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Chapter 3

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As soon as she walked in, Gerard had a massive smile on his face and then glanced down at what she was holding in her hand.

“Pink sheets?” he laughed.

“Its all we have got!” Laughing back, but not staring directly at Gerard’s eyes as her own pretty brown eyes were darting everywhere except at Gerard. Gerard had a concerned expression in his face and looked at Erika directly in the eye.

“You ok?, You seem nervous or something...”

“Nope fine” she grabbed her spotted tee and her leggings from underneath her bed and walked swiftly to the bathroom to get changed.
She locked the bathroom door with the golden chain. With her back towards the door, she slid down and sat on the cold hard bathroom tiles. She started to think what was getting into her but her mind kept springing back to that recent memory of seeing Gerard getting unchanged and how perfect he really was. She started to get changed quickly picking her PJ’s off the bathroom floor, whilst noticing that something fell. She looked down to see what all that noise was.
Lying on the floor, almost as a warning, she saw her beautiful cross and Jesus looking back at her. She picked it up and squeezed it tight.

“Please” She started muttering a quick prayer but stopped by the quiet knocking of the bathroom door.

She put the cross on her neck, hiding it under her spotted tee-shirt and opened the white old door quietly as she could, but door insisted on creaking.

“Hey sorry, need to use the bathroom, are you done?” Gerard was whispering ever so quietly to avoid her grandma noticing that there was someone else in the house.

Erika nodded and walked back to her room, leaving Gerard in the bathroom. Gerard’s clothes were all over her bedroom floor, she picked up his shirt and smelt it, sure enough it smelt of him, she dropped it quickly before he came back into her room and she slide under her duvet cover.
Gerard was creeping into her room and smiled at Erika when he got in. He tried to sort out the pink sheets that were on her chair into some sort of comfy bed and lay on them, turning his head and whole body so he was facing Erika.

After a few minutes of shuffling and re-arranging, he gave up and sat on Erika’s bed.
Looking at her he asked “Mind if we share? I can’t get comfy on the floor”.

Erika glanced at Gerard and moved forward towards him. Her cross was banging on her chest which made her stop in mid-thought for a few minutes.


“Er, erm yeh of course”

Gerard was grinning back at her like a Cheshire cat and grabbed his pink pillow and climbed onto Erika’s tiny kid’s bed.

“Sure we will fit? Hahhaha”

Erika smiled at him and tried to move right towards to wall, giving Gerard as much as room as possible. Gerard climbing behind and he lay next to Erika.

“Night Erika”

“Night” she whispered. She switched off her square pink spotted fairy lights, they were in total darkness.

She could feel Gerard’s cold feet touch hers, making her shiver all over but she knew that was not because of the cold. Erika yawned and Gerard made her jump ever so slightly by wrapping his arms around Erika.

Erika was staring into the dark space in front of her, how was she going to sleep tonight?.
She tried to hear if Ge was making any noise but all she could hear was his rapid breathing, warm on the back of her neck. Was he asleep?

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