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Chapter 6: Impostor

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DarkFire the Drakehog encounters an impostor! Will all of the information about DarkFire be revealed to the opposition?

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Chapter 6: Impostor

DarkFire was confused. “But…. I thought you were here to help,” stammered DarkFire, slowly backing off onto the narrow strip of road.

“Hehehe… I have hidden the real Doctor Thompson in the basement. And I intend to kill him soon. I’ll be back…” He disappeared into a house.

DarkFire crept up to a window of the large house. She peered inside, and saw a nicely organised living room. She tried to look further into the room, but there was a bookshelf obstructing her line of sight…

“…And this ‘DarkFire’ thingy is outside. She’s a little idiot. She can sure fly fast. But that won’t save you now! I’ll tell you more about her and the evil plot she uncovered to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m playing part in it”

“Gee, this impostor is the idiot here.” muttered DarkFire under her breath. “He’s telling the scientist the whole plan, and what is happening. I’d better keep him alive; he can be of help. He will believe the plan; he has encountered an enemy who is a part of the plan, about to kill him.”

DarkFire flew to the opposite side of the road without a sound. “Now, to look for a decent rock to throw… Ah, here’s one…” said DarkFire, picking up a stone the size of her palm. She squinted at the window, took aim, and threw the stone.

The impostor inside heard something shatter. “What the hell was that!?” He dashed to the window, and tipped over the bookshelf. It fell with a loud thump. “Shards of glass…” he said, picking up one of the thousand shards of glass. “DarkFire!!! Where are you?”

“Who are you!?!” shouted DarkFire in response.

“I am no-one”

“Enough talking!” The impostor shouted. “Okay, Doctor Benjamin Peter Thompson, I’ll kill you later! Now, to kill this insolent beast…”

The impostor stood in a strange fighting position. DarkFire drew out her daggers and also stood into her fighting stance.

The impostor merely smiled. “Do you really think you should face me? I did steal some of the scientists’ weapons…”

DarkFire shaking, slightly, responded with an equal confidence. “Alright, then, I’ll let you have the first attack”

The impostor took out, from a bush nearby, a lightsaber. He charged for DarkFire, trying to strike her with an overhead blow. DarkFire held up her daggers in a cross above her head for defence. The tip of the lightsaber struck DarkFire’s daggers, and fell off.

DarkFire giggled. “Ha, your so-called lightsaber is a little dodgy; I think I just chopped the tip off it without even trying! For your info, that ‘lightsaber’ is probably actually only a piece of painted wood!”

The impostor’s face turned a deep red. “Why you little… DarkFire!”

DarkFire grinned. “What, are you annoyed because you think I made all of your so-called weapons dodgy? I didn’t even lay my claws on them! Anyway, try to catch me now!” A fully black replica of DarkFire appeared next to her.

“No way… are you cloning yourself?”

“You’ll have to find out for yourself” taunted DarkFire. The original copy of DarkFire started to fade into black, too.

“How am I going to tell these clones apart?”

“Hey, I’m just standing here, a few metres from you, just come and attack me!”

The impostor rummaged through his lab jacket, and produced a laser gun. He dived for the ‘cloned’ DarkFire, but fell straight through her, collapsed face-first into the bitumen. The real DarkFire walked up to him, and started kicking him in the backside. He swung his leg to the side, tripping DarkFire, who fell backwards onto the ground. He swiftly stood up, and pointed his laser gun at DarkFire’s head. “Nice try, little fiend.”

“I’m not going to lose!” DarkFire placed one of her claws behind her back. A flickering yellow light fell onto the road where her claw was.

“What’s that light behind your back? It’s shifting like a… like a…” stuttered the impostor.

DarkFire drew her claw from behind her back, the slammed it into the impostor’s face. “How do you like this fire in your face?” The fire faded, and DarkFire looked at where her claw was. The impostor was gone.

A light flashed in DarkFire’s head – she needed to find the real Doctor Thompson. DarkFire dashed into the house, to see what appeared to be the exact same character lying on the white carpet. His appearance was exactly the same – the glasses, the lab jacket and the leather gloves. His hands were bound together by some tight twists of rope; his hands were turning purple. DarkFire drew out a dagger, and walked to Doctor Thompson’s side.

Doctor Thompson rolled to the side. “What are you doing with that thing?”

DarkFire smiled, placed the dagger in between the bindings, and pulled it upwards. The rope fell apart, and Doctor Thompson wriggled his hands free. “You’re DarkFire, right?”

DarkFire nodded. “I’m here to rescue you. Anyway, why do you think the impostor reveal everything about our confrontation to you anyway?”

“I think he was just trying to worry me.” Doctor Thompson clambered onto his knees, and forced himself up. “Also, were you looking for making ‘wanted’ posters? I guess you might want to take that approach; at least people will want to avoid people on ‘wanted’ posters, seeing these people are likely to be murderers or someone of a similar description.”

DarkFire nodded. “I see. Can I get to work now? There’s a laptop computer that’s already turned on placed on the dinner table”

Doctor Thompson nodded.”Night is coming soon, you can put the posters up in the middle of the night if you want to – there are less people around that time of night. There is also a scanner in that box,” he said, pointing at a cardboard box next to his feet. “But you’ll have to make your own dinner – I’ll be in my lab, researching the Chaos Emeralds.

“Alright, it’s settled, then” DarkFire grabbed a chair from the dinner table, and sat down.
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