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Well he was just hanging around then he fell in love

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Gabe made me breakfast before I headed home. I can't stop staring at this giant rock on my finger. Never in a million years did I expect this, let alone this early! I mean, I could tell that there was something deeper going on in that pretty head of his, but no idea it was so heartfelt. Just thinking about it makes me want to melt into a puddle.

I drove home and let Lady out and showered up. Spending the day with Joe sounds like fun. He said that he and Patrick were going to do something. I knew that Pete would probably be there, but I really needed to get used to him hanging around. After throwing on some jeans, the Hemmy shirt and a black cap I leashed up Lady and we hopped into my car. Succah would love the company while us adults did whatever we would end up doing.

Parking in Joe's driveway, I noticed quite a few cars that I recognized. All of Fall Out Boy were here along with Travi. Well, this should be fun. I wonder how long it will take someone to notice the boulder on my finger. Joe answered the door after I knocked and hugged me tightly.

"Succah! You have a friend," Joe yelled and Succah came flying into the foyer and I let Lady go. Those two loved each other and they bounded off somewhere in the house. "A ton of people are over here right now, so perfect timing." Joe commented and we made our way downstairs. Travi and Pete were playing some fighting game, Brendon, Ryan and Andy were watching the battle and Patrick was sitting on the phone and holding Penny. That dog is just the cutest ever. Just a little ball of fur! I said hi to everyone and sat down next to Pete, which was of course the only open seat.

"Sup," he said as he bit his lip. He was clearly concentrating hard because Travi was kicking his ass.

"Nothing," I responded. I looked over at Brendon and wondered how he looked so amazing the day after turning 21. I puked my guts out for 3 days after I turned 21.

"FUCK!" Pete screamed causing he to jump a foot. "Sorry," he said and smiled at me. I smiled back laughing. "Want to play?" Pete held his controller out to me and I graciously accepted. I knew that I could beat Travi's ass at this game.

"It's on girly," he said and began the match. I beat him again, again, and again. He kept begging for 'one more match' and I finally ended the madness and handed the controller off to Joe. Joe grabbed the controller from my left hand, looked away and then looked back.

"What's this?" He said looking at my hand with the most confused face. It was almost hard to see his face through all his hair though.

"An engagement ring," I said kind of softly. I didn't really want the whole room freaking out. Pete's head shot up to look at me from the couch and Joe just held onto my hand looking at the ring like it was a foreign object.

"Gabe proposed to you?" Joe asked. I just nodded. Joe's brows furrowed and he let go of my hand. "I didn't realize you guys were so serious. Well, I knew you two had been spending a lot of time together. When did he ask you?"

"This morning," I glanced at everyone who was eaves dropping or blatantly watching. Pete's face had drained of the color that was previously there.

"Well, Gabe's a great guy Kiley, I know he'll treat you right," Joe said and hugged me. "We should go to dinner tonight to celebrate." I smiled and nodded. Marie walked down the stairs. Thank god! Someone to take the spotlight off of me. Everyone greeted Marie and I took it as my cue to sneak up to Joe's kitchen. I really needed a beer. I opened the fridge, pulled out a bottle and twisted off the cap. I turned to see Pete right in front of me.

"Hey," I said and took a swig of my beer. Pete gave me a weak smile.

"So Gabe proposed to you?" He seemed upset by the news.

"Yep," I said. This was a little awkward.

"Well, congrats," he said and it was obvious he was just being polite. He faked a smile and I smiled back. He pulled me into a "congradulations" hug, which was clearly more to him. Pete took a deep breath and then sighed deeply before releasing me. His face was too close for comfort and I excused myself from the situation. Marie came bounding up the stairs towards me.

"LET ME SEE!" She squealed. Joe obviously told her. I beamed as I showed off my newest bling, but a part of me was hurting for some reason as I looked over at Pete.


Joe invited the whole group out for dinner tonight. There were at least 10 of us at the table. Gabe wore a button up with jeans and I wore my outfit from earlier today, just a bit more dressed up with heels and a cute jacket. I also left the hat at home since I styled my hair. Everyone was joking around and laughing. Gabe rested his arm around the back of my chair as he recanted a story from a night out during their Honda Civic tour with Fall Out Boy.

"And you guys fucking left me at the bar while I was taking a leak!" Everyone was laughing so hard as they recalled the night.

"When we got in the car I was like "Oh shit! We left Gabe!" Pete said as he laughed histerically. I couldn't help but laugh. Any time out with this group could get crazy.

"The only thing that tops that story is Patrick's lap dance!" Andy said between fits of laughter. The whole table began to laugh and Patrick turned slightly red.

"You guys knew that I wouldn't want a stripper, I think it was more for you guys than me." And I bet Patrick was right. They just wanted to fuck with him.

"It was and it was priceless!" Joe said as he wiped his eyes. Practically the whole table was crying from laughter.

We all calmed down after we ate, I guess the food made us lethargic. We all paid our tabs and made our way outside. It had gotten slightly chilly in the time that we had been outside. It felt like it was going to rain. I began to rub my arms to keep warm when Gabe draped his jacket around my shoulders.

"Thanks," I said softly and he leaned down and kissed me. After we pulled away from the kiss I glanced over to my right to catch Pete watching us. It was totally obvious that he wasn't over what happened between us. I'd be lying if I said I was 100% over it. I wonder if Gabe even noticed any of Pete's reactions or behavior around us.

Gabe helped me into the passenger seat once the valet arrived with his car. He walked around to his side and we drove off to my place. I really needed to work on my writing and he had some meeting early in the morning for something. Gabe parked in front of my place and put the car in park.

"Good night babe, love you," he said kissing me sweetly. I loved the way his lips tasted.

"I love you too," I said and hugged him.

"I want to take you to lunch tomorrow. I'll call you around one."

I climbed out of the car and nodded. "Okay, goodnight."

"Good night baby."

I closed the car door and made my way to my apartment. Gabe waited until I was inside to drive off. Lady was sleeping on the couch when I walked into my dark place. I walked immediately into my closet to change into PJs. I could hear my phone ringing in the next room and I ran to answer it thinking that it was Gabe, but it wasn't. Why was Pete calling me.

"Hello?" I should have let it ring, but curiousity got the best of me.

"Hey Kiley, I... I just wanted to say goodnight." He sighed deeply. I knew there was more to the call but I didn't push it.

"Okay, goodnight Pete." I said and he hung up the phone. I stood there just staring at the phone for a good minute before placing it on the charger. I turned out the lights in the hallway and climbed into bed. The comforter felt cool against my skin. I always loved the feel of climbing into bed at the end of a long day. It felt so refreshing to feel the cool touch of a comforter and sheets. Thunder cracked outside the glass wall beside my bed. Thank god my curtains were already pulled shut because I didn't want to get up and close them. The lull of the rain on my roof put me to sleep within a few minutes.
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