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Chapter One: Death Is Only the Beginning

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Part I of III in the Chronicles of Time series. You can't turn back time...or can you? When Harry is killed before he was destined to be, he is given a chance to change the past. Starting with his ...

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It was a calm summer night in Wales. A raven haired boy appeared out of nowhere with a faint pop and stared up at a huge mansion. There were five more pops and the cloaked figures of Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood appeared beside him.

“It’s time,” Harry said. “Be on your guard, they may know we’re here.” Into a pin shaped like a phoenix he said, “This is D.A. Elite moving in. All squads; be prepared for anything.” To his friends he said, “Remember this is purely a rescue mission. We are to move in, secure the hostages, and portkey them out; this is not a time to deal with grudges and revenge. There will be time for that. Move out!” he added with a pointed look at Neville.

The group entered the house and headed directly for the dungeons. Little forces stood between them and their goal. When they reached the cells they found a gruesome site. All the prisoners were brutally beaten, badly. They had been left to lie and walk around in there own filth appeared to have not been allowed to bathe. Harry’s team was about to send the signal for another recovery squad to come in when, Harry felt the anti-apparition wards fall apart. Seconds later the dungeons were filled with a series of loud pops as dozens of Death Eaters appeared.

“It’s a trap!” Harry roared into his pin.

“Abort mission!” cried the voice of Albus Dumbledore.

“Negative!” Harry yelled back while firing and dodging spells. “Prisoners have been found, beginning to port them out. D.A. Squad Two, drop in and give them a reception. All other Squads we are porting them out.”

“D.A. Squads Three through Five on stand-by,” said the voice of Katie Bell.

This was followed by a series of even more pops as half a dozen kids appeared to join the fight. They were, Cho Chang, Seamus Finnegan, Lee Jordan, Parvati Patil, Michael Connor, and Dean Thomas.

The D.A. slowly pushed the Death Eaters out of the dungeons and into the dinning room. After a few minutes of heavy fighting, it seemed like the battle was almost over. Then just when all hope seemed lost to the followers of the Dark Lord. Voldemort himself arrived along with fifty Death Eaters and over a hundred Dementors. Members of the Order of the Phoenix came in, to act as reinforcements, as well as D.A. Squads Six and Seven. Harry ordered them to move out since all prisoners were rescued. The fighting slowed to a stand still. The Death Eaters quickly surrounded the D.A. Elite.

“Now,” Harry said “is the time for revenge. On my command unleash hell!”

“So Potter,” hissed the Dark Lord “you think that just because you’re the bloody boy-who-lived you can waltz on in here and attack my loyal followers and get away with it? Well I got news for you boy you and your friends won’t be leaving here ali-”

“NOW!” Harry cried out.

The battle started up again and Death Eaters. Were closing in fast but their ranks were greatly decreasing the closer they got. Finally they managed to separate the group from each other and stun or bind them. Harry was unconscious.


The world slowly came to focus around Harry. He realized the he and his friends were captured. Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy were standing on either side of Lord Voldemort. Crabbe and Golye had his hands pressed against his back in an odd way and were bending them to go places that on could not put there hand with out bone cracking force.

“I’m going to kill them,” hissed Voldemort into Harry’s ear. “All of them, one by one and I am going to make you watch. Their deaths are by your hand and by your hand alone Potter. So who should we kill first? How about the Traitor and the Mudblood for starts?”

Harry watched in horror as a red haired boy and a bushy haired girl, who were holding on to each other, were struck down by two synchronized jets of green lights.

“NO!” Harry screamed and struggled against his captures.

The figures then turned to a girl who was holding her ankle which was twisted funny. She had a necklace of what appeared to be bottle caps around her neck and was no longer wearing a dreamy look on her face. Malfoy sent an identical beam as the one that had struck the couple down, after a quick nod from his master but, a boy dove in front of the beam and was blasted into a wall.

The girl managed to whisper as tears streamed from her eyes “Neville…” before she too succumbed to the green light. The Dark Lord then turned to a fiery haired girl. The Harry struggled even more against his captures and heard a small pop which was most likely his shoulder dislocating.

“No!” he whispered “I’ll do what ever you want…tell you what ever you want…just spare her…offer her mercy like you did my mum…please I beg you.”

The robed figured smirked and said loud but clear “Avada Kedavera!” The Death Eaters holding him let go.

“No!” Harry whimpered as he ran over to her now motionless body.

“Now, Potter, tell me the prophecy.”

“No” the boy said weakly.

“You have nothing to gain from defying me,” drawled Voldemort.

“That may be true,” the boy said sounding more confident by the second “but I also have nothing to lose, Tom. You have taken away the last people I cared.”

In blind rage, he picked up the sword of Gryffindor and lunged at the Dark Lord.

Voldemort sneered and uttered two words. “Avada Kedavera!”

Shock registered on Harry’s face as the sickly green curse hit him square in the chest and he collapsed into a heap on the ground.

Lord Voldemort eyes widen with glee. How long had he dreamed of this day. How many times in the forest of Albania had he fantasized what it would be like to strike down the famous Harry Potter! In his delight, he sent a huge fireball at the body of the fallen hero. It was instantly incinerated.

“So ends the legacy of Harry James Potter,” said the Dark Lord followed by a harsh laugh the echoed throughout the halls of Malfoy Manor. But it was not the end for as they say, “Death is only the beginning.”
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