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Feelings Shown, and a Wrong Relationship

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Saphera falls in love with her History teacher, and she's also the rencarnation of the ancient founder of her clan,

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Feelings Shown, and a Wrong Relationship:

Saphera sat in History class starring at her History teacher, as he taught the class, and she refused to wear the school uniform. So she wore a black curve-hugging tank top, her black baggy cargo pants, covered in multiple chains and her black Skateboard sneakers.

She might be gothic, but she’s a hard working student, she shifted uncomfortably, so her new tattoo would stop stinging, the teacher- Mr. Sesshomaru Taisho turned, and saw Saphera’s uncomfortable shifting. It was last block, so he understood how much she wanted to get out of the school,

“Miss. Shishiwaru, is something bothering you?” Sesshomaru asked,

“Mr. Taisho? Could we talk in the hall?” Saphera asked, Sesshomaru nodded, Saphera and Sesshomaru walked out into the hall, and Saphera sighed. “My brother’s, my sister, and I had a drinking contest last night, I won, and when I woke up I had this,” Saphera turned, and lifted her shirt, to show a dragon tattoo on her lower back, “I don’t even remember getting it…….” Saphera finished, as she put her shirt back into place, “Mr. Taisho? Will I get in trouble for my tattoo?” Saphera asked,

“No, you won’t,” Sesshomaru said, as Saphera nodded, and they went back into the classroom. “Miss. Shishiwaru, I need you to stay after school to help me with a project,” Sesshomaru said, Saphera nodded, as Blaze reached out towards her, she handed him a spare set of keys, and he nodded.


School seamed to go by faster after that, and Soon Saphera found herself the only one in the classroom with Sesshomaru. Saphera got up, and she walked over to Sesshomaru’s desk.

“What’s this project on?” Saphera asked,

“It’s about the first Shishiwaru, her name was lost in time,” Sesshomaru said, “Her face was also lost in time,” Sesshomaru continued, as he looked into Saphera’s eyes, and Saphera pulled out her sketch book. She opened it and put it on the desk,

“I’ve been having these dreams about, this woman, she says something to me, but I don’t hear it, and I always wake up in a cold sweat, feeling power running through my body, and each time it’s grater than the last. Last night my power level reached past my maximum, and it’s been growing all day,” Saphera said, then her knees buckled, and she started to collapse. Sesshomaru grabbed her, and pulled her close. She looked up at him, with a blush, she felt him put her in his desk chair, and Sesshomaru watched as Saphera started to pulse,

After the pulsing stopped, Saphera was unconscious, and she looked like the drawing she drew. All the stripes on her body where magenta, like Sesshomaru’s, and her eyes slowly opened. They where emerald green like her father’s, and if you looked long enough you’d see specks of gold and silver. Saphera raised her clawed hand, and put it against her right temple.

“What happened?” Saphera whispered,

“You passed out, and you changed into the woman in your drawing,” Sesshomaru said, Saphera gasped, as she finally knew what the women said,

“I-I’m her reincarnation!!” Saphera whispered, Sesshomaru starred at Saphera, as she gasped again, and she started to write something. “Her name was Kinshi Saphera Shishiwaru, my middle name is Kinshi, and her middle name is my first name……….” Saphera said rather confused,

Sesshomaru looked at Saphera, as she continued to type on her laptop, when she finished she had everything about Kinshi written down, and Sesshomaru read over it, while Saphera started to sketch a close-up view of Kinshi’s face. After She finished Sesshomaru looked at it, and saw that Saphera was Kinshi’s mirror image.

“Saphera, how do you know all this?” Sesshomaru asked,

“I-I don’t know, I-it just came to me, and I had to write it, so I could remember it.” Saphera said, as Sesshomaru nodded, and she typed in ‘Kinshi’ she got a few pictures. Then she gasped, “The painting………” She whispered,

“What painting?” Sesshomaru asked,

“The one at my house,” Saphera said, as she pulled a camera out of her bag, and she turned it on. She searched through the pictures on her camera, and stopped at a picture of the painting. She hooked her camera up to her laptop, and pulled the picture of the painting onto her laptop. She opened it, and held up the drawing of the woman.

“It’s Kinshi…………” Sesshomaru said, “Legend says that her reincarnation will look like her, but she will also be divided; she will have a twin brother, the twins will also be multibreed’s, and they will have their powers under control, even before their powers are released,” Sesshomaru said, as Saphera nodded,

“I was born first so I have the dark powers, and Blaze has the light powers,” Saphera said, as Sesshomaru looked at her,

“How do you know that?” Sesshomaru asked, Saphera pointed to Kinshi’s arms,

“I have the black dragon, on my right arm, and Blaze has the white dragon on his left arm. See? Kinshi has them on her arms, black on her right and white on her left.” Saphera said, as she made the picture bigger, and showed Sesshomaru. “My father says the picture was blank, until Blaze and I where brought home from the hospital after we were born, then the ‘Ancient one’ appeared, and both Blaze and I stopped fighting over the stuffed animal. Instead we leaned against it, and fell asleep,” Saphera said, as she looked at Sesshomaru, and stood up. She walked over to the window, “Sometimes, when I feel troubled, I stare at the painting, and I start to feel less and less troubled. But sometimes I just sit under the painting, and meditate.” Saphera said,
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