only works on girls.”
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