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Who Are You? You Just Came Out Of Nowhere!!

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Saphera does a Halloween party with Kagome, plays Sesshomaru, and gets 'sick', Inuyasha and Kagome take her through the well, Sesshomaru finds her, takes her to his castle, her 'sickness disapearre...

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Who Are You? You Just Came Out Of Nowhere!!:

I was shopping for a Halloween costume, when I found the perfect one; the outfit Sesshomaru wears in the third movie, at the beginning when he talks to his father. I bought it, along with silver hairspray, face paints, and off-white fake fingernails. I continued to look around the store though, and I found Inuyasha’s costume along with everyone else’s –including Sesshomaru’s current outfit-, I bought them all, including their weapons. Then I walked out of the store, and I got on my bike. I road my bike, to Kagome’s house, and I carried it up the countless stairs when I got there.

I arrived at the top of the stairs, and I saw almost the whole school there, I brought my bike into the front door of Kagome’s house, then I took my shoes off, and ran to the bathroom to change. When I finished putting Sesshomaru’s current outfit, and I put the boots on, then the armor, swords, and I sprayed my hair silver, I’d cut it to calf-length that morning –my hair grows really fast, it’ll be back to floor-length by tomorrow morning-.

I brushed out my hair so it wouldn’t get all tangled, and I started to put the face paint on. When I finished, I had Sesshomaru’s two magenta stripes on my cheeks –I’d gotten them tattooed on my wrists, hips, and ankles already-, and I had his indigo crescent moon on my forehead. I super glued the fake fingernails on, and waited until they where dry. Then I put everything back into my duffle bag, cause I’m spending the night here, at Kagome’s house. I walked upstairs, and dropped my duffle bag off in Kagome’s room. I walked back downstairs, with my voice-changer, around my neck.

“Saphera?! Where the hell are you?!” Kagome asked, I walked up behind her, and noted she was dressed as a priestess.

“I’m right here, girl, but tonight, you will call me Lord Sesshomaru,” I said, in Sesshomaru’s voice, Kagome jumped, and turned.

“Damn! You sound just like Sesshomaru!!” Kagome said, as I adjusted the voice changer, so I sounded like Inuyasha,

“So what? I can sound like anyone from /Inuyasha/,” I started, then I turned the tiny dial on the voice changer, “even Naraku,” I said, then I changed it back to Sesshomaru’s voice, “Are your friends coming?” I asked, Kagome nodded, “Should I get into position?” I asked,

“Yeah,” Kagome said, I nodded, and I walked off to the clearing where I’m supposed to ‘Fight’ Inuyasha –I know about Kagome’s friends on the other side of the well, I’ve woken up to Inuyasha starring at me once when I slept over-. A few minutes later Inuyasha and everyone from the past (but the bad guys, that includes Kikyo) walked into the clearing,

“Inuyasha, let’s warm up a bit,” I said, in Sesshomaru’s voice, and he growled at me. I sighed, as I pulled my voice changer away from my throat, “It’s me Saphera, I’m playing as Sesshomaru,” I said, in my normal voice, Inuyasha nodded, and we started to warm up, after I told Sango to stop us before Kagome brought everyone to watch us. Ten minutes later Sango stopped us.

“This is the surprise I promised you,” Kagome said, as I nodded to Inuyasha, I quickly ran behind a tree, then Kagome walked into the clearing with all of the kids from school, as I casually walked out into the clearing,

“Hello Little brother,” I said, in Sesshomaru’s voice, and I had his emotionless face on too.

“Sesshomaru!!” Inuyasha yelled, as he charged at me with Tetsusaiga drawn, and I drew Tokijin. I blocked his attack –strangely enough I had no problems with it this time, unlike the last few times-, and I pushed him back. I smirked like Sesshomaru,

“Your just a worthless hanyou!” I said, as I ran towards him with amazing speed, it was like I only took one step, and I was in front of Inuyasha.

(After the fight finishes and every girl’s trying to ask me for a date)

“Hn?” I said, as the girls stood in front of me, “I will not be here longer than tonight, so it is pointless to go out on a date with one of you,” I said, the girls giggled –I guess they like hearing Sesshomaru’s voice-, I felt a hand on my ass, and I looked at the hand- Ai’s. She’s a /MAJOR/, Sesshomaru fan, I ‘Hn’ed, as she got closer, and tried to kiss me. I pushed her away, and I walked away. “Do not touch me /ningen/,” I said, as I walked over to Kagome, and I whispered into her ear. “Ai just tried to kiss me cause I look like Sesshomaru,” I whispered, Kagome looked at me with this face: O_o.

“What?!” Kagome whispered back, as I nodded,

“It’s true,” I said, then I walked over to Inuyasha, “Does Sesshomaru normally have women coming after him?” I asked,

“I’m not sure, but the last time I saw him he had a young kitsune following him around, asking about a Saphera Shishiwaru,” Inuyasha said, I nodded,

“I see,” I said, then I walked over to Shippo, and I handed him a bag for collecting candy. “Kagome, I’m taking Shippo Around to gather candy,” I said, as I picked him up, and I walked down the countless number of stairs.

(After Saphera brings Shippo back from trick or treating,)

Shippo was sitting on my shoulder munching on a candy bar, when I walked into Kagome’s house, and I walked upstairs. I put Shippo down, and sat down on Kagome’s bed.

“So, your going to the feudal era tonight?” I asked,

“Yeah, Miss Sesshomaru,” Kagome said, in a sassy tone, in the blink of an eye I was in front of Kagome, growling at her, “What the hell?!” Kagome asked, “How the hell did you move so fast?!” Kagome finished, I fell to my knees, and started coughing. Kagome dashed for my bag, and grabbed my medicines. She put the needed into the bottle, withdrew the needed amount, and stabbed the needle into my leg, before she injected the medicines. I closed my eyes, and I fell asleep.

(Kagome’s POV)

“Inuyasha!!” I yelled, as I held up Saphera’s body, Inuyasha ran into the room, and picked up Saphera’s body. He put her down on my bed,

“What the hell happened?!” Inuyasha asked,

“She’s got this sickness, it takes her health, and she’s been having strange side effects; she just pulled a Sesshomaru move!” I said, as Inuyasha’s eyes widened,

“FUCK!!!!” Inuyasha yelled, as I blinked,

“What is it?!” I asked,

“This is the woman who’s betrothed to Sesshomaru!!” Inuyasha said, as Saphera Shifted, “The sickness will go away if Sesshomaru marks her!” Inuyasha finished,

“Why is that?!” I asked,

“It’s the way youkai’s make sure the female’s mate at the right time, she should be going into heat tonight,” Inuyasha said, “We need to take her with us,” Inuyasha said, I nodded, as I picked up her bag, and I gasped.

"It's heavy!!" I said, as Inuyasha sighed, and he picked up the bag, then he picked up Saphera, and she shifted in his arms. Then he left the house by jumping out my window, I picked up my backpack and ran downstairs. Then out the door, everyone was waiting by the well for me, we walked into the well house, and I gave everyone a sacred jewel shard.

(After they've passed through the well, and after Saphera's awake. Saphera's POV)

I woke up, but I'm dressed in a black hari, black hakuma, and a black and crimson gi, along with black boots. I stood up, and I picked up my bag. Then I walked to a hot spring, I undressed, and I stepped into the water. I started to wash myself, as a man walked over to me, he covered my mouth, and he bit the nape of my neck. I gasped, as my body relaxed, and I passed out.

(The youkai's POV)

I watched my future mate bathe, I undressed, and I walked into the water. I walked up to her, I covered her mouth, then I bit the nape of her neck, and she gasped, before she passed out. I picked her up, and I carried her out of the hot spring. I dressed her in the clothes she discarded on the shore of the hot spring, she looked human, but I could faintly sense her youki- meaning her powers have been sealed, but she has them under control. I got dressed, then I picked up the girl, and her bag.

"Sesshomaru!!!!" Inuyasha yelled, as I turned around the girl in my arms, along with her bag, and I felt her snuggle closer.

"Yes little brother?" I asked, he growled,

"Put Saphera down!!" Inuyasha's wench said,

"Why should I put my future mate down?" I asked, "Good bye Inuyasha," I said, before I ran off, back to Rin and Jaken, when I got there Rin ran up to me, and she hugged my leg.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin said,

"Sesshomaru-sama, who's the woman?" Jaken asked, as I walked over to a tree, and I sat down.

"She's my future mate," I said, as she shifted, in my arms, and snuggled closer to me.

"But M'Lord, she is but a mere ningen!" Jaken said, I bit my finger, and put it in the girls mouth as she slept. She started to suck on my finger, and her youkai features started to appear. "NANI?!" Jaken yelled, as I took my finger out of the girls mouth, and she started to purr softly.

"Jaken, go get some food," I said, Jaken bowed, and left. Rin tried to start a fire, as the girl's dragon wings appeared, and so did her tail, and her scales. I saw a black flame at the end of her tail, "Rin, use the flame at the end of her tail," I said, Rin nodded, and stuck a stick into the flame. After that she took it out of the fire, and put it with the other sticks. I felt the girl move in my arms, as Jaken came back with a large demon boar following him, and The girl in my arms swiped her right arm at the boar's head. It stopped, then the head fell off, and the girl opened her eyes. She looked at the boar, then she shrugged, and snuggled back into me. I saw a black whip disappear back into her hand, "Jaken, don't touch that, if you do you'll be poisoned," I said, Jaken gulped, before he left to get some food, and when he came back he cooked it.

"Night Sesshomaru-sama," Rin said, as she laid down, and fell asleep. Jaken followed Rin's example, I looked down at the girl, and I closed my eyes to sleep.

(The next morning, still Sesshomaru's POV)

I woke first, as Aun, flew into the clearing, and I kicked Jaken awake, "Wake Rin," I said, Jaken nodded, and woke Rin. I put the girl on Aun's back, then I put Rin on Aun's back, as Jaken got on himself, and then I got on. I pulled the girl back into my chest, as she slept, and she snuggled closer.

(After they arrive at the castle, Rin's POV)

We got to the castle, then we got off Aun, and we went inside. Sesshomaru-sama carried the pretty dragon lady inside, and up to his room. I went to my room, and I started to play with my dolls.

(Three days later, Saphera's POV)

I woke up in a nice comfortable bed, and I rolled over into something warm, smooth, firm, and soft. I felt something wrap around my waist, and I opened my eyes. I looked up, and I saw a youkai- the youkai who bit my neck. I yawned, as I sat up,

"Hn? What's your name?" He asked,

"Saphera, Shishiwaru Saphera," I said, as I looked at him, "What's yours?" I asked,

"Sesshomaru, Lord Sesshomaru," He said,

"What are you? A Taiyoukai?" I asked, he nodded, "Sure and I'm a dragon," I said, as I got out of bed, I walked into the bathroom, and I blinked. "I am a dragon," I muttered, as Sesshomaru walked into the bathroom, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. "Get your hands off me," I said, as I pushed him away, and I walked out of the bathroom. I grabbed my bag, then I started to look through it, and I pulled out my normal clothes. I snapped my fingers, and I was dressed in them. Then I picked up my bag, zipped it shut, and flew out the balcony window.

I continued to fly until I found Kagome, and her friends. "Inuyasha! Common!!" Kagome whined, as I stood on a tree branch, and I rolled my eyes.

"You don't have to come looking for me ya know," I said, as I jumped off the tree branch, and I landed on the ground. "I can take care of myself," I said, as Sango pulled out her Hiraikotsus, "Sango, It's me Saphera," I said, as I changed into my more human form, she put her Hiraikotsus away, and nodded.

"How the hell did you get away from Sesshomaru?!" Inuyasha asked,

"I didn't, he followed me," I said, as I turned around, and I flipped away from a green poison whip. I put my bag down, and I pulled out a few swords, guns, and a lot of ninja weapons. I armed myself, and I pulled the guns out first. "Hn? What is it Sesshomaru? You think I was that easy to capture?" I asked, he lunged at me with Tokijin out, I shot at Tokijin, and I flung it out of his hands. I smirked, as he growled, and continued to lung towards me. I jumped up, and shot at him. I hit him in the right shoulder, and I felt something awake inside me; a feeling; what is it? Guilt? Love? Both?

I stopped moving after I landed, and I put my guns away. I picked up my bag, and I walked over to Sesshomaru. I knelt in front of him, and I pulled a pair of needle-nose piers out of my bag. I pulled his cloths away from his shoulder, and I pulled the bullet out.

Then started to wrap the wound, after that Sesshomaru pulled me close, and he kissed me. I kissed him back, then he pulled back, and I put everything away. After I cleaned the piers, Sesshomaru stood up, and he fixed his haris. I picked up my bag, as Sesshomaru watched me, and I changed into my anthro-dragon form. I let Sesshomaru get on my back, before I flew back to his castle, and I landed on the balcony to Sesshomaru's room.

"Why did you help me?" Sesshomaru asked, I shrugged,

"Dunno, I just suddenly felt bad, after I shot you," I muttered, as I put my bag down, and I walked over to the bed. I sat down, as Sesshomaru sat next to me,
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